Epilogue: End to Begin


“From the end spring new beginnings.”—Pliny the Elder

Sookie POV

I didn’t want to see another vampire meet the sun; Godric had been enough.

But the part of me that would always love Bill because he’d been my first love put one foot in front of the other and walked with him until we were outside of Fangtasia.

“You saw Godric meet the sun,” he commented.

“I did,” I responded.

“What was it like?” he asked.

“Godric let go—let the sun take him. He disappeared into a blue light, leaving hardly any ash behind at all. It was beautiful in a way,” I said honestly, wondering if Eric would ever ask me about that morning and knowing him well enough to figure that he likely wouldn’t.

Eric wouldn’t be comforted to know that Godric didn’t fight against the sun. No matter what—I knew that Eric would fight. Hell—he’d apparently fought enough to cause an avalanche when Warlow’s blood had left his system. No—Eric wasn’t one to go “gentle into that good night”—or, in his case, day.

“Godric was more than ten times my age,” Bill remarked, bringing my thoughts back to him. “But I was never meant to be vampire. I was never good at it,” he added, looking toward the east.

“No,” I said in agreement, but not judgment.

He looked from the horizon to me. “What did you and Godric talk about—before he died?”

“He wanted to know if I thought God would punish him for his sins.”

“And what did you tell him?”

“I told him that God is big on forgiveness.”

“And you? Will you forgive me?” Bill asked.

“I already have,” I said.

He nodded. “Thank you.”

We were silent for a few moments.

“I used to have hope that I would find Caroline and our children in the afterlife,” Bill said.

“I hope you do, Bill.”

“It’s hard to let go,” he said softly.

“It is,” I responded, knowing I’d feel Bill’s loss as acutely as I still felt Alcide’s. I knew that many of the people around me found me “cold” because they thought that I’d “moved on” from Alcide so quickly, and just as many would judge me for jumping from Bill to Eric. I wasn’t about to blame them for their opinions. After all, they were right in a way. For a while, I’d felt like I was on a carousal of men.

Bill, Sam, Bill, Alcide, Bill, Eric, Alcide, Warlow, Alcide, Bill, Eric.

Between them all, I’d been spinning for a long time.

But I was ready to get off that carousal with the only man left standing—the only one I’d never felt dizzy with.

And it was high time I quit taking that fact—and Eric himself—for granted.

“The sun will be up in only a few minutes,” Bill commented.

“You still have time to change your mind—to decide to take the cure,” I reminded softly.

“And would you change your mind if I did? Would you leave Eric to be with me?”

“No,” I responded. “I won’t be leaving Eric again.”

Bill looked at me through tortured eyes. “I’m afraid for you, Sookie.”

“I’m not afraid,” I said in answer, “not anymore. And that’s what matters.”

He sighed and looked toward the East. “My ashes—will you bury them in Caroline’s grave?”

“I will.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t love you as you deserved to be loved,” Bill said.

“Me too.”

As the sun began to rise, Bill Compton looked at me for the last time.

“You look beautiful in the sunlight,” he said with a smile.

And then his body succumbed to that light.

Once he was gone, I looked around and found an empty bottle—Kentucky bourbon. I opened the lid and brushed the ashes that had been Bill into the bottle before tightening the lid.

“It’s not fancy,” I sighed, “but it’ll get you to Caroline.” I looked up at the ever-lightening sky and closed my eyes, saying a prayer that Bill was with his wife and children even then. I knew that Bill had done a lot of wrong during his life. But I also knew that he’d agonized over much of that wrong. And maybe—just maybe—that had been enough to buy him forgiveness with God. I hoped so.

I turned and looked at Fangtasia, wondering if Eric would open his club again.

I hoped so.

Eric POV

Niall had watched the monitor showing the parking lot until Compton was truly dead.

I didn’t need to watch a vampire burn—not even one who’d been a thorn in my side.

“I like this drink,” Niall said, downing the beverage and then waving me off when I went to start another. “Next time—add pineapple.”

“Pineapple?” I asked.

“I despise citrus—and lemon is like silver to me—but pineapple is absolutely divine.”

