The Inner-verse (In Progress)

This series is set in the True Blood world.  There will be two main parts to the series.  The first, Inner, is complete.  The second, From the Inside Out, is in progress.  Both main stories are told from Eric’s POV (with the exception of the Epilogues–which are from Sookie’s POV).  In addition, there will be a set of INNER-Ludes from the POV’s of other characters to accompany and “fill in the gaps” of From the Inside Out

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  1. Inner–COMPLETE
  2. From the Inside Out–IN PROGRESS

Inner title


A True Blood Season 5 “revision” from Eric’s POV / but with an Eric/Sookie endgame in mind.

Inner(banner by Sephrenia)

From the Inside Out2


(Set after S5 of True Blood.) When Billith rose, Eric yelled “RUN!” and Sookie did. But what if, he didn’t run with her. What if he turned to face his foe—to give his beloved time to escape. What if she stopped and ran back to him. What will happen when Eric and Sookie decide to face all of their foes together? (Set after Inner, but it can be read independently.)

From the inside out WP

title innerl2


The INNER-Ludes is a collection of Interludes/Outtakes/Side Stories for From the Inside Out—all told from NON-Eric POVs. All of these stories further the narrative of the INNER-Verse, so I hope that you won’t skip them. “Where/When” they belong in the overall universe will be included in a headnote for each and they will be released as they come in the overall narrative.

GO TO INNER-LUDE 1 (Follows Chapter 12 of From the Inside Out)

Inner Ludes

Sephrenia's Character Banners for the Inner-verse

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