Chapter 12: Evolution


“God, you are good!” Brady panted as he withdrew from Leonie’s body.

“I know,” she returned brazenly.

The Were grinned. “So modest too.”

Leonie grinned even wider than her new lover. “I’ve never needed to be modest, and I bet you haven’t either. In fact, with some teaching, you’d be . . . .”

He interrupted her with a searing kiss, even as he shifted them so that she was on her back and he was poised over her.

She was breathless when he was done with her lips.

“What were you saying?” he asked waggling his eyebrows.

He was already reinvigorated because of his Were blood and the amazing scent of her arousal.

“Nothing,” she gasped as he thrust into her.

A while later, Leonie and Brady were both sated again—lying tangled together in a glade in the woods. Both Were and Earth Fae had been drawn to the richness of the soil—to the darkness of the forest.

“Thanks so much for helping me to guard the house,” Duncan said sarcastically interrupting the peaceful scene before him. He took in the beautiful pair, nude and twisted together, but he didn’t do anything more than appreciate them. He’d been faithful to Klymene for 150 years. And he would remain faithful to her until he met his true death. Oh—she’d told him to seek out others in their years apart, and he’d taken blood from many humans, but he’d never allowed himself to seek physical pleasure with them—not with the memory of his mate’s body and smile rippling through his mind.

And—despite her own encouragements—he knew that she’d known no other’s body since their pledging either.

“So tell me, Leonie,” Duncan said, gazing into the night sky instead of at the couple, “is this the one who will finally tame you?”

Leonie sighed. “Perhaps,” she responded, getting up and quickly putting on her gown, even as she threw Brady his pants. She winked at the Were. “He certainly has stamina.”

Duncan chuckled. “Vampires have greater stamina.”

“Yes,” Leonie giggled, “but they also have those pesky fangs, and—even though I can conceal my scent—I cannot conceal the flavor of my blood. And, to quote a famous line, ‘Once a vampire would pop, he couldn’t stop!'”

Brady laughed heartily. “You are evoking the Pringles slogan?”

“What?” Leonie asked innocently. “Pringles are my favorite food item in this realm. And the advertisements are right. If I eat one, I must eat an entire package.”

Brady chuckled again, even as he leaned in to steal a kiss from Leonie. “Then I will remember to gift you with some the next time we are together.”

“You presume there will be a next time?” she asked with an uplifted eyebrow.

“I hope,” Brady said with a grin.

The day had come and gone in peace—with Leonie and Brady guarding the cabin.

The sun had set more than ninety minutes before, and—even as Eric and Sookie had continued their honeymoon “acrobatics”—Brady and Leonie had requested that Duncan take guard duty so that they could “rest” until Eric and Sookie were done.

Duncan looked at the ceiling and grinned. Brady and Leonie were doing anything but “resting.” And Eric and Sookie sounded very far from being “done.”

In that moment, Duncan would have given a lot to have his own beloved with him, but—for some reason—the Ancient Pythoness had asked that Eric and Sookie be watched over on the night that they pledged and completed their bond.

And then the day and night after that.

Duncan wasn’t one to ask too many questions, especially when his own pledged mate had made the request of him, based on information she’d gotten from the Ancient Pythoness herself. If those two told him to stick with Eric and Sookie, then he would. It was just that simple.

He’d been told only that if he and the fairy, Leonie, were at the cabin guarding Eric and Sookie, all would be well. And if they weren’t, there would be “variables.” Hell—for all Duncan knew—he was the piece on the board that needed to be out of sight for a while. He chuckled, wondering what kind of trouble he might have caused if he’d gone to Texas as he’d planned.

Duncan propped his feet up and sipped a TrueBlood as he re-read a letter that Klymene had hidden in his duffel bag during his last visit with her. He smirked at the light fixture shaking precariously because of the “activity” upstairs.

It was as if the couples were trying to outdo each other. He chuckled. It was a good thing that Sookie was without supernatural hearing. She struck him as too modest to be comfortable with the idea that every moan and squeak she made could be heard by four sets of supernatural ears—if Eric was counted.

He chuckled as Leonie cried out. Duncan had to hand it to the Were. Keeping up with a fairy didn’t seem to be an easy task. However, Duncan had to hand the “win” to his bror. Eric had Sookie begging and calling him God by the time she yelled out her release. And, apparently, Sookie somehow managed to be a goddess, an angel, and a Valkyrie all in one—and she’d elicited curses in four languages from Eric.

His bror roared out his own release.

“Nope—six,” Duncan smiled as Eric yelled out curses from another two languages.

“Swahili and Hungarian, bror?” he chuckled. “What an interesting encore!”

He finished his blood substitute and put away his letter. Leonie and Brady were the first to come downstairs.

“Did you have a nice—uh—rest?” Duncan asked sarcastically.

“I feel downright restored,” Brady responded caddishly.

Leonie smacked his ass. “You’ll do,” she purred, “for a while—at least.”

“Just a while?” Brady asked, eyebrow raised.

“Maybe a long while,” she said as she raked her fingers over his jean-covered cock.

Brady winked at her.

Duncan chuckled. He’d heard about Leonie’s track-record from Klymene. Still—he’d give the Were at least six months before the fairy tired of him. Moreover, he’d give him a fifty percent chance of surviving the fairy’s “attentions,” which was—sadly enough—better than his chances of surviving Rhodes.

They all turned their focus upward as the shower in Eric and Sookie’s bathroom turned on.

“It’ll be another hour—at least,” Duncan sighed as he settled back against the couch.

Leonie seemed to contemplate her options before she turned to Brady. Her smirk was full-on by the time her contemplations were done. “Do you know how to cook, Brady Jones?”

