Cast: The Inner-verse

The amazing Sephrenia is making character banners for the Inner-verse, which includes Inner and From the Inside Out.  And–in do so–she is working with very little direction from me to produce the banners from Eric’s perspective (to match the story)!  Her work has already inspired me so much!!!!

Thanks, Seph!

Following are the collected banners.  First, we have Sookie and Eric.  After that, banners are in alphabetical order.

 Eric Northman is played by Alexander Skarsgård, of course

Eric Notman


 Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin



 Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello


Alexander Drew, played by Jacob Hopkins


Bill Compton/Billith, played by Stephen Moyer


 Brady, played by Matt Bomer


 Claude, played by Giles Matthey


 Dieter Braun, played by Christopher Heyerdahl


 Doug, played by Jayden Lund


 General Cavanaugh, played by Phil Reeves

Gen Cavanaugh

 Godric, played by Allan Hyde


 Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten


 Kibwe Akinjide, played by Peter Mensah


 Lafayette Reynolds, played by Nelsan Ellis


Lilith, played by Jessica Clark


 Lorena Krasiki, played by Mariana Klaveno


 Molly, played by Tina Majorino


 Nora Gainesborough, played by Lucy Griffiths


 Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, played by Krisin Bauer van Straten


 Roman Zimojic, played by Christopher Meloni


 Rosalyn Harris, played by Carolyn Hennesy


 Russell Edgington, played by Denie O’Hare


 Salome Agrippa, played by Valentina Cervi


 Steve Newlin, played by Michael McMillian

Steve Newlin

 Tara Thornton, played by Rutina Wesley


And Characters introduced in From the Inside Out or the INNER-Ludes!

Amelia, played by Ellen PageAmelia

Andy Bellefleur, played by Chris Bauer

Andy B

Andy’s Daughters (young):

Adilyn, played by Nikki Hahn (young) and Bailey Noble (older)

Braelyn, played by Ashley Boettcehr (young) and Lucy Hale (older)

Charlaine, played by Mackenzie Foy

Danika, played by Siena Agudong (young) and Lily Collins (older)

Andy's Daughters

Adilyn  IO



The “Claudes” (Claudia, Claudette, Claudinia, Claudaline, and Claudilonia), played by Michelle Borth

The Claudes

Dr. Amy Ludwig, played by Marcia DeRousse

Dr. Ludwig_IN

Ethaline Stackhouse, played by Jessica Chastain


Ethaline is the wife of John Stackhouse, Sookie’s ancestor who signs the contract with Warlow.  She was a ward of Warlow’s and is part fairy, but she doesn’t know about Warlow’s plans.

Ian Bowles, played by Dougray Scott

Ian Bowles

Ian is an old friend of Eric’s.  Eric calls him to ask that he be part of the New Authority.

 Isabel Beaumont, played by Valerie Cruz


Sookie calls Isabel to be a part of the New Authority.

 General Lee Michaels, played by Tommy Lee Jones

General Michaels

General Michaels takes over from General Cavanaugh, whom Eric killed in Inner.  Michaels is practical and no-nonsense.

Governor Truman Burrell, played by Arliss Howard

Gov. Burrell

John W. Stackhouse, played by Michael Vartan

John Stackhouse

John Stackhouse is Sookie’s ancestor who signs her over to Warlow, but he’s not a “bad guy.”  He thinks he’s doing good for her.  And he’s desperate to have a child with his wife, something which Warlow promises in exchange for his signature on the contract.

Kate Stackhouse, played by Amanda Seyfried

Kate  Inner

Loxias, played by Keanu ReevesLoxias

Loxias is Thalia’s part fairy husband when she’s human.  We meet him in her INNER-Lude.

Maria-Star, played by Sarah Shahi


In this piece, Maria-Star has become a “lone wolf” and is a friend of Tray’s.  She is also romantically involved with Amelia.

Mesehti, played by Amr Waked


Mesehti is Thalia’s maker and was a vampire “brother” of Godric’s.

Mustapha, played by Laz Alonso


In this piece, Mustapha is a friend of Brady’s and becomes one of Eric and Sookie’s guards.

Niall, played by Gerard Butler


Niall  Inner

I changed the casting of Niall.  I thought Rutger Hauer was an interesting choice, but I felt that the idea that fairies aged slowly was ignored, and I felt that the Niall character was too “cartoonish” as played by Hauer.  Moreover, I have Niall in some “romantic” flashbacks, and Butler seemed a better fit for those.  Since I went A/U after Inner (and Niall hadn’t been introduced by then), I felt I could do this recasting while still maintaining the “rules” of the INNER-Verse.

Portia Bellefleur, played by Courtney Ford


Sarah Newlin, played by Anna Camp


Thalia, played by Kate Beckinsale


In this story, Thalia is Eric’s vampire cousin.  Her background story is told in one of the INNER-Ludes.

Warlow (Ben), played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Willa Burrell, played by Amelia Rose Blaire


In this piece, Willa won’t become the vampire child of Eric.  In fact, she’ll catch the eye of an unlikely vampire.

Please comment and tell me what you think!

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