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The INNER-Ludes is a collection of Interludes/Outtakes/Side Stories for From the Inside Out—all told from NON-Eric POVs. All of these stories further the narrative of the Inner-Verse, so I hope that you won’t skip them. “Where/When” they belong in the overall universe will be included in a headnote for each and they will be released as they come in the overall narrative.


The Inner-verse (with the exception of the epilogues, which I let Sookie have) was always intended to be told from Eric’s first-person POV only. However, I found that I wanted—and needed—to include a few scenes where he wouldn’t be present. I was going to include these scenes in the main story, but I didn’t want to mess with Eric’s POV over there. Right now, I’m planning to do four, but that number might change a bit as I go along. They will still be told in first-person—just from the POV of the person in the title rather than Eric.

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels. Those items provide the inspiration for the story; however, I do not own or profit from the fanfiction I produce using that inspiration (except in the form of your kind comments and reviews).


Please comment and tell me what you think!

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