Chapter 08: Hatched


Chapter 08: Hatched

“It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”—C. S. Lewis

Sookie’s eyes opened as if they’d been yanked open.

She somehow knew that the room was dark, but she could still see clearly; in fact, the world seemed somehow brighter than usual. But that brightness was different from sunlight. While the sunlight could make things hazy—diffuse—her eyes seemed to be taking in every line and shadow of every object she could see.

Almost to the point of pain.

In addition, she found herself assessing her surroundings in ways other than sight—as if she were afraid that she might be attacked. She was in a room—a bedroom. She felt satin sheets against the exposed skin of her hands and arms; the sheets slid along her body as she moved. She moaned in pleasure. The satin covered a different material enclosing much of her body—something softer, but less luxuriant.


Both fabrics felt wonderful, and her skin tingled to feel more.

For a moment—as her skin seemed to stretch out to embrace the textiles—she thought about nothing except for the feeling of the materials touching her, but then her mind remembered something.

Something important. Something essential.

She had been dying the last time her eyes were open. With her last gaze, she’d seen Eric’s eyes looking down at her in sorrow.

However, the pain of Debbie’s attack had left her body by the time she’d locked into his eyes—or maybe because she’d found those eyes. There had been nothing but numb oblivion as she’d met her final moments.

Was she now in Heaven? She’d expected clouds—not sheets.

However, the wonderful feeling of the covers that she was grasping in her hands seemed heavenly.

Again, she moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

But—suddenly—her moan became pain-filled as a feeling of emptiness roared through her body, emanating outward from what seemed to be her very core.

Or maybe her soul.

She’d never felt so empty in all of her life, and she automatically curled up into the fetal position, her body now screaming as it cramped. With extreme difficulty, she managed to use one of her arms to throw off the now-heavy and constricting covers.

How had they gone from pleasurable to smothering so quickly?

Was she in hell? Had she done too many wrongs for God to want her? She figured that only in hell would someone suffer such pain—such hunger.

She heard a click, which echoed in her ears as if she were underwater, and she tasted something horrifying and amazing all at once. She immediately knew that it was her own blood, but it was not the metallic substance she’d tasted on those occasions when she’d bitten her tongue or instinctively soothed a small wound on a finger by putting it into her mouth.

No—the taste was sublime, and it frightened her.

She wanted more, but she knew that her own blood was not what she really wanted. The pain inside of her grew.

And then—suddenly—she recognized the truth.

She was not in Heaven.

She was not in hell.

She was vampire!

She sat up straight and was greeted by eyes that seemed both open and closed to her. She wanted to drown in those eyes, knowing that they could tell her how to stop the pain. However, she was afraid of drowning any more than she already had.

Afraid of losing herself.

Still, she couldn’t look away. The blue of those eyes was familiar to her—but it was so different too. The color was sharper somehow—infinitely more varied. She saw greens and violets. She saw browns and blacks. However, the blue tamed the other colors—ruled them with more shades of itself that Sookie had ever seen altogether.

Those blues ruled over her too. She could sense it—feel it with every fiber of her being. She wanted to embrace that rule—to let it take away her pain.

But she also wanted to fight.

The pain attacked her again, and she felt the once luxuriant sheets tearing with a grip she’d not known she was subjecting them to. But that ripping wasn’t enough. Her emotions felt erratic, and she thought for a moment of the first time she’d ever babysat an infant, listening to the unpredictable and unformed thoughts of the child as he became colicky. The child hadn’t understood what was happening—hadn’t understood why he was in pain. And—nothing she had tried would settle him. The child hadn’t calmed until his mother had come home and given him medicine that would make his pain fade into oblivion.

Sookie had been relieved to “hear” the child’s unformed thoughts settle when the drug had taken effect, but she’d also been terrified that only obliviousness had helped him.

Sookie’s own pain heightened once more, and she felt herself striking outward. A lamp flew across the room. She pressed her hands to her ears as it shattered, the sound so loud that it brought a tear to her eye.

A red tear!

“You made me a vampire!” Sookie yelled out, cutting her tongue with her fangs as she did.

“Yes,” Eric responded calmly.

His calmness boiled her blood.

In the next moment, Sookie was somehow out of the bed, though she’d not felt herself moving. She was holding Eric by the throat. Somehow, he was now on the floor, and she was on top of him.

