Vampire Characters: from both TB & SVM

Oddly, there aren’t as many vampires that appear in both TB and SVM as one might think!  The ones I’ve included in my stories follow.

Bill Compton

Bill is just Bill.  LOL.  Stephen Moyer, I thought, did well in the role, and it’s difficult not to see him when I think of the character.  I’ll probably never re-cast him.

Franklin Mott

Though Franklin’s characterization is very different between the books and the show, I liked the actor who played him, James Frain, so that’s whom I continue to visualize whenever I use this character.

Isabel Beaumont

I’ve visualized two actresses in this role.  Most of the time it’s Valerie Cruz, whom I enjoyed on the show.

For The Comfortably Numb Series, I made Isabel into Russell Edgington’s daughter and chose an actress that looked like she could be related to the person I cast for Russell.  I picked Annie Werching, whom I loved in 24.

Lorena Ball (Lorena Krasiki)

I felt Mariana Klaveno was an effective Lorena, so I’ve always visualized her when the character popped up in my writing.

Pam Ravenscroft (Pamela Swynford de Beaufort) 

 Kristin Bauer van Straten is a wonderful Pam!  In the books, this character is described as being much “younger” in human years and quite a bit “older” in vampire terms.  Still, despite the age disparity, Bauer van Straten is the person I’ve always pictured, but–who knows?–with future book-based stories, this might change.

Russell Edgington

Talk about a different characterization between the show and the books!  That said, I’ve pictured only two actors for the role.  Most of the time, I have used Denis O’Hare

For other pieces, notably the Comfortably Numb trilogy and Not Without Action, I’ve “cast” Pierce Brosnan.

Sophie-Anne LeClerq

When I’m looking for a more evil or childish version of the character, Evan Rachel Wood is whom I picture.  Obviously, I was heavily influenced by the show’s take on the character. 

 When I was developing a more fun-loving (and nicer) Sophie-Anne for Given Unsought, I began picturing  Lauren Ambrose.

Stan Davis, King of Texas

I’ve visualized this character in more than one way, but–ironically enough–never how the show did it.  One of my versions is played by Gary Sinise.  He is a Senator in my AH Comfortably Numb trilogy. 

More recently in Not Without Action, I visualized Stan as actor David Krumholtz.


So–Talbot is a human in the books.  I liked the choice to make him a vampire in the show, and I’ve used him in some of my stories–notably in the UN-iverse.  Not surprisingly, I visualized Theo Alexander.

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