Interview with the Fangreaders

As part of the Fangreaders Awards this year, the authors were asked to do interviews.  I absolutely loved this idea because it will enable me to “get to know” a lot of my favorite authors better.  I have already read the interviews of Chicpea (nominated for Birds of a Feather and Flight of the Bumblebee) and InLoveWithEric (nominated for Where Were You, An Elegant Death, and Precious Love).

I just got finished filling out my interview, and I have included it below.  However, click at the bottom of this page in order to go the the Fangreaders Library so that you can see more interviews! 

I’d like to especially thank Sephrenia, the Fangreader’s librarian, for organizing these interviews!  She’s fabulous!


1. What inspired you to write and how long have you been writing?

I’ve been “officially” writing things down on “paper” for a few years.  But, honestly, I’ve been writing in my head all my life.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been imagining how I would change or continue my favorite stories if I was the one in charge.  My family lived well out in the country, and I would spend hours in the woods “acting” out the stories in my head.  Needless to say, Princess Leia was more of a badass in my “version,” and she got together with Han Solo much sooner.  Even I couldn’t imagine Ellen Ripley (from the Alien movies) as being much stronger, but I still produced stories for her in my mind.  I pretty much “wrote” tons of “fanfiction” in my head—even before I knew it existed in an organized form.  I started doing the same kind of “writing” with True Blood, but there came a day when I finally typed something, and then I just kept writing and writing and writing.

As far as “what inspired” me goes, I’m not sure if I have an inspiration—per se.  Letting my imagination move me to new worlds has always been more of a compulsion—a need.  And now that I’m actually writing things down, it’s an even more vital part of me.


2.  Do you have a plan for the end of your story or do you make it up as you go along?

Both!  It depends on the story.  But with Come Back to Me, I had a premise, a beginning point, and an ending point.  And then I outlined moments that I knew needed to occur in between.  When those moments came to me, I listed them, and then the story formed around those scenes.  For Come Back to Me, I wrote from beginning to end and let most of the narrative just “happen” as I moved from one outlined moment to the next.


3.  Who are your favorite SVM/TB characters and why?

Eric is my favorite in both the show and in the books.  I think his character is amazingly complex—and hot.  In general, I love the inherent tragedy of the vampire—losing everything and outliving everyone (who’s not a vampire too).  But Eric evolves in a way that Bill never does.  And Eric keeps his joie de vivre.  Moreover, I love the “possibilities” in his relationship with Sookie, so that has made me like her too—at least sometimes (when I’m not pissed at her for doing something truly head-scratching).  Pam is next on my list (especially on the show).  I love her snark!  Plus, I want to “be” her, which is always the mark of a great character.


4.  What was the first fan fiction story that you read?

Wow—that’s hard to remember, but I do recall the first “long” story I ever finished.  It was At Second Glance by sawyersmine.


5.  What question would you like to be asked and never have been? (please include Answer)

Dang!  This one is difficult, which means that it’s story time.  I’ll try to write my way to a good question:

Sun Screen by California Kat

              Kat walked along the beach, looking into the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean.  She lamented—for the millionth time—that such beautiful water had to be so damned cold in the part of California where she lived.  Otherwise, she would have been spending the 90-degree day in the surf.    

                Kat was well aware that many gazes were landing on her slender body.  Oh—there were “pockets” that her snarky gay friend told her needed to be “toned,” but for someone closer to forty than thirty, she felt pretty proud of the shape she was in.  A little pot belly and a little “cottage cheese” on the thighs weren’t going to prevent her from getting into a bikini!

                However, most of the people on the beach were not looking at Kat’s body to ogle it.  They were scrutinizing her out of concern.  She was—as far as she could tell—the “whitest” person on the beach, and the sun was reflecting off of her skin to the point that it was likely blinding to anyone not wearing sunglasses.

                That day—like every day she spent at the beach—many strangers had offered her sunscreen for fear that her skin would burn and blister.  She couldn’t help but to wonder if all those people who were “concerned” about her welfare were already blind (even before the pallor of her skin did its work).  After all, she was not burning.  She wasn’t even pink.  Indeed—as always—she’d carefully applied her own waterproof sunscreen several times throughout the day.  And she was more than capable of taking care of her own body—thank you very much! 

                Therefore, when she heard a deep voice from behind her as she stopped to fiddle with her iPod, she was a little frustrated. 

                “Would you like to borrow some sunscreen?” the voice asked.

                Kat shook her head and was going to keep walking, but something about the voice sounded familiar, so she glanced toward the sound.

                “Jesus Christ!” Kat exclaimed, knowing that her mother would look at her sternly if she heard her taking the Lord’s name in vain.  But it couldn’t be helped!  The voice had belonged to Alexander Skarsgård!  The Alexander Skarsgård!  As in Eric Northman!

                He tipped down his sunglasses, and she suddenly felt herself being pierced by blue eyes.  However, before her mind fell all the way into the gutter, she stopped herself from thinking about what else of his she’d like to be pierced with.  She felt her skin getting a bit flushed as his eyes examined her. 

                “I didn’t think it was possible that I’d see anyone whiter than me today,” he said with a smirk.  “My job calls for me to avoid getting any color; however, I couldn’t resist the,” he paused, looking back into Kat’s eyes, “scenery.” 

                “Vampires generally don’t have tans—then?” Kat sassed, trying to sound cool and composed, even as her face grew warmer.

                “You recognize me,” he observed.

                “Yes,” she answered.  

                “And?” he challenged.

                “And?” she challenged right back.

                “You’re getting a little pink from the sun,” he said, taking in her blush and grinning like the devil himself.  “So—would you like to borrow some sunscreen?” he asked again.

                This time she nodded.  “Sure.  I’ll even let you get my back.”

Okay—so there’s my question and my answer.  🙂

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