The UN-iverse (Complete)

The UN-iverse is a trilogy set in the True Blood world (though it does contain some SVM and original characters).  It begins in the middle of Season 3 and is A/U from there.  

Series Progress:

  1. Uninvited: Complete
  2. Uncharted: Complete
  3. United: Complete



Beginning in the middle of Season 3, Uninvited explores a different direction for the True Blood story following the van incident.  As Sookie lies in the hospital fighting for her life, Eric must pretend to be the ally of his greatest enemy, Russell, in order to save Pam’s life.  What if Russell looks into Eric’s blue eyes and recognizes the young man he saw so long ago?  What if Eric has to run for his life?  Will he leave Sookie behind–at the mercy of Russell and the vampire who almost killed her?  Or will he take her with him?  Click the picture to go to the story.

Uninvited Story banner(banner by Sephrenia)



Uncharted is the sequel to Uninvited. Eric and Sookie must marshal allies as they evade Russell and his minions. Eric begins to formulate how to bring Russell down, even as Sookie learns more about her Fae powers. However, the greatest obstacle faced by Eric and Sookie might be letting themselves love each other without questioning “why” they love.  Click the picture to go to the story.

Uncharted Banner(banner by Sephrenia)



(Part 3 of the UN-iverse) After finally uniting on a personal level by accepting the Fae bond and finishing the vampire bond, Sookie and Eric now concentrate upon uniting their friends to war against Russell and his allies. Two powerful forces will collide in Rhodes, but could the Fellowship bring them both down? Click the picture to go to the story.

United Story Banner WP(banner by Sephrenia)

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8 thoughts on “The UN-iverse (Complete)

  1. OKAY 3 days til March happens. i do recall a promise of March on the horizon for this story to come back to us. PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i miss them. KY

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