Epilogue: The Path


I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”—Mother Teresa

“My lady,” Klymene and Leonie said in unison as they bowed before the Ancient Pythoness.

The deceptively weak-looking vampiress nodded in greeting. She looked blind too, but her sight was unmatched—at least in her way.

“You have completed your tasks?” she asked.

“Yes. The Weres of the North will join with Eric and his mate,” Klymene responded. “The Were leader is strong and tactical; they will make good allies for my child’s child.”

“And the Bears of the South?” Pythia asked.

“They are with the Viking as well,” Leonie responded.

Pythia nodded with satisfaction. “Edgington’s Weres are strong, and he will add to that strength by giving them more vampire blood.” She paused and looked as if she were trying to see somewhere very far away with her cloudy orbs. “It is unclear whether Northman’s two-natured allies will counteract Edgington’s Weres. That outcome is not set, but we have done what we can for the Viking and his mate—when it comes to this.”

“They were in peril earlier,” Leonie informed. “Claude and I aided them.”

“But Edgington still believes the girl is dead—correct?” Pythia asked. “That is essential if the Viking is to have a chance of success. It must be the weak one—Compton—who first learns that she is alive. And that must not happen until Rhodes. It is to be the first domino to fall.”

“Sookie is still thought to be dead by our enemies, my lady,” Leonie confirmed. “May I tell my great-granddaughter what you said about Compton?”

“Not yet. Not until the rest of her and the Viking’s plan is in place. And—even then—she must be told without the Norseman knowing,” Pythia said. “Moreover, she must be the one to seek out Compton.”

“Because Eric wouldn’t let her risk herself,” Leonie mused.

“That is why he is not to know,” Pythia smirked.

“That is likely for the best, given his stubborn nature,” Klymene observed.

“Has he finally accepted that Sookie is his true mate?” Pythia asked with some amusement in her tone.

“Yes—and more,” Leonie confirmed.

“More?” Klymene asked her friend.

“Yes. He has accepted his love for her. The Fae bond will now begin to thrive as it couldn’t before. And that will help my great-granddaughter’s progress. Her light is potentially quite strong, but she currently has difficulty maintaining it—except when it comes to healing her mate. And she is not a natural at teleportation,” the fairy informed. “Sookie is an unselfish creature by nature, so her part of the bond has worked to strengthen him. Now that he has accepted his feelings, he will begin to strengthen her in turn.”

“Indeed, I am glad that my ‘grandson’ has finally come to his senses,” Klymene said affectionately.

“I had a vision last night,” the Ancient Pythoness informed, in the eerie tone she always spoke with as she recounted the knowledge she’d learned from her preternatural sight.

“Can we know of it, my lady?” Klymene asked.

Pythia nodded. “The lovers, Sookie and Eric, will soon choose to bond in the vampire way to complement their Fae bond. And they will also wish to link their lives by pledging. It is important that the right people are with them as they do this,” she said. “And it is essential that Sookie makes the cluviel dor her minphial to her mate—though she must not learn of its magic.”

“Her minphial?” Leonie asked with surprise. “A Fae bride gift?”

“Yes—because she cannot yet bind her life to Eric’s through a human marriage, she will ask you to help them to marry in the fairy way.”

“Eric will accept the Obradin—the Fae ceremony of marriage?” Klymene asked with surprise.

“Yes. The pledging will further bind them in his mind, and the Obradin will further bind them in hers. Your child’s child will want that for her. The two rites will be complements—just like their bonds.”

“And Eric and Sookie themselves,” Leonie said.

“You must go to her and teach her the rites,” Pythia said to Leonie. “And then you will return to her on the day of the ceremonies. Eric’s Were friend, Brady, should be there as well. You two will stay during the day to make sure that all is secure after the ceremonies occur.” She turned her glassy gaze to Klymene. “Your mate should attend as well. The Norseman will find him a useful sounding board.”

Klymene nodded. “I will go to Duncan after I leave you, my lady. And I will make sure he is in attendance.”

Pythia looked back at Leonie. “It must be Sookie’s idea to give the cluviel dor to her mate, for it must be a simple gift of love in her eyes—not an object that could be used to save her life.”

“So it is certain then? Eric will have to use it—to save her?” Leonie asked with trepidation.

“He will need to try,” Pythia responded. “However, Sookie’s outcome is uncertain. In fact, much is uncertain, but in all of my visions, there will be a moment when she sacrifices her life to save his. If the bonds that connect them are strong enough, he will survive long enough without her to use the cluviel dor to give her life again. It is a paradox—you see? The stronger the bonds, the more her death will hurt him, and the more he hurts, the stronger will be his love. Only then would the cluviel dor grant his wish.”

“What if it doesn’t work?” Klymene asked with concern.

