Chapter 74: Fallacy

“He’s over a thousand years old, Bill,” Lillith said reasonably.  “And there is nothing you can do right now to kill him.  Otherwise, you risk your position as king as well as your life.”

Bill grunted and stretched his arms behind him, cradling his head into the pillows he’d propped up for himself.  “Still, there must be a way to eliminate him immediately.  It is his interference that has turned Sookie against me.”

Lillith stifled her urge to roll her eyes.  Bill had been going on and on and around in circles about the Stackhouse girl for hours, and frankly, his whining was beginning to annoy her.  However, she loved her vampire brother―at least as much as she could love―and was resolved to help him.  Plus, ever since Bill had told Lillith that it had been Sookie who had killed Lorena, Lillith had become more and more curious about the little fairy telepath.

“Bill, I believe that your previous course of action is still best,” she purred as she slunk her naked body toward him seductively.  “We will bide our time and then bring him down.  And then the fairy will be ours.”

“Mine!” Bill insisted, pushing Lillith away.  “Sookie will be mine!”

Lillith’s tone was conciliatory, “Of course, your majesty.  I didn’t mean anything by that.  It’s just that―well―after she has been trained to be your companion, as you have designed, it would be nice to,” she paused, “taste her.  Of course,” she bowed her head deferentially, “I would never do anything without your permission.”

The bow, as Lillith well knew, was all it took for Bill to brighten.  “Yes, perhaps when Sookie is truly under the power of the tie, she would give you her blood voluntarily―occasionally.”

Lillith smiled and nodded her head again.

Bill’s face darkened, “But now, it seems, it will be many years before Sookie is back at my side where she belongs.  If only Eric were not so strong!  If only I had ended him when I had the chance!”

Lillith spoke up rationally, “My king, you must wait to act against him in order to solidify Louisiana.”

Bill groaned again, “Fucking Eric Northman!  Now he has even managed to place his allies as the other sheriffs in the state!”

“But you are very good at bringing people to your side,” Lillith encouraged.  “If you play your cards right, the other sheriffs will begin to show you―and not Northman―their loyalty.  You need only be patient.”

“Or I could find a vampire even stronger than Eric to kill him.”  Bill’s eyes flashed, and he sat up quickly.  “I know where Russell Edgington is entombed!  He could easily kill Northman.”

Lillith placed her hand onto Bill’s arm, “But darling, Russell would not stop at just Eric.  From what you have told me, he is crazy and would most likely kill you as well.  And he would never allow you to have Sookie.  In digging him up, you would create a more formidable opponent than Northman.”

“But if I rescued him, he would feel obliged to me.”

Lillith thought for a moment.  “Perhaps he would do as you wished and kill Northman, but I believe he would soon realize that he didn’t need you any longer.”

Bill sat back against the pillow.  “I suppose you are right,” he said crestfallen.

Lillith curled into his body and began to stroke his chest, running her fingernails through the hair she found there.  “Everything will work out as you desire.  I will infiltrate Northman’s little circle, and then we will figure out all his weaknesses.  We already know one.”

“Sookie,” Bill said, as he began to caress Lillith’s back.


“If only I could find a way to give her my blood again.  Then, she would come to understand how much I love her, and she would leave behind her childish, schoolgirl crush for Northman.”

“Then why not do just that?” Lillith asked.

“Northman would try to kill me if I did.”

“Surely, the Authority would kill him if he attempted regicide; he wouldn’t risk his life for the human, would he?”

Bill shook his head, “I do not think so, but his pride would motivate him, and he is stronger than I am right now, both politically and physically.  I cannot risk forcing Sookie to take my blood while she is his.”

“What if we arranged for her to have a little―accident?  If you were near at the time and happened to give her your blood in order to heal her, surely Eric would be grateful and would have no reason to want you dead.  Then you could slowly begin to change her thinking about you ―and him.”

Bill nodded.  “I have thought about this, but I do not think Eric would believe that my being near in order to heal Sookie was a coincidence.  Plus, I do not wish to risk Sookie’s life.”

Lillith crooned, “But I could craft the accident to make sure she was hurt and would need blood but be in no immediate life-threatening danger.  She’d be at no risk as long as you were close at hand.”

Bill sighed, “I am not so sure.  The night Sookie was shot by one of the witches, I gave her my blood, but it took much effort to do it.  She did not drink from me at first?”

“She resisted?”

“Not exactly,” Bill continued.  “She was unconscious, but her body seemed to reject my blood at first.  Even when I finally began to sense it going into her body after I’d forced it into her, she never voluntarily latched onto me.  I do not want to risk something like that happening again.”

Lillith looked surprised, “How could she have resisted the blood, especially if she were not conscious to do it?”

Bill shrugged.  “Northman’s influence?  Her fairy nature?  Who knows for certain, but I wouldn’t want her to die if something went wrong.”

“Fine,” Lillith said.  “But we might be able to use her to distract him.”

Bill scoffed.  “Eric does not love Sookie!  He would not be distracted if she were hurt or in jeopardy.  He cares only for himself.”

“Well then,” Lillith purred.  “If that is the case, I will seduce him easily, and then I will make sure that Sookie discovers us in a―let’s say―compromising position.”

Bill smiled, “And then she will run to me.  Yes.  We will stick to the original plan.  It may take me longer to get Sookie, but Eric will eventually show his true colors, and Sookie will despise him for them.”

“And you will be waiting to help her pick up the pieces of her failed relationship.”

Bill bent down and gave Lillith a hard kiss on the mouth.  He pulled away.  “Yes―Sookie will be distraught, and I will be waiting for her.”

He wrapped Lillith into his arms, “Meanwhile, I must distract myself somehow.  Do you have any ideas?”

Lillith purred, “I have a few, your majesty.  Shall we call in that lovely little B+ donor you got for me?”




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