Chapter 53: This Never Happened Before

A/N:  You probably get tired of my taking my chapter titles from songs, but sometimes when I’m writing, I get one stuck in me that seems to go along with a section of the story.  This one is named for Paul McCartney’s beautiful “This Never Happened Before.”


When Eric opened his eyes several minutes later, it was to the sun shining on his face.  He was lying on some kind of cushion; he felt Sookie’s body curled tightly into his, and he smiled down at her hair splayed out on his chest.  He registered that they seemed to be floating and then felt wetness on his leg, which was draped off the side of the cushion into water.

“Sookie,” he whispered, “where are we?”

Sookie stretched languidly and snuggled closer into Eric’s strangely-warmed flesh.  “What do you mean?” she answered lazily.  “We’re in bed.  And why are you so warm all of a sudden?”

“We’re not in bed, lover,” Eric said with a chuckle.  “Open your eyes.”

Sookie grunted and then slowly opened her eyes, bringing them to Eric’s with a sleepy smile and then refocusing them on the world beyond him.  “Oh!” she cried out when she recognized the sun was on them.  “Am I asleep?”

“I do not think so, lover―not unless I am too, and I cannot dream.”

Suddenly concerned, Sookie cried out, almost tipping the cushion, “Eric, we’re in the sun.  You have to get inside!”

Eric hugged her to him reassuringly.  “I don’t feel like I’m in danger, my love.  I think that we are sharing a vision, just as we did the first time we bonded.”

Sookie looked around more carefully and nodded.  “We’re in the lake, Eric―the one where you asked me to play with you.”

Eric’s smile spread.  “Your blood is a miracle, Sookie.  You have given me the light again.  You are giving me the sun.  I can feel its heat on my body.”

“All is possible,” Sookie echoed the words from their previous experience.

Eric stretched out like a cat on the mat and sunk his leg farther into the cool water as he looked up into the blue sky.  Sookie peeled her body from his and lay on her back as well, putting one leg into the lake to mirror Eric’s position and draping the other one over his.  She grabbed his hand and held it in hers before lowering her other hand into the water.  Both naked as the day they were born, they drifted through the lake silently for a while.

It was Sookie who finally spoke, “And that was only the first one!  We have two more exchanges to go before the vampire blood bond is permanent, right!”

Eric chuckled and squeezed Sookie’s hand before raising it lazily to his lips, “Yes, min kära.  There are two more exchanges needed for the vampire bond to take permanent hold, but I can already feel you quite strongly.  Do you feel me―my emotions―yet?”

Sookie let her mind touch their bond and was surprised when she felt amusement, contentment, and love coming from it.  She took a moment to access her own feelings―surprise, love and devotion―and was able to recognize the different origins of the feelings.

“Oh my gosh!” Sookie exclaimed finally, “I can feel you!  You are content and you’re tickled by something.  And you love me like crazy!”

“Yes, and you are surprised to be feeling me.  Oh, and―of course―you love me like crazy too, min kära.”

Sookie giggled before turning more reflective, “But I couldn’t feel you like this before.  What’s different this time?”

“I don’t know,” Eric said.  “Maybe it’s just a part of this place where we are now, the immediate after-effects of the bond being formed.  I remember feeling very connected to you after we made the first bond last time―as we made love on the bed in the snow.”

Sookie sighed and blushed at the memory, causing Eric to laugh so hard that the floating cushion almost tipped again.

“What are you laughing at?” Sookie asked.

“You, lover.  After all that has passed between us, I find it hard to believe that you still blush.”

“Humph,” Sookie grunted.

After a minute or two, Eric spoke again, this time more serious.  “We’ll have to see if we can feel each other’s emotions to this extent after we have come down from our . . .” Eric paused, searching for a word.

“Our high?” Sookie supplied.

Eric chuckled.  “Yeah.  I wonder if you’re high on vampire blood and I’m drunk on fairy blood right now?  Maybe in reality, we are running around the yard naked, giving Bubba a show.”

“No!  You don’t really think so, do you?”  Sookie’s blush grew.

Eric laughed out loud again, “No, I’m pretty sure that our bodies are still in your bed, my love.”

Our bed,” she reminded.

Eric squeezed her hand a bit tighter.  “Our bed.”

Sookie stretched out and then turned her face to look at Eric, who returned her gaze, “I don’t care what it is.  It’s wonderful being here with you like this and seeing you in the sun.”

Eric smiled.  “You were so beautiful that morning when I saw you in the sun.  All I wanted to do was bring you into the water with me and make love to you in the light.”  He paused and looked at her closely, “I love the way the sun plays in your eyes.”

Sookie brought her wet hand up to his cheek tenderly.  “You’re beautiful like this too.”  She continued suggestively, “Now―why don’t you do what you wanted to do then.”  She dragged her hand over his body until she grasped his cock.  She stroked him slowly as Eric groaned and gave into her touch.  “Make love to me, Eric.  Make love to me in the water.”

A moment later, Sookie found herself fully submerged in water with Eric’s arms around her.  He stood up in the water, which was just above waist deep for him in that spot, and pulled Sookie to him.  Her legs instinctively wrapped around his hips even as her arms enveloped his neck.  Their lips met feverously.  When he felt Sookie’s need to breathe, Eric moved his mouth to Sookie’s ear, cheek, chin, and then neck before he broke the kiss and whispered, “I love you,” just as he thrust his engorged member into her tight, very wet center.  He moved in and out of her, the waves created from their joining adding to the intensity of their experience.

Eric’s wet mouth was everywhere―making its way from her face, to her neck, to her breasts, to her shoulders, and finally to her lips again.  Sookie’s mouth, too, was very busy as she kissed any part of him she could reach until she could find purchase with his lips again.

The water splashed higher as Eric’s pace quickened, and Sookie arched into him, working to meet his slippery thrusts.  She tightened her grip on his neck and brought her mouth down to his shoulder, tasting the water and the warmth of the sun on his skin.  She licked his flesh and then brought her blunt teeth down and bit a little, though not drawing blood.

Eric shouted out.  “Harder,” he gasped.  “Bite harder.  Please, Sookie.  Taste me.”

Instinct and pure carnal hunger taking over, Sookie bit into Eric’s neck as hard as she could, and she tasted his blood flow into her for the second time that night.  The angle of her body allowed Eric access to the top of Sookie’s breast, and he plunged his fangs into her silky flesh, completing the second blood exchange.  Sookie groaned into Eric’s neck as she succumbed to her orgasm, her body pulsing over Eric’s very ready cock; he exploded into her even as he took one more pull of her blood.

Sookie collapsed onto Eric’s shoulder, and he had to grip her legs to keep them around him as he slowly walked to the shore and then laid Sookie on the grass-covered bank.  Eric lay down and kissed her lightly on the forehead before curling up next to her and placing his cheek on her flat stomach.  He closed his eyes and rested in the sun with his beloved even as their bond grew and strengthened inside of both of them, the white light of her magic swirling around and then interweaving with his magic and their shared blood.

As Sookie brought her hands up to slowly brush Eric’s wet hair, he fell asleep in the sun in their shared world.


Paul McCartney’s “This Never Happened Before”

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