5. Earned (WIP)

earned title

Summary: Eric and Sookie must adjust to being the parents of an adult as Hunter comes of age and finds love of his own with Emma. How will the Viking vampire and the fairy deal with new threats when their son becomes the target? Earned is the third main part of the Back & Forth Universe, which began with Back & Forth and continued with Come Back to Me (with Sojourn being an interlude set within the timeframe of Come Back to Me). Those stories should be read before this one.

Context: The wedding in Come Back to Me takes place on November 8, 2014. (Hunter was ten and Emma was eleven.) Earned begins in June 2021. (Hunter is seventeen and Emma is eighteen as Earned begins.)

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No profit has been made from this work. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. The events in this story have been inspired by True Blood and the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series.

Many thanks:

To Kleannhouse—for always being willing to lend your eyes to my work.

To Sephrenia—for gifting me with your art.

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46 thoughts on “5. Earned (WIP)

  1. Loved it! Poor Coby, I know he’s gonna be some form of ‘bad guy’ but I feel really sorry for him. Having book-like Arlene (not that I’ve read the books- don’t want it to tarnish my thoughts on TB) as a mum can’t be easy, or psychologically helpful. Def wanna read this first and foremost…well I do so far, now on to your other preview!

      1. figured as much but even if he was to off Hunter he would piss off Eric and he would NEVER choose Colby as his and Emma, will never be Coby’s either.. if i remember right she shunned his affections when they were younger sitting around the fire pit at the AEtt land…. KY

  2. OMG, love this. Just like the other ones: CBTM en BF. Please finish this first. I can’t wait to read it. XXX from The Netherlands, Blanca

  3. This is just fantastic!!! I love the idea that the threat is not really for E/S but Hunter. This will allows us to see how much of his father, Hunter has learned when it comes up to facing an enemy with a friendly face.

    I love your cast choices-especially Hunter and Emma. Alex P. is perfect for Hunter and while I don’t recognize the actress for Emma, I can totally see her as Emma. Kind of suprised by Shia being Coby cause I don’t see him as a bad guy but I can see it working.

    I haven’t read the other story yet-I’m sure it will also be fantastic-but I can already tell you I want this story first…lol! I love Hunter/Emma and I’ve dying for THEIR story.

    1. I’m glad that you liked this beginning. I can tell you that Hunter has a good deal of his father and his Mamma in him. 😉
      The choice of Shia as Coby is a little odd–maybe. I really like Shia, but there’s something a bit edgy in some of his work, and I can totally see him playing someone with a hidden agenda. HE doesn’t see himself as a bad guy, after all. After I began to picture Shia as Coby, the his arc in the outline and the draft really started to open up for me, and that usually means I picked the right person to help inspire me.
      You’ll have to tell me what you think of the other story. But I will definitely take your opinion into account. Last time I checked the poll, it was close.

  4. Kat! I can’t decide!!! I love them both – really! I like this one because I am intrigued by the betrayal and I love the other because of all the “unknowns” you are going to introduce. I think you have picked the perfect person for Hunter. I guess I will sleep on it and then decide…..

  5. Oh please….. Please…. Please write soon. Cant wait for another great story from you… Read all your B&F, CBTM and Sojourn.. I’ve even bookmarked several chaps so that i can re-read them.. Love eric-hunter relationship the most.. So pure… So true… You sure are one great writer..
    So, dear californiakat, I hope i’ll be receiving alert on this story soon…. Pleeeeeeeease…. 🙂

      1. P.S..
        Dear Kat,

        On emma’s character, what do you think of lily collins.. Her face suddenly came into my mind last nite when i re-read the preview of this story for i dont know how many times already.. (no pressure there but i’m on my knees ~ please write soooooooon).. 🙂

  6. Wow! I can’t wait for you to really start this one! Great casting choice! Alex Pettyfer is PERFECT as Hunter. And Nikki Yanofsky has Emma? A Canuck Emma! (Sorry, as you probably guessed, I’m also a Canuck)

  7. Oh my goodness. This is fantastic! I hope that you decide to continue this!! I just re-read the series for the 3rd or 4th time now and I hope that this becomes a project after you finish your others (or at the same time, maybe?!) because it’s basically my new favorite thing!

  8. Yes, I just re-read the Back and Forth stories. They were really just so wonderful that I hope you will not let this one die on the vine. I will look forward to your updating of this story when you can and hope it is in the not too distant future.

  9. *bangs hands on table, viking style* We want more! We want more!

    I’m late coming to the True Blood party, but love your stuff. I spent the last 2 weeks on this series… yet I need more!

    Thanks for an amazing journey so far!


    How did I miss this? I’m so excited to read Earned because the father-son relationship you d created in the Back and Forth Universe is beyond amazing 🙂

    I’ve seen how busy you are… Do you still think you’ll start posting this story this year?

    Thank you and thank you so much for sharing you talents with us!


    1. I’m honestly not sure when this one will start posting. I had a good start on the first draft, and I plan to return to it after I’m done with the Comfortably Numb series, which should be in a few months. Then it’ll take a little more time to finish the draft and start posting. So I’m guessing that it’ll be early next year–at the earliest. But thanks for you interest!

  11. Eeeeek! Once again, you have managed to surprise me with the bad guy, even with the clever (and sneaky) foreshadowing at Eric and Sookie’s wedding reception with the dance. Oh boy. I can’t wait for this one to start up!

  12. I am so torn between which of these two I want to vote for. While I am thrilled at revisiting B&F’s cast of amazing characters, I really want to see where you go with Inner. I think my deciding factor is going to have to be that you set ‘rules’ for inner and won’t be changing the outcome of the season. I do want to see how you spin it, but I can wait until you finish Earned ;D

  13. I’m absolutely floored by how great this preview chapter is. I think the cast you chose is perfect for the story and I can’t wait to read more. Not to bug you or anything, but do you know if this story will start posting anytime soon?

    Thank you and please keep writing! You’re amazing at it!

  14. I have been on vacation this week and have spent the first 3 days reading this series. ..lol. I just could not walk away from it!!! Oh if only CH had your talent. We, as readers and fans of the characters, are incredibly lucky that you love them as much as we do and have used your incredible talent to weave the fabulous mini universes so richly and with such depth. Thank you!!

  15. Love the preview of Hunter & Emma’s story. Just read B&F & CBTM. Have yet to read Sojourn, doing the next. Good thing I can read at work. LOL!

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