Two-Natured Characters: from SVM only

There are some really great two-natured characters not utilized on the show.  It’s been especially fun to “cast” them since I’m working with a blank slate.

Charles Claussen (wereowl)

So far, I’ve included this character only in The Trunk Trilogy; I used actor Michael Cudlitz for inspiration.

Colonel James Flood (werewolf)

In The Trunk Trilogy, I used actor Viggo Mortensen, whom I thought would be appropriate for the character.

Jannalynn Hopper (werewolf)

So far, I’ve included this character only in Not Without Action; I used actress Dina Meyer for inspiration.

Maria-Starr/Maria-Star (werewolf)

In the Back and Forth world, I picture, Karina Lombard.

In the INNER-Verse and The Trunk, I visualize Sarah Shahi in the role.

Mustapha Khan (werewolf)

The first time I visualized Mustapha–for the UN-iverse–I picked Derek Luke.

Since then, I’ve pictured Laz Alonso when writing him.

John Quinn (weretiger)

I have pictured this character in many ways!  In the Back & Forth world, I visualized Vin Diesel.

My next Quinn was Dave Bautista; he was my UN-iverse inspiration.

In Bombshell, I used The Rock.

But–for Given Unsought–I returned to Vin Diesel.  So–yeah–all over the place.

Sandra Pelt (werewolf)

It was fun to “cast” and write this character for Not Without Action.  I pictured Jennifer Lawrence in the role.

Tray Dawson

I have always pictured Karl Urban when writing this role. 


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