To his credit, he smirked right back. “Jones isn’t really my last name. And I can cook a steak that will make you orgasm as you eat.”

“Prove it,” she said as she led him to the kitchen.

Duncan chuckled and decided to go into downtime instead of listening to the buckling of kitchen and bathroom tiles.

Sookie couldn’t see. The steam in the shower was so thick that her hands were now her sharpest sensory organs, given the fact that she’d sunk into the void of Eric’s brain in order to “rest” her extra-sensory ability. She figured that it was her honeymoon—after all.

She deserved a break from her telepathy—even if she no longer viewed it as a curse. And she trusted the others in the cabin to keep her and her bonded husband safe.

She let herself sink fully into their bonds—feeding them with her lust. Eric responded in kind and she gasped.

“Is it too hot for you, wife?” Eric asked suggestively.

“No,” Sookie whispered, as her hands glided upward from his hips to the perfect expanse of his chest. “Just right,” she added, as her hands moved to his back and then traveled back down—until they landed on his bottom.

He chuckled. “You do seem to like that part of me.”

“I like this part—and every other part,” she said honestly as she squeezed his ass, but then moaned as Eric’s fingers began an exploration of their own.

Contrasting the steam of the water, he ghosted touches over her thighs and waist and breasts—so light that the strokes seemed to dissipate into the steam itself.

And so did her breaths.

“More,” she commanded.

“I will never deny my wife,” he breathed into her ear, even as he nipped the lobe. His hands began touching her with more pressure—perfect pressure. She arched into those hands.

“Your wife,” she sighed, her voice joining his in the steam.

“Min kván,” he added, speaking in the first tongue he’d known.

My husband,” she responded possessively, feeding the beast in him.

“You are mine, Sookie. Mine!” he said as his body moved against hers, pushing her against the cool tiles of the shower. His voice had never sounded more possessive before—never more vampire.

His broad chest pressed against her soft breasts. The water should have made the connection slippery, but their bodies fit together so well—so true—that there was no separation between their torsos as he picked her up.

Her legs wrapped around his waist.

Hot water.

Eric’s cool skin.

The cool tile of the shower.


It was a perfect medley for her heightened senses.

He didn’t need to check whether she was ready. He had half a dozen indicators that she was: her scent piercing the steam; her moans crying out for completion that only he could bring—connection that only he could bring; her eyes compelling him to enter her; her legs pulling him ever closer to paradise.

The vampire bond—telling him exactly what her emotions were.

The Fae bond—practically “sighing” at their already close proximity. And ready to explode with their joining.

It was difficult for him not to explode with the pleasure of it all as he entered her.

“You’re perfect,” he groaned out.

Mine!” she yelled with added possessiveness of her own as he began his thrusts in and out of her.

It would have been difficult for either of them to explain the heightened sensations that the joining of their bonds had brought to them. In many ways the bonds “were” them in that moment.

The Fae bond had been almost “timid” after it had first been formed—uncertain of its own standing—but it had been growing with strength and beauty, even as Sookie’s own confidence and ease with herself had grown. Like her, the Fae bond seemed ready to evolve—to continue advancing.

The vampire bond, on the other hand, had swept through them both upon its completion. Like the vampire who had initiated it, this bond was ready, willing, and able to be the architect of its own destiny.

And—in the Fae bond—it saw its mate. No matter the circumstances that had first connected Eric and Sookie to each other—no matter the previous doubts—the two bonds had responded to their own mates with nothing less than fireworks.

Two bodies moved as one through steam and water.

Two minds marveled at the perfection of the joining.

Two hearts—one beating and one still—ached at the beauty.

Two souls simply sang together.

Both Eric and Sookie cried out as he emptied inside of her.

He bit into her neck. He took her blood.

She nourished him.

He cried out in ecstasy.

And light filled the shower.

Light from him. Not her.

Light that he sent into her chest.

Golden light—rather than the vibrant blue that hers had become as her strength had increased.

Her blood. His light.

A reversal.

A destiny waiting a thousand years to unravel.

A mystery waiting even longer to be discovered.

And now it had been.

Neither of them questioned as her blue light shone to join his fainter golden wisps. The water of the shower reflected and absorbed all that they shared.

And they were refreshed.


Maybe even remade a little.

In each other.

A/N: Hello all! I hope very much that you enjoyed this chapter. I decided that Leonie needed some sexy time. LOL. And who better than with Brady?

And yep—I finally did a shower scene of my own. 😉

The action will be heating up soon, so enjoy this peace and love while it lasts.




As always, thanks to Kleannhouse for beta-ing and thanks to Sephrenia for her art!  The banner for this chapter is so AMAZING!!!!

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Evolution

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  2. What a joyful chapter! This is a wonderful interlude before things become difficult. Apparently, the ancient Pythia thinks something will happen without Duncan and Leonie there. It’s nice that Brady and Leonie get to enjoy each other for a while. I love that Duncan and Klymene are faithful to each other. The light – giving between Eric and Sookie is perfect. I hope they all survive the trouble to come.

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    Leonie will probably eat Brady alive lol. I’m really enjoying Duncan, loved the internal dialogue – you get a real sense of fun running through him that matches up with Eric. You can really imagine them being very close and getting up to all sorts of mischief.

    I’m very curious about Eric’s light – I’m not even going to guess as you always blind sight me. My hubby was very amused when I told him how often you have me going in the wrong direction. I’m usually good at sensing plots and twists and drove him and my son mad with Harry Potter as I was always right!

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  10. Loved it. I wonder if Eric was part fairy before he was turned….or goodess touched. Hmmm….can’t wait to find out.

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