I smirked. “I will make sure I have plenty on hand—as well as other foodstuffs—for your next visit. But no lemon.”

Niall’s eyes twinkled. “I would ask you to treat my great-granddaughter well, but I already know that you will. So I will ask only that you be patient with her. She is a Brigant through and through—stubborn to the core. However, I assure you that the effort will be worth it.” He winked. “The core is the best part.”

“I know,” I said.

Niall stood up and bowed. “Tell Pamela that I enjoyed making her acquaintance.”

I chuckled. “I will.”

“I enjoyed making yours as well.”

I bowed in return. “Likewise.”

I heard Sookie opening the door and quickly ducked behind the bar until she’d closed and locked the door. While I was crouched down, I used a bar towel to wipe away the evidence of the bleeds from my nose and ears. Circumstances had been keeping me from my day-rest for several days, and I was certainly feeling the strain on my body.

I stood up in time to see Niall approach Sookie and kiss her forehead.

“The vampire is a good man,” he whispered. “And he loves you.”

“I know,” Sookie returned, looking over his shoulder at me. “I’m lucky.”

“See you soon,” Niall said before popping away.

“It’s over,” Sookie sighed as she walked over to me and placed herself into my arms. I could see—and feel—her sadness, but there were no tears in her eyes.

“No, lover,” I said. “This is only the beginning.”

The sadness left her eyes as she looked up into mine. “You’re right,” she agreed.

I smirked. “I like the sound of that. Say it again?”

“Don’t let being right one time go to your head, Viking,” she warned playfully.

I chuckled. “Shall we go to bed?”

“I like the sound of that,” she sighed.

I led Sookie to my office and then opened a secret chamber, which led to a bedroom.

“No nuke-proof coffin today?” she asked playfully.

“No—not today, not when I get to hold you for the first time in months,” I responded.

Neither one of us spoke as we took off our shoes. At my house, Sookie had changed into a T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, though the T-shirt had pretty much covered the boxers; she slipped off her bra in that way women could do at seeming vampire speed.

I refrained from growling with desire as I removed my jeans and T-shirt and climbed into bed. I’d worn boxer-briefs—for Sookie’s benefit.

She and I both sighed as she climbed in with me and rested her head on my chest.

And then we both slept—me the sleep of death and her the sleep of life.

But—somehow—we shared the same kind of rest.

Restorative. Peaceful. Complete.

It was—indeed—a new beginning.

A new life.


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A/N: I hope you enjoyed this story! I am floored by how many of you commented on it, and I hope to hear your final thoughts! 





56 thoughts on “Epilogue: End to Begin

  1. Great little story. Exactly what was needed. Even the send off of Bill was better than the show gave him. So eager to read your one shot as well because it certainly felt like someone was missing with everyone else that was there.

  2. Well, he had the cajones to meet the true death. Love Naill’s quote from the book. I know Sookie wondered who the vamprie was, but really, girl? Really?
    Yes –notice who was missing from the Thanksgiving table. Eric….Pam….Hadley…Hunter…..Naill…..
    Such a good antidote to all that was bad about TB these last few seasons –sublime!

  3. Thanks for another great story. I also enjoyed your depiction of Naill. Hope the kitty is feeling better. It is tough when our fur babies are hurting.

  4. I did enjoy this story :), not surprising though, lol.
    In all the talk I’ve seen about Bill I’ve seen a lot of hatred for him but you’re the first one I’ve seen since I wrote my first, and currently only, Kill Bill where he doesn’t end violently or with a lengthy torture session before he’s finally ended.
    In some ways it’s kind of a let down because it is mostly violent when he’s ended but this such a huge step from what I’m used to I’m not sure how I feel about his death. Relieved that it’s finally over I guess, that he can’t meddle any more but…I don’t know.
    I am happy that Eric and Sookie will have a chance at their HEA and I think that’s what we all really wanted: for them to actually have a chance at happiness.

    1. I know what you are saying. But working with this Eric and Sookie, Bill became a nuisance, and my reaction to Sookie killing him and having to carry that guilt was so strong that I had to make Bill take care of himself in a way. Plus, by showing Sookie deal with his death without falling apart, I wanted to show that she’s on her way to being over that part of her life. But you are right–I went against the grain a little. But I just kept on thinking about Godric for some reason.


