The Back & Forth Universe (In Progress)

Hello!  My very first fanfiction story was Back & Forth.  I had no idea when I began it that it would spawn a trilogy (and some side-stories)!   I hope that you enjoy this universe!

The Back & Forth Universe was based in the True Blood world (though there are some SVM characters and “original” characters introduced too).  It currently has two main parts and a couple of other “companion” pieces.  However, a third main part is in progress.  (They should be read in the order given below.)

Series Disclaimer:  The characters and events in the Back & Forth universe have been inspired by True Blood and The Southern Vampire Mystery series.  Both Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris are responsible for the people and places that I play with in my story.  Even the characterizations and characters that I create in my pieces would not be possible without the originals to play off of, so I claim no ownership over them.  However, if I ruled the texts, this is how the story would go.


Overall Series Progress:

  1. Back & Forth: Complete
  2. Come Back to Me: Complete
  3. Sojourn: Complete
  4. “King of Fools” (parody): Complete
  5. Earned: IN PROGRESS

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This story will always have a special place in my heart.  It is the first fanfiction story I ever completed and the first I ventured to post.  When Sookie realizes that her feelings for both Bill and Eric might have been caused by their blood, she takes drastic steps that will change her life―and the lives of Eric and Bill―forever. (This story picks up mid-season 4-if you followed the show.)

This installment is COMPLETE.

backandforth(banner by Nwalmn)


This is a sequel to Back and Forth. Now that Sookie & Eric have found their way to each other at last, Bill might just be the least of their worries. How will they deal with the threats that will try to separate them forever? Will their bonds survive?

This installment is COMPLETE.

Come+Back+to+Me2(banner by Sephrenia)


A multi-chapter “interlude” set in the middle of Come Back to Me, Sojourn tells the story of Eric and Sookie’s necessary re-connection and healing after their fight with Russell.

This installment is COMPLETE.



“King of Fools” is a one-shot, set in the Back & Forth and Come Back to Me universe. It is a short comedy/parody about the slain villains from the B&F Universe and was written in honor of the Fangreaders Awards.

This installment is COMPLETE.
King of Fools


Earned is the third major story in the Back & Forth Universe.  It jumps forward in time and focuses on Hunter’s coming of age.  Of course, it also continues to explore the enduring romance of Eric and Sookie. Right now (as of April 2016) the story is on hiatus, but I intend to pick of the writing of it in the next several months.



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