“I wanted to die!” she yelled out. “I trusted you to let me die!”

Eric said nothing, and Sookie knew in that moment that—though she seemed to have overpowered him—he was letting her have the upper hand. His eyes offered solace and pity.

She hated both!

Feeling a myriad of seemingly every emotion all at once, she leaned forward and bit into his flesh, letting her fangs talk for her.

She moaned. He tasted sweet—like the port wine Gran sometimes drank with chocolate after holiday meals. Eric’s flavor was wonderful, but she stopped drinking only moments after starting. Feeding from him was like eating fudge; it was so delicious, yet it had to be taken in small quantities, or it she knew that it would make her sick.

Her maker’s blood would be her favorite taste. Always.

Sookie grasped that truth that with greater clarity than she’d known anything—ever! But she also instinctively knew that it would be a treat and that she could never take too much of it. And she knew something else too: Eric’s blood—no matter how good—couldn’t nourish her.

She felt Eric’s erection under her, and she experienced lust as she’d never felt before. It tore through her. And then her pain tore through her again. She ripped Eric’s shirt from his body.

“Having sex with me will not sate the lust you feel right now,” Eric said quietly, even as he stopped her from tearing off her own clothing, “or the pain. But I can give you what will quell both.”

Her body was vibrating with need and pain.

“I hurt!” she yelled out.

“I know,” he said, touching her face gently. “Let me help you.”

“I feel so—wrong!” she exclaimed.

“You are newly risen. Your emotions will be out of control for a while. And they will be overpowering. But I can help you through the worst of it. Will you let me?”

“Please,” she whimpered. “Help me.”

As if her weight were nothing to him, Eric got up, taking her with him. “Sit on the bed,” he said, his voice taking on an edge that caused Sookie to shake even more. Part of her wanted to resist his order, but she knew instinctively that she shouldn’t—or couldn’t.

She wasn’t sure which.

Eric had already prepared a large glass with blood from one of the bags Nora had arranged for. He’d already set the time on the microwave, so he simply pressed the button to start it.

“Your first human blood will not be cold,” he said, even as Sookie suddenly fixated on the machine that contained a scent that was like ambrosia. She couldn’t believe that she’d missed that scent before.

It seemed like hours to the newly risen vampiress, but it was only seconds before the microwave dinged.

Sookie stayed seated, but reached her hands out for the blood.

Eric didn’t make her beg. He had the glass to her quicker than a human could blink, and Sookie was drinking in the blood as quickly as she was able. Meanwhile, Eric was back at the microwave, putting a second glass into it.

She’s finished her first taste of human blood even before the microwave was done warming her second.

“So good,” she said, licking her lips. “I need more. I hurt.”

Eric brought her another.

She drank quickly again—as he prepared her a third glass.

By the time her pain ebbed, she had drunk most of three bags from the mini-fridge.

Finally, she felt as if she could breathe again. So she did. She felt the air move into her mouth and into her lungs, but it didn’t seem interested in filling them. She looked down at her chest. It was unmoving with the air flow. She took another breath and concentrated.

Her lungs obeyed and her chest rose.

“We no longer require air to live, so it simply comes into our bodies and drifts around before leaving as it came,” Eric informed. “Vampires have learned that no breathing process takes place. We don’t expel something that is more carbon dioxide than oxygen. We simply use the flow of air to speak. But you can consciously take air in—as you just felt. Doing this once helped us to look like we were more human. However, now it will feel like a movement to you—like taking a step. You must decide to breath and then tell your body to do so. Blinking is the same.”

Sookie looked at Eric and suddenly realized that she’d not blinked since she’d arisen. She consciously closed her eyes and then consciously reopened them. She did this several times in quick succession.

“Your body, I’m sure, feels both foreign and familiar to you,” Eric said softly, even as he brought her another glass of warmed blood and sat down with another glass, which he began to sip. “It was the same for me once. Try to drink more slowly, and feel yourself exercising control over the rate of speed at which you feed.”

“Will it always be like that?” Sookie asked, trying to find some control—over both her actions and her emotions.

“No,” Eric responded. “That is the worst hunger you will ever feel—unless you are drained again. When you awoke, your body had very little blood inside of it—just a hint of yours and about a pint of mine; thus, your body needed to be refilled. The magic animating you is now animating that blood. It is—quite literally—making that blood your own. The magic will use this new blood—absorb it—to keep itself alive. But it will not begin to drain you unless you fail to eat to replenish yourself.”