  5. Lovely story…as yours always are! And I agree with you on Ginger and Eric. I was so, so sad that they degraded him yet again. Ginger should always be Pam’s, at least in my own head. I’ll never forget her riding Pam’s coffin. Classic.

    My favorite part of the finale was Eric killing the yakuza, packing them into the car and bopping away. No hi or fuck you to Sookie while he was there. Eric Northman had had it with her and her foolishness. Didn’t want her dead, but meh. Whatever.

  6. Lovely ending. I like the throwback line to what Sookie said to Godric ‘I’m afraid for you..’ being uttered by Bill. Now that’s how you do full circle instead of forcing a storyline that no longer makes sense to what’s happened previously (ie Billith).

      1. I’m eagle Eyed like that ;D
        Did you read the interview where Buckner compared Bill with Godric? Nope, nope, nope. Godric never asked his loved one to kill him and was far more serene than Bill was who had to be dramatic to the bitter end.

        1. Wow–I could only think of the CONTRASTS between them when I watched the show. Bill was so selfish. It was as if he wanted to take a part of Sookie away as he died. Godric wasn’t like that–though I really wish he’d chosen to stay for his child.

          1. Exactly. Bill was selfish until the bitter end and for all his talk of loving her he had a funny way of showing it. Wanting someone to give up their uniqueness /what makes them who they are isn’t love. I would have loved Godric to live on too but Godric dying was necessary to show Sookie and the audience that he does love (much like the 1st blood dream suggested).

  7. Too bad the actual show did not end this way. This was much more satisfying. Making Sookie stake Bill and have to live with that was just wrong. Finally manning up and doing it himself felt much better. And of course, she ends up with the Viking– which is how TB should have ended too.

  8. LOVED it can’t wait for future chapters and stories from you Im off to read “Missing from the table” I have to say once again Thank You for sharing your AMAZING talent!!!

  9. I just loved this. Thank you so much for giving us an ending that didn’t make barf bags a must 🙂 I knew we could count on you!

  10. Excellent choice : letting Bill meet the sun with Sookie present would have been better! I Having Sookie kill Bill was another abusive move from from the writers now Sookie will live her life knowing that she killed Bill twice! First she infected him with Hep-V andThen she staked him all because Bill is abusive coward!! Thanks again for this better ending
    Take care

  11. Loved this story and although I have not watched the last series or read the last book , I love your reactions to both of these ’cause I get to read the products of your frustrations . What wonderful fix’s for the drivville that was the end of both book and tv series, your stuff rocks . I have just enough info through blogs like yours and others of how the show/book ended to be able to follow where your jump off points and inspirations come from . I am always left feeling satisfied at the end of one of your stories and always enjoyed the journey you took me on , as opposed to feeling frustrated as both CH ( last few books ) and AB/BB( where do I start , Bill not Eric staking Longshadow , the list is plentiful ) usually left me . Thank you for the time you devote to this and all your creativity you share with us for nothing more than a Like and a review .

  12. Now I feel better. That is the way I was hoping things would end. I guess I should not have been been surprised by my disappointment at the end of Trueblood that Bill loving show has been frustrating since season 4’s ending. I think the thing that bothered me the most was how Bill asked Sookie to essentially change who she was. If you love someone how on earth could you ask a thing like that?

    1. I absolutely agree with you! Bill just spent six months (at least) apart from her. Even if she had moments when she wanted to get rid of her fairy nature in the past, who is Bill to say how she’d be better off. He doesn’t know her anymore. He’s assuming based on what HE wants. Horribly selfish.

  13. im sorry its over im sorry to say i shed a tear for bill i guess he loved her in a way im sorry the show is over and again they f*** it up it was a slap in the face to me for ch to be in erics scene i wish your story would last a little longer im going to miss that show f*** ups and all

  14. This was wonderful. I’m so thankful someone with a brain who knows how to use it gave us what seemed impossible for those who shan’t be named. You have lightened the black scorch mark they left behind with their tasteless endings. THANK YOU!

