Chapter 22: Fully Mission Capable

Sookie POV

The skin around where Eric said shrapnel hit him was rough, contrasting the smooth Adonis-like physique that made up the rest of him.

I’d been with only two men in my life—both of them my husbands (though Alcide hadn’t been that yet—when we were first intimate).

That being said, I’d been lucky when it came to those men. Bill was handsome in an old-fashioned way; his body hadn’t been a sculpted piece of art, but it was nice—to be sure. Alcide was rugged—built like a solid rock. He was a larger man than Eric, except in two ways. For one, Eric seemed to be about an inch taller. For another, Eric was “packing” a bit more in the “below-the-belt” territory—if the story that his tented shorts were telling me was even mostly accurate.

Tara liked to tease me that I’d never had to endure a “fugly” man.

And that statement was never truer than with the man in front of me. His body was—in a word—”beautiful.” But there was so much more to him than met the eye—with his heart and soul and mind being even more breathtaking than his body. I couldn’t have put an “X” on the calendar of the date that I’d fallen in love with Captain Eric Northman. But in love with him I was.

Still . . . .

Seeing the shrapnel scars was sobering. I’d lost one husband in war, and Eric would be heading back to a warzone in less than a month.

“What am I doing?” I heard myself ask.

Eric shook his head a little. