Chapter 03: Sleep


Chapter 03: Sleep

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.”—Edvard Munch


kleenex alert

Sookie’s eyes were lead weights, and she couldn’t feel her body, but she had been able to hear many of the words that Eric and Bill had spoken. She’d tried to nod in agreement when Eric had reminded Bill about her wish not to become a vampire. She’d tried to shake her head in denial when Bill insisted that they try to give her a chance to change her mind.

The truth was that life had already been hard enough for Sookie, and—though she’d never contemplated killing herself—she didn’t want to imagine living lifetime after lifetime after lifetime with her curse.

She was already thinking of heaven, already wondering if she’d been a good enough person to get in—wondering if God would give her the gift of silence.

She wondered if she’d be able to see Gran again, wondered if she would forgive her for Rene.

She wondered if her parents would be there. Would they be able to love her—finally?

Or maybe there was just a great big nothing after death—nothing but feeding the worms and fertilizing the ground. The greatest silence of all.

Maybe that would be her heaven. She wanted to reach out her arms to welcome it, but she couldn’t move.

Like most other humans, Sookie had given the possibility of immortality some thought after vampires had come out of the coffin, but she’d quickly dismissed the idea.

What would becoming a vampire do to her telepathy?

Would it make it stronger?

Once she’d met her first vampire, she’d reconsidered. What if being “dead” made it impossible for her to hear the thoughts of the living—just like being alive made it impossible for her to hear the thoughts of the “undead?” That possibility had tempted her to change her mind about the idea.

However, what if becoming a vampire allowed her to hear the only beings she couldn’t presently hear—in addition to everyone else?

That possibility had made the risk too great to take.

Plus, she just didn’t want to live forever. Maybe that made her odd, but that wasn’t her greatest oddity.

She felt Eric’s blood being soothed down her throat and recalled the last time she’d drunk it—in the cubby.

That moment stood out to her as one of her best. It had been the only vampire blood she’d taken when she wasn’t being coerced or when she wasn’t hurt.

She’d chosen it and Eric in that moment. She found it ironic that—as she lay dying—she was thinking clearly for the first time in a long time. She wished that she could go back an hour. She would tell Bill that they’d already had their chance. And then she would turn to Eric and tell him that it was time for their chance to begin.

Yes—that is what she would change if she could change anything in the life that was flashing before her eyes.

But time travel wasn’t possible—not even for a fairy-human hybrid who’d “missed” a year of her life.

Sookie groaned. She’d thought that she’d been past pain until she felt Debbie’s teeth being pried from her neck.

She whimpered as she heard Debbie’s body get thrown away from her.

“Sookie!” Bill said desperately. “Please let me save you!”

She might have nodded had she not already known what kind of “saving” he had in mind. He wanted to turn her.

“Please,” she managed. She’d intended to say, “Please—no!” but she’d simply run out of steam.

“See—she wants to be turned!” Bill cried out. “Wants me!”

Sookie tried to shake her head, but she couldn’t because Bill’s hand was holding her neck in one spot as he was applying his blood to her gushing wound.

Sookie tried to say more—no—to yell more! To stop Bill. But nothing came from her mouth but blood.

She opened her eyes to meet Eric’s concerned blue stare. She saw the track of a single tear on his cheek. He’d cried for her. If she’d had any strength, she would have brushed that tear away; she would have tried to comfort him.

But she couldn’t muster up any strength in that moment; instead, she tried to focus enough on Eric’s eyes to convey that they should just let her go.

Let her die.

“Do you not feel that?” Eric asked as another tear streaked down his face. “Do you not feel her asking us to let her die as a human?”

“She’s just scared!” Bill said insistently.

Sookie lost her focus on Eric and had to close her eyes again. She was too weak to do anything else. The pain had left again. And the cold was back. But her telepathy was still going strong.

In fact—like some kind of cruel joke—it was somehow stronger than ever. And she could make out thoughts within her range perfectly even as she felt herself dying.

She would have laughed bitterly at the irony of that if she’d been able.

Of course, her gift would strength in the moments right before she died! It was the ultimate kick to the gut, and—for the millionth time—Sookie wondered what wrongs she’d committed in a past life in order to deserve her curse in this one.

Hopefully, that question would soon become irrelevant as she became a fertilizer.

Meanwhile, however, with her “gift,” Sookie heard several minds converging on her location all at once. Alcide was one of them. He was coming from the service road at the back of the graveyard. His mind—though usually hard for her to read—was screaming out in horror. And his thoughts were as clear as a bell. He smelled her blood—and Debbie’s blood. Apparently, Debbie had left a rambling message on his answering machine—basically a suicide note and murder confession all in one.

How lovely.

Debbie’s mind was still alive too. She was scared and weak, and she couldn’t move. Eric had snapped her upper vertebrae in two, and she was helpless.

And sober.

She felt her pain and knew she was dying. Served the bitch right in Sookie’s mind.

From her house were running Tara and Lafayette. They’d heard her scream and had called Jason before coming. Lafayette had Gran’s old shotgun. Both Tara and Lala were petrified.

And—from Bill’s home—several vampires were running their way.

Of course, Sookie couldn’t hear them, but their “voids” were clear as a bell, and she recognized one as belonging to Jessica and another as belonging to Nan Flanagan. The others were strangers to her.

She wondered about being able to recognize the vampires from their voids. It was a new skill which apparently accompanied copious amounts of vampire blood or major blood loss. Or both.

Sookie thought about the light in her—the fairy light that had somehow un-cursed Eric. She thought about the odd feeling—that odd ‘space’—she’d had inside of her ever since that evening in the cubby when she and Eric had exchanged blood. She thought about what she wanted the last moment of her life to be like.