“If it does not, then he will die soon after she does,” Pythia said.

A tear slipped from Klymene’s eye, and Leonie reached out to take her friend’s hand. “Do not despair,” the fairy whispered.

“I have already lost Godric—my beloved child,” Klymene whispered.

Leonie squeezed Klymene’s hand, offering the comfort she could. “I know. But have hope; Sookie and Eric’s love is strong.”

Klymene nodded her thanks.

Pythia sighed. “Sometimes love does conquer hate. But sometimes hate outlasts its opposite. However, the Viking could have never defeated Edgington if his motivation was vengeance. His enemy is capable of much more than he when it comes to hate, for Eric has a good soul. Moreover, he was born a child of light.”

“A fairy?” Klymene asked. “Godric suspected he was more when taking Eric’s blood before turning him, but my child was not certain.”

“Yes,” Pythia confirmed. “Eric is part Fae, just as his mate is part Fae. That is how the Fae bond was able to root. His mother was the grandchild of Ione. Both of the lovers were born one-eighth fairy.

“So Eric is my kin—my blood?” Leonie asked incredulously.

Pythia nodded. “Eric and Sookie’s souls have—it seems—traveled a very twisty but interconnected path to each other. Perhaps, they were always fated to meet and to mate.”

“Yes,” Leonie commented. “I believe that is true; they balance each other.” She looked at Klymene. “And they connect us, my sister.”

The beautiful vampiress smiled at her fairy counterpart. Both had served Pythia for a very long time. Then she looked back at her mistress, the concern returning to her lovely eyes.

“I know you are not certain of what is to come. But do you believe they will survive?” Klymene asked.

“There is hope—if their love outlasts the hatred of their enemies.”

“But do you believe it?” Klymene pushed.

“When love and hate both bring forth armies, it is usually the former that prevails. Plus,” she added almost mischievously, “I would never discount the kind of dogged stubbornness that Eric and Sookie are known to possess, especially not when it is combined.” She smirked. “Sometimes it is called foolhardy to quest for victory when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. Sometimes it is called prideful. However, when it is for love, there is another name for it.”

“What is that?” Klymene asked.


A/N: So—I hope you liked Uncharted, part 2 of the UN-iverse. This part was always going to be my road trip, and I actually took you through some of my favorite country! But—of course—the major journey was in Sookie and Eric as they accepted the Fae bond and reestablished the fledgling love that had formed by the end of Uninvited. Part 3 is called United, and it will—as you can guess—focus on Rhodes. But it will begin with a little peace and love for Eric and Sookie.

Thank you so much for your continued support with the UN-iverse and all of my stories. Y’all are the best!



I would be remiss to not thank–once again–the wonderful Sephrenia, who works very hard to add visual flavor to my work.  Moreover, she is an amazing individual and a friend. 


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30 thoughts on “Epilogue: The Path

  1. Again, March is forever, but I can tell from the complexity you revealed in the epilogue it’s gonna be worth it! That’s me over in the corner with my pom-poms cheering you on! 🙂

  2. I loved it ! It was a great place to end. I can’t wait for March. 😊. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Three cheers for Sephrenia for inspiring you to finish this tonight! Of course, now March is even FURTHER away! Lol.

    I’m slightly disappointed that there was no E/S goodness in this chapter, but ooh…the information that we got! Eric’s part fairy!! I can’t wait to see how he reacts to that! Maybe we could get a teaser with Eric’s reaction sometime next month to tide us over? Pretty please? With a Viking on top? (Or under….either way works! 😉

  4. If the truth about the CD is to be withheld from Sookie when she blindly passes it on to Eric, how will Eric then know that he can use it to bring Sookie back to life? (And I gotta say that I hate when people go around planning and plotting to use Eric and Sookie behind their backs without respecting them enough to give them all the information they should have to make all their own decisions! Stupid users!!)

    Ugh, why am I even worrying about the CD part – I’m certain that you’ll figure out a brilliant way for it to all come together perfectly! Oh, and, um, is it March yet??? 😀

    1. Hey, Mer. Eric already knows about the CD–from Leonie’s first visit. She tells him about it then. And–yeah–Sookie and Eric aren’t being told everything, but when the AP is involved she tends to try to save them from themselves. She knows stuff even I don’t yet! LOL. But I guess I’ll have to figure it out–before March. 😉


      1. LMAO @ her knowing stuff that you don’t even know yet – I love that! See also: Why can’t it be March yet? I have bribes if you want them: grilled cheese and tomato soup? hot chocolate with extra-extra marshmallows and 2 éclairs? roast beef with horseradish?? Yeah? No? 😉

        1. LOL. The problem w/ part three is that it’s a big “battle,” and those take me forever to write! I introduce all these characters I love, and then I just want to make sure they have something to “do” once the fit hits the shan (very messy by the way). That said, United is almost 30,000 words in, and the others’ first drafts were about 100,000, so I’m 1/3 of the way there. So I have hope that I can meet my March deadline. 🙂

          1. Battle plots, scenes, and fights..ugh… Madam, you have my kudos and my sympathies… I freely admit that I can’t write a fight sequence or plot a great long-lasting battle to save my life, so you have TRIPLE my respect!

