Awards & Nominations: the B & F Universe

I am honored that the B & F Universe has earned nominations and awards!  I’m very proud and thankful to everyone who has read, recognized, and voted for my stories!

 2012 Fangreaders Awards

Back & Forth (3rd Place)


Banner 3_thumb[1]

Come Back to Me (4 Awards–all 2nd place!)

Nan Award_thumb[5]Eric Award_thumb[2]Bill Award_thumb[2]Russell Award[4]

Fanatic Fanfics Awards

2015 Nominations

All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic – Come Back to Me

Favorite Complete Fanfic – Back and Forth Universe

You Want Blood Awards 2014

Nominations for the B&F Universe

back-and-forth-universe-thalia-_-bubba-california-kat-the-more-the-merrier - Copy back-and-forth-universe-russell-california-kat-flying-monkey-award - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-tissue-kleenex-award1 - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-the-viking-award - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-silver-lining-award - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-roller-coaster-award - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-edge-of-your-seat - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-blah-blah-vampire-emergency-award - Copy (2) back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-blah-blah-vampire-emergency-award - Copy - Copy back-and-forth-universe-california-kat-best-of-both-worlds1 - Copy back-and-forth-california-kat-the-greatest-love-story1 - Copy back-and-forth-california-kat-the-alan-ball-award - Copy

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