And—by instinct—she flooded that ‘space’ with all of her remaining life. All of her remaining magic.

Her spark.

She opened her eyes.

Eric’s eyes were waiting to greet her. His ears were ready to hear you. And he was obviously holding off Bill from completing his turning of her.

She found her voice. It was weak, but it was there.

“Eric,” she managed, “I love you.”

“I love you,” he returned.

“I don’t want to be vampire.”

He nodded.

“Then sleep, my love. Just Sleep. I have you.”

“You’ll stay with me?” she gasped out.

“For as long as it takes,” he promised.

Her eyes conveyed her gratefulness. And then she closed them.

A/N: I know that this one is shorter than most of my chapters in other things, but—like I said—this story is gonna be a little different, and the chapter lengths are just gonna have to shake out like they shake out.

I hope you still “liked” it. I will admit that I cried a lot when writing this one. It’s literally a “life passing before her eyes chapter,” and Eric just breaks my heart every time!

Until the next one,


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33 thoughts on “Chapter 03: Sleep

  1. *sniffle* Sad…but I bet Nan orders Bill or Eric to turn her…or something like that because Eric would let her go if she wanted it. *sniffle*

  2. I was kinda iffy about this story, but I like that she told eric she loved him. so her spark is going to save her? now maybe she will give eric his fair chance? crossing my fingers!!!

  3. Finally. A moment of clarity, of choice. And what a choice! Except it seems Eric is obviously noy going to be able to hrant Sookie’s dying wish, and let her sleep. Otherwise it would be an awful short story, yet still oddly satisfying 🙂

    Look forward to when your mise brings you back this way!

  4. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but, if this was just a short little story that ended right here, it would be really good. Terribly sad, but very good, indeed. (I’m glad it’s not over, though!!’) XO

  5. I’m so glad she was able to tell Eric that. I hope Bill heard her too but something’s going to happen because we all know she’s waking up as a vamp. I just hope she doesn’t take her anger out on Eric. She knows he doesn’t want to turn her, she heard him telling Bill what she wanted after all. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

  6. No you left a big cliffie! Now what’s going happen now? Sookie doesn’t want to be turned! Are they going against her will or will they be forced to do it! More sonn please…Take care

    1. I think it would be against Eric’s will, but I’m pretty sure ScumBill will eagerly go along with it. That way he’ll get the best of both worlds: he can play the martyr (“Oh Sookeh, I didn’t WANT to turn you, but they FORCED me! Wah”) and he’ll still get what he really wants (Sookie turned and bound to him under his thumb forever).

      Fortunately, as I think we can infer from the title, Eric’s blood that he already gave her is going to interfere in that bond. Hopefully. Right, Kat? Right?!?

  7. Aww so sad. I like how Eric was respectful of her wishes.
    Interested to see how’s she’s turned whether it’s inadvertent due to blood consumed already or forceful.
    Ngl the story title has me imaging an episode of Maury except of who’s the father it’s who’s the maker?!

  8. Kleenex warning much appreciated. Finally they are on the same page. What is it about strong-minded people that they never see what is so clear until it is too late (?) BTW – really hope that ‘too late’ does not play out. Beautifully written. When do you sleep? Thank you!

  9. I can totally see Tara, Lafayette, and Jason begging them to turn her. If Nan is there, I can see her ordering it. Ack! Where is the next chapter?

  10. I’m glad that she finally realized that she loved Eric, and was able to tell him so in front of Bill. Eric being so lovingly honorable made me cry, but how sad her wish will not be granted. Excellent chapter! This will definitely be torture to wait for an update.

  11. Oh boy, with Nan getting involved I can almost see where this is going. I predict that Nan will command Bill and/or Eric to turn her because what does Nan care of Sookie’s wishes? I can’t wait to read more!

  12. Hope Bill doesn’t force his blood into Sookie. As he is the reigning monarch, apparently that means he is meant to be in charge (yes, I still snicker at that thought) he could order Eric to stand aside. Excellent chapter with Sookie considering her life as stands & declares he knows what Sookie wants. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  13. So glad she was able to finally be clear and tell Eric she loved him. Hate that ScumBill is going to turn her and hope that doesn’t muddle her feelings again. Ugh.

    Aldo, I think you forgot to include the “next” button! 😉

  14. OK I can write now –wipes eyes 😦 This will hopefully backfire on the butt-heads that insist on her turning -vamp wise anyway. I love the idea of a Maury style show whose the vamp daddy.

  15. you know i teared up all over again even though i knew what was around the corner. The best part is Sookie HEARD everything and she can tell Bill as much when he tries to be the hero…. looking forward to where you take this story. And her knowing that the love between her and Eric is real, not imaginary like Bill’s manipulated love is the best. She will forgive Eric no matter what happens, i am sure of it… KY

  16. With Sookies statement in front of Bill, only Eric have to turn her, evan somebody orders Bill to do so.
    PLEASE not Bill!!!

  17. I hope the spark will save sookie. … but I think if it don’t that damn nan is going to order one of them to do it unless it’s her. …. and poor sookie. … then Eric needs too kill nan. . Pls. …lol see ya next chapter

  18. Sookie in her last few minutes has finally the true difference between Eric and Bill and the difference in the way they love her. Hopefully as she had Erics blood first that will make her his child instead of Bill. Realy cant wait for more.

  19. I was hoping for a miracle. I’m glad she was able to keep Bill from turning her. But will Nan step in and order one of them to turn her?? Can’t wait to see what will happen. 🙂

  20. Maybe if Bill does turn her, Eric will kill him and then act as her surrogate maker. She could not be mad at him for that if Bill makes him stand aside or Nan detains him in some way so he can’t stop Bill. She knows Eric doesn’t want to do it. I hope she hears anything else that happens so she’ll know who’s to blame.

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