“What if I refuse to eat?” Sookie asked defiantly. “Will I die?”

“No,” Eric responded. “You will lose control again, however. Your body and the magic within it will compel you to drink, and you will feel pain again. You will be driven mad and become extremely weak if you don’t feed, but you will not die that way.”

“So the pain won’t be as bad as long as I drink,” Sookie sighed.

“Correct. When you awaken for the night for the next year or so, you will feel an ache—a hunger. But as long as you’ve had enough blood the night before, you will be able to retain your control long enough to find food and feed responsibly.”

“What if I don’t want to stay a vampire? What if I want to die?” Sookie asked with a growl, once again losing her control.

“Then you should choose a method other than starvation to kill yourself,” Eric said evenly, though there was great pain evident in his eyes. “As I have indicated, if you are starved long enough, you will turn into the monster you fear yourself to be already. You will lose all control—and lose yourself. And you will not find yourself again until many are dead in your wake.”

“Will you let me meet the sun?” Sookie asked desperately, her emotions still slingshotting. “Will you stake me?”

“Yes,” Eric said, his eyes betraying a level of sorrow that almost broke Sookie because of her heightened senses. “But I cannot do so for a month.”

“What? Why?” Sookie asked. “I don’t want to be like this.”

“I know, Sookie. And I was prepared to let you die, but Nan Flanagan showed up and commanded that you be made a vampire.”

“So you just did what she asked?” Sookie asked indignantly, even as she unconsciously ripped through the comforter on the bed.

Eric’s growl filled the room, low and vibrating. Sookie’s teeth chattered a little and her fangs—once again—scratched her tongue, drawing blood. This time, however, Sookie was lucid enough to feel the wound healing.

“I didn’t just do anything, Sookie!” Eric said coldly. “Here are some truths that you will acknowledge. Number one—when I turned you, there were several guns, which were loaded with wooden bullets—pointed at my heart. And—though you may have wanted death—I did not!”

“So you killed me to save your own skin!” Sookie accused, growling back. The sound was animalistic and cringe-worthy to her ears. But she couldn’t control it any more than she could control the anger that seemed to be overtaking her.

“Silence!” Eric yelled out, once again, issuing a command Sookie felt she needed to follow. “You are allowing your emotions to control you. You need to calm down and assess which ones you truly feel and which ones are coming from your fear!”

However, Sookie had no interest in ‘assessing’ or ‘controlling’ anything!

In that moment, she realized that she was still sitting—because he’d commanded her to sit! But she wasn’t going to allow that! Never!

So she tried to stand, her legs shaking and a pain growing inside of her.

“You are trying to go against a maker’s command,” Eric said evenly. He pulled what looked like an iPod from his pocket. He pressed a button. “I can speak without being overheard now. You are to remain silent,” he commanded again.

Sookie tried to speak, but only managed to growl. However, even the attempt was clearly hurting her.

“If you continue to struggle, the pain will get even worse,” he continued, closing his eyes tightly as if trying to close out her pain, “but feel free to test the limits of your freedom. It is a reality that you need to accept. It is a reality that all vampires must accept. I’d hoped that your fairy nature would make you immune—as you were immune to glamour—but you are not immune to my commands,” he added sadly, “though most would not have tried to resist this long. However, you must intuit that your efforts against my commands are futile.”

“You bastard,” Sookie mumbled out, even as she tried to take a step toward him. Again, pain tore through her as she continued to try to disobey his previous orders to stay seated and silent.

“Come to me,” Eric commanded grimly.

Though she wanted to resist going to him now, Sookie quickly responded and obeyed.

Kneel before me,” he ordered, even as he opened his eyes and took a sip of his blood.

Sookie could tell that Eric was trying to be calm, but his hands were shaking slightly.

The glass in her own hand shattered as she attempted to stay on her feet.

For five minutes she did not kneel—would not yield—even as Eric watched her with a kind of sorrow he’d never felt before.

Sookie could see that intense sorrow in his eyes; she could feel it. She registered the tears that streamed down his alabaster cheeks. She felt the agony ripping at his soul—and at hers. But still she stood.

Her knees shook.

Her mind was rattled with pain that almost rivaled the hunger she’d felt earlier, yet somehow, this pain was crueler.

