“Other” Casting

The characters I’m classifying as “other” are literally “one-of-a-kind” in my work, meaning that no one else is of the same “species.” 

“Other” Characters: from SVM & TB

Dr. Amy Ludwig

I don’t think Ludwig’s “species” has ever been established (LOL), but it’s impossible not to imagine the talented Marcia deRousse in the role.

“Other” Characters: from TB

Warlow (Ben)

I’m classifying Warlow as “other” because he’s the only “faepire,” and–in my mind–he’s both of these “species” equally.  I needed this character for the INNER-Verse and asked readers to help cast him.  Y’all decided upon Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the online poll.

“Other” Characters: from SVM

Lucifer / the devil

I didn’t like the book’s use of the devil in the Copely Carmichael plot line in the last book, but I did enjoy adapting the character for my Not Without Action world.  I pictured Colin Farrell.

“Other” Characters: Borrowed from Other Stories


For this character in The Goblin, I couldn’t help but to picture the amazing Robert Carlyle.

Other Characters: Original Kat-creations

Aphra (Dr. Smith)

“Cast” as Jennifer Connelly, Aphra is a handmaiden in The Enduring Series.  Her “species” isn’t made known.  (Fun fact: Connelly plays a werebadger in the Back & Forth universe.)


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