  15. Absolutely loved this story. You gave us all what we wanted from the screw up of TB’s finale. We get our happy future for Eric and Sookie. Plus Bill meets the sun with some dignity and Sookie’s forgiveness, not the guilt trip he planned. Loved the use of Niall’s words from SVM and the tribute to our Godric.

  16. You wrote that amazingly… Beautiful last scene for Bill mainly thanks to Sookie’s magnanimous stance which in the context of Season 7 makes sense. Can’t believe Bill still tried it on with Sookie at the last moment…
    No wonder Niall ‘knows’ Eric is the right vampire for her and loved that you used (and clarified) those words from the books…
    It is touching and fitting that Eric and Sookie just go to sleep after all they have been through… After all, they have all the time in the world for their HEA!!!

  17. Love your take on how things should have gone. In my opinion, Bill was selfish to the end. If he was intent on dying he could have done it quite easily without any help from Sookie. It was as though he wanted her to feel guilt so that she would never be able to forget him, which was the opposite of what he kept saying that he wanted. I was happy to see Sookie finally grow to the point that she understood that Bill was ultimately responsible for himself, and that she had nothing to feel guilty about. I too love your version of Niall. It would have been nice to have him in the last season since on TB he had been portrayed as a supportive relative. The most satisfying thing was, of course, the fact that Eric and Sookie came to an understanding and are going to try to have a more open and adult relationship. No unrealistic fantasy that it will be all rainbows and good times, but at least they are going to try to be good to each other. Thanks for the wonderful work once again.

  18. Yeah! The asshole us dead LNG live Eric!! And yes I hated the end, but at least they didn’t make Eric completely miserable like She Who Shall Not Be Named.

  19. Why, oh why, couldn’t you have been one of the writers on True Blood? Maybe even the ONLY writer?! Damn, woman! I was left with my mouth hanging open after watching the last episode, and I only got around to read this story as a whole today; I have to admit, THIS WOULD’VE BEEN A MUCH BETTER ENDING!! (That and “Missing at the Table” too, by the way).. I have to admit, my eyebrows hit my hairline when Sookie agreed with Eric so easily about being with him (she’s always been way too stubborn), but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.. I also loved your version of Niall!

    The one thing I simply LOVE about all of your stories (the ones I’ve read so far, at least), is that you show Bill for how he truly is, and I have to admit, I always laugh at his self-pity and stupid behavior (for lack of a better description)..

    That being said, I humbly bow to your greatness in writing, and hope that one day I can reach your level of creativity!

  20. The books were a let down. TB had a chance to fix it, but the last two episodes were a waste. I find that any one of your stories is the ending I wanted for both SVM series. This one might be my favorite, but Uncharted isn’t finished so I reserve judgement. Missing at the Table is the best ‘fix’ for the TB as they wrote it.

  21. I would have bet my life I had read all of your stories, and then I found this one and proved myself wrong. What a wonderful and utterly satisfying do-over. You even gave Bill a decent end (still can’t imagine why any writer or director in their right mind would think that forcing Sookie to stake him would make anyone happy). I loved Niall, his wit and sense of humor was a delight, as was his approval of Eric. As usual, you delivered spectacularly.

  22. OMG He went quietly! I.. He… Wha… He…
    *completely freezes from shock*

    No words… So… Moving on.

    Yay. HEA. Hopeful ending. Fresh start. Everyone likes each other. I like like like!!!!

    Thank you! Hugs!!

  23. This is a much better Season 7 than TB gave us! I liked how you treated Bill with honor and with explanations for his behavior. I watched TB for a couple of seasons before reading the SVMs, and I remember how much I believed in Bill and his love for Sookie. I’m a ES shipper, of course, but it was still nice to see Bill and his dark flaws in YOUR light. Thank you!

  24. damn he died to quickly, Niall should have popped out and rescued him and then Eric and him could have tortured Billy Boy for a few days … but at least the prick is gone. loved that they ended with being in each others arms. KY

  25. Another wonderful story! Love that it acknowledges the genuine feelings she and Bill had for one another while allowing her to wake up to just how messed up their relationship was. Eric is out of his league in every way imaginable, and now she finally has her head on straight. So satisfying — thank you!

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