            Knowing you Un-3’s first chapter will be ready to pose along about Valentine’s Day, though, if you can carve out a nice chunk of time to “getter done”. Of course, FINDING that time is the question…

  5. Now I can’t wait for March! But in the meantime I’ll very much enjoy the “new” Inner. I’m also looking forward to the next part of the Gift Horse series. Really enjoyed Uncharted 😀

  6. Wow! You gave us a boat load of information in the epilogue —Loved the quote from Mother Theresa and then compounded with what Pythia said. I can’t wait –but in the meantime, there is much to re-read!
    Thanks for your efforts!

  7. I wonder sometimes if Pythia feels the weight of knowing things and not being able to share them completely out of fear that doing so will alter the future. Of course this is not an uncommon thread for someone who can see the future is it?
    I am looking forward to the final stage of this story and am happy you didn’t leave Eric & Sookie on a cliff. It seems like March will take forever to get here, but then you are posting Inner, and with promises of updates on your other stories you are not exactly abandoning us are you?
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, filled with love and hope.

  8. Wonderful. There’s so much new information in this epilog. It’s good to know such powerful creatures are helping behind the scenes. I anxiously await the third part of the series.

  9. Interesting chapter… I was expecting what I guess will be happening in the early chaps of Part 3… I.e. a bit of a restful stay at the cabin for Eric & Sookie but this was a good tease into the difficulties ahead for our fav couple…. Sounds like it is going to be a combat to the death with Russell and his cronies but hope the support of these powerful ladies and the strength derived from the various bonds will see Eric & Sookie prevail in the end…
    Can’t wait for Sookie to reveal to doucheBill that a) she’s alive and b) she knows what a piece of shit he is (I hate most iterations of doucheBill but he is particularly awful in this story)

  10. Forgot to say, totally for reading the re-write of INNER and also Who’s your daddy and Gift Horse (might need to re-read this one from the start to refresh my weak mind…)

  11. This was a hell of an epilogue, Cat. As always, the old bat reveals only a tiny bit of her knowlegde to Eric and Sookie. Part 3 will be a tough ride for them, so it seems. Eric part fairy, the CD and a big battle – ugh.
    Looking forward to read more in M A R C H??????? sigh
    OK – with Inner and soo much more time will fly.

  12. So happy they are both accepting what is between them now. And we got a lot of info in this epilogue. Can’t wait to see how this all gets resolved, though Inner is sure to be a great read in between.

  13. loving the direction this is taking … i had a feeling Eric had FAE in him, it would make sense…. and i love how the three matriarchs are planning things to come together. looks like Brady will be there for Leonie, woot woot. KY

  14. Epic Battles of Love vs Hate.
    magic vs magic
    were vs were
    lots to think over and ponder on for Un3. I can wait… I’m not going to drive myself mad wondering what next…. nope, I’ll be Just Fine *twitch* Hunkydorynotaproblem. …………………… Is it March?? 😜

    Pythia. Crafty woman. Never a straight answer. Love the chapter. Wonderful Epilogue 🙂

    Good luck marking. And writing everything else. And having an actual real life with family and friends. See you in Inner 🙂

  15. Loved it! Thank goodness you have goodies planned for us in the interim. I’m already missing them (your E/S and the gang). Lol!

  16. You’ve taken us on a wonderful journey with Un-series and I have really enjoyed every step of the way. March seems so far off, but I know it will be worth the way. Hope you have a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year! Will be looking forward to updates to you other stories as well.

  17. I so enjoyed this. I look forward to reading it from the beginning now that it’s complete. And I can’t wait for United! Thank you for continuing to spin such satisfying tales!

  18. I enjoyed this so much! It was interesting to really see Eric questioning his love for Sookie instead of the other way around. It seems that most stories that have a bond, usually vampire, like the books she becomes so stubborn when it comes to her feelings.
    I also really like your original characters.
    I tried really hard to hold off on reading this as I don’t have much patience when it comes to a good story so I wanted to wait until United started but I just couldn’t wait any more. I did reread uninvited again, which was just as good as I remembered, so that took me some time but now I’m looking forward to march. At least I hope that is still your plan. In the meantime I’ll just have to keep enjoying the Inner updates.

  19. The ending to this part of the trilogy does not have me wanting to scream at you.:). Very good story looking forward to the last segment of this story. On to united.

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