Table of Contents/CN

Chapter 1: Harbinger

Chapter 2: Retreat

Chapter 3: Ships Pass

Chapter 4: Just a Little Pin Prick

Chapter 5: Strange and Beautiful 

Chapter 6: Electra Is Dying, Part 1

Chapter 7: Electra Is Dying, Part 2

Chapter 8: On the Outside

Chapter 9: A Cancer

Chapter 10: Why?

Chapter 11: Odd Like Sookie

Chapter 12: What We Don’t Choose

Chapter 13: Magic Wand

Chapter 14: Benchmark, Part 1

Chapter 15: Benchmark, Part 2

Chapter 16: Different Rooms

Chapter 17: Conversation Piece

Chapter 18: A Moment of Art

Chapter 19: A Little Broken

Chapter 20: Five Percent of a Life

Chapter 21: The One in the Mirror

Chapter 22: The Good Kind of Fear

Chapter 23: Just the Basic Facts, Part 1

Chapter 24: Just the Basic Facts, Part 2

Chapter 25: Q & A

Chapter 26: Where to Pray

Chapter 27: Selfish

Chapter 28: Looking Forward

Chapter 29: New Territory, Part 1

Chapter 30: New Territory, Part 2

Chapter 31: The River Deep

Chapter 32: Emotion in Motion, Part 1

Chapter 33: Emotion in Motion, Part 2

Chapter 34: Inhabiting

Chapter 35: Better and Worse

Chapter 36: Perspective

Chapter 37: Moving

Chapter 38: Pictures, Part 1

Chapter 39: Pictures, Part 2

Chapter 40: Join the Dance

Chapter 41: I Struggle to Swim, Part 1

Chapter 42: I Struggle to Swim, Part 2

Chapter 43: I Struggle to Swim, Part 3

Chapter 44: Floating

Chapter 45: The Letter

Chapter 46: The Contract

Chapter 47: Father’s Day, Part 1

Chapter 48: Father’s Day, Part 2

Chapter 49: Father’s Day, Part 3

Chapter 50: A Little Music

Chapter 51: Dinner Guests

Chapter 52: What Makes a Brother

Chapter 53: Legacy, Part 1

Chapter 54: Legacy, Part 2

Chapter 55: Faith in Silence

Chapter 56: Girl Talk

Chapter 57: Much Needed

Chapter 58: Carry It

Chapter 59: I Didn’t Do

Chapter 60: I Am Unafraid

Chapter 61: We Just Do

Chapter 62: They Always Do

Chapter 63: Leaving Home

Chapter 64: Subterfuge

Chapter 65: Shaking

Chapter 66: Come What May

Epilogue: A Sold Soul

The Cast

Appius’s Family Tree

Comfortably Numb .pdf

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