For it was being forced upon her—by the one she loved.

Finally, her strength gone, she yielded; she dropped to her knees, only to find Eric next to her—having dropped to his knees with her.

A/N: So—Sookie’s awake…and resisting her new nature. No surprise there. Just to be clear, Eric does have the ability to command her. Any vampire can try to resist his/her maker, but pain is the consequence. Eric is having to teach her that the hard way, but it’s a needed lesson for her.

I toyed with the idea of having her be immune to the “maker’s command,” but—in the end—I thought it would be more interesting this way.

More as soon as I can get it to you.



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38 thoughts on “Chapter 08: Hatched

  1. Ohhh she is actually being more reasonable than I had hoped too. In every Vampire Sookie fic I’ve read she’s either immune to the maker’s command or the maker doesn’t command her. It’s interesting to read one where Eric is actually teaching her and using the comand to do so.

    Poor Sookie. I genuinely love this story and can’t wait for more!

    1. I’m glad you are finding it unique. I really wanted to take it into a new direction. In a lot of ways this is exploring Eric’s reaction to having to “control” Sookie even though he loves her and didn’t want to turn her. It’s fun to think about.

      1. As mandersdawn said, it’s a nice change from where he doesn’t command her or she’s immune
        In all your stories though you leave us with a lot to think about and thinking about how Sookie and Eric learning about each other is always a good way to go :D.

  2. A thought on Eric not being able to command her…IMO that could be very dangerous for the population at large since a newly risen vampire generally does not have control as Sookie learned before she had her first blood although I’m sure she will have that lesson drummed into her over and over again before she does gain some sort of control over herself and her actions.
    However, if you should wish to make her able to resist Bill’s commands I”m positive I would absolutely have her, and Eric, gloating about that fact :D. Then there’s the whole thing where Bill loses control himself, like other times, only this time he attacks her but she’s stronger than he is and is able to fight him off :D. Oooops, sorry, my own imagination with a smidge of Queen of Area 5’s story, lol.
    Love me some vampire Sookie. If I can’t have my Un series being updated I;ll gladly take this one :).

    1. YOUR UN series–huh? LOL. Possessive much? Me love!
      As for Bill’s ability to command Sookie–we’ll have to see. I haven’t written the “confrontation” scene yet. Right now in the story, Bill is under silver and in a great deal of pain, which is making it impossible for him to “call” her to him–even if he could.

  3. I just learned something…my Chromebook will not expand the window or scroll the reply window down far enough for me to hit send when I’m replying from the notifier :(.
    This is a reply to California Kat’s reply
    Lol, yeah, I guess I am possessive about some of the stories I do love…including most of yours :D.
    Hmmmm, could some of his pain be contributing to her own discomfort?

  4. Wow. I hope she won’t hate him, but understand that she would have been turned anyway. He hasn’t had a chance to tell her that yet. It’s breaking his heart to have to command her. I hope Bill has no control over her. Your description of the way she felt on rising is wonderful.

  5. That was perfect!!! We all know that Sookie would fight any command. I’m glad Eric was with her and was showing emotion now too. Now that he is her maker will she be able to feel him too?? I’m not worried about Bill also being her maker, I’m sure you will make it great no matter what it is!!! 🙂

  6. I’ve been anxiously awaiting Sookie’s awakening and you did not disappoint. I’m glad she isn’t immune to Eric’s command. She’s liable to get herself killed in the first day if she’s allowed to be completely ruled by her emotions with no restrictions!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m really trying to capture the idea that someone will WANT to maintain his/her essential self upon turning, but that emotions and cravings will also be a tremendous factor. Without a maker to command her, she would kill. And that would ultimately hurt her more than obedience. The trick will be to craft their relationship so that it can lose the hierarchy. If Sookie and Eric are to survive as a couple, equality and mutuality will have to be found.
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Agree totally with you making her bend to Eric’s command. I also vote for not having her bend to Bill. It would actually be pretty funny and he would deserve it. It was heartbreaking reading how pained Eric was as Sookie, being Sookie, fought and fought until she finally gave in. I think you said it best when he was talking to her as she was changing and told her he would never grieve for her human life again after that night. He was resolving himself to what he knew he had to do and be as her maker, even if only for a month.

