EricFancier: “OVER AND DONE”

(Recommended: July 2017)

Hello all!  As many of your know, I’m a fan of angst and epics.  Yep!  I love a looooong story!  And–the more angsty–the better for me . . . most of the time.  However, I found (or rediscovered) a one-shot I’d like to recommend for those of you who may be looking for a little dose of levity and sexy fun!

The story du jour is “Over and Done” by ericfancier.  Sadly, it’s been a long time since this author has posted anything (at least, I think).  I discovered her on  She seems to have MAYBE used a second pen name–VikingWench–and she posted some stories on Archive of Our Own (click HERE).  However, the story I’m recommending is only on as far as I know.  If anyone knows otherwise, let me know in a comment–as several readers have boycotted (even for reading), and I’d hate for them to miss out on this short gem.

Okay…Now for the good stuff!

Story Description from

“Sookie is fed up with Eric’s relentless courtship and decides to fight fire with fire. Not to be taken too seriously, just a little bit of hot E/S fun. Takes place at the beginning of S4E02.”

My Comments

So–there was a reason why I picked the .gif above for this page–even though the short story’s featured scene comes later in the series.  This story allows “saucy, fairy” Sookie to take charge during the kitchen scene after Eric surprises a freshly-showered Sookie.  Now–I’m not really one for “lemons for lemons’ sake”; however, this story is almost sexy enough to make me change my mind.  Plus, it’s not a conventional lemon!  Not only does it contain a little bit of story, but also the “lemon” is just as psychological as it is physical (you’ll know what I mean if you read).  

I love how Sookie turns the tables, giving Eric just what he “wanted” in Season 4, Episode 2 (“You Smell Like Dinner”). Eric asked for Fairy Sookie. What if he actually got her?  And how will the tricky vampire regain the upper hand?

I hope you will “visit” this one-shot.  Even if you have read it before, I find it fun to dip into older one-shots at times.  These were, of course, often written during the week or two following a given episode–back in the “good old days” when there was a lot more activity in our fanbase.

Also, don’t be shy about leaving a comment with the story.  I’m sure the author would appreciate getting a notice that her work is still being read–and appreciated–even if she’s no longer writing.

Enjoy reading!

You can find the story on by clicking HERE.

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4 thoughts on “EricFancier: “OVER AND DONE”

  1. Just read your rec. It was hot! Season 4 started out with so much promise, if they had just left off the season finale or at least changed the horrible double rejection scene. The interaction between Sookie and Eric in her kitchen and house was so promising, how were we to know that after that season they were hardly ever in the vicinity of each other. I love other fan fiction stories that spring from that interaction. I tend to like long stories since I read so fast, I need either long stories or series of stories to take up my time. But sometimes it’s nice to have a “quickie”.

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