  8. Loving this story. I think I like it even more than than Uncharted! If that is even possible. Eric and Sookie’s interaction was heart-wrenching. I need more 😀 I hardly ever comment but was “compelled” to after reading this lol

  9. Great rising ! I expected Sookie to be more pissed off with Eric! Now she has to learn how to obey at her masters’ command. It’s not easy for Sookie,who is deep inside so independent, nor for Eric who loves her andl he doesn’t want to make her suffer more than necessary…can’t wait to see Sookie’s reaction to Bill and hopefully Sookie could resist Bill’s commands…looking forward for more.take care

  10. While it would be great if Sookie could resist Bill I think it would be better if he could command her. See Bill is a sadistic douche he would use the command to have her do something horrible or punish her for fighting him then Eric could stake him and Sookie would see that Eric loves her and did not have a choice to change her. That is just my thought I am sure you will have some interesting things going on between them. I am not advocating Sookie being hurt please don’t think that it is just she can be so hard headed she does not see that Eric is really not out to control her as Kat said above. 🙂

  11. I think it’s good that Eric has that control over her…otherwise she may lose control and then have to deal with the guilt. Curious if Bill will also have control? Loved your description of her rising!

  12. Terrific update! The pain Eric is putting himself through by teaching Sookie what she needs to know just proves how much he loves her and I hope she will be able to realize this sooner than later. Can’t wait to see a confrontation between her and Bill even though I don’t want him free of silver ever!

    1. Sí, una lástima. Pero creo que va a estar interesado en cómo exploro la idea de paternidad frente a el amor romántico. Gracias por el comentario. Mi español no es perfecto, así que perdona los errores.

  13. Yessssss. … she is awake. ….omg… Eric seems so hurt …sookie is so mad….i hope she takes it all out on bill…. Once Eric explains everything. ….. see ya next chapter 😉

  14. Perhaps now he will get a chance to tell her exactly what happened and what it would have meant to her if didn’t turn her. There are far worse things than having Eric as your maker.

  15. I really hope Sookie gets over her misplaced anger at Eric for turning her and fast! What was he supposed to do? Let Nan’s guards kill him? I think it would be such a great slap in Bill’s face if he wasn’t able to command Sookie. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that that will happen!😃

  16. Tragic for them both. Neither one wished to find themselves in this position, but isn’t this so like life. But they are enterprising individuals who truly care for each other. I hope that they find the wisdom to blame external forces and not each other!
    Here’s hoping Eric keeps things in bounds. After all… absolute power can corrupt absolutely…

  17. I do hope Sookie will not be at the command/whim of Bill –dueling commands could tear her mind apart. Now…wonder if she rose with any other gifts? Wonder if the fae part of her was accentuated in any way??? Hmmm…… Yeah, understand she’s madder than a wet hen about all this turning business –hopefully a cooler head will prevail as she gets herself under control or under Eric’s command……


  18. I hope Eric can tell her about the fact that she would have been turned anyway, even if he was dead. She just would have had Bill only, or Nan as her Maker.

    As difficult as it was for Eric to command Sookie, emotionally, I’m glad he could. Otherwise I could see a Bill command being tried. And I’m more than happy that he is still in silver!

    Brilliant description of rising! Congrats 🙂

  19. Loved your discription of sookie waking! It was fantastic and one of the best I’ve read that balanced her human emotions with her new vampire instincts. I totally agree that eric needs to be able to command her, or she would just them both into too much trouble. Although I hate to think about bill commanding her. Maybe eric could just use a makers command to nullify any of bills commands, hmm….
    Anyway great job and can’t wait for more. I’ve been addicted to watching my phone for burn updates but now this one has taken over top spot as what I can’t wait to read!

  20. Sookie pushing her limits is expected and it is only the beginning to what she will push….. poor Eric, i know he is trying to teach her right from wrong and he will be an excellent maker for her. his pain is as great as hers. KY

  21. awesome! Sookie finally kneeling and Eric dropping down to his knees at the same time was perfect – showing her that he needs her to obey his commands but he’s not treating her as a slave.

  22. Excellent! I loved how you wrote Sookie’s realisation that she is vampire… Sure she is in shock and lashing out but I think it is fairly normal… Hope she accepts things at some point and particularly that she does NOT fall for Bill’s BS… No doubt he’ll be spouting crap the minute he sees her, of that I am certain…

  23. Brilliant chapter. Sookie has to learn the hard way, how to obey her master. But she loves him, what is a good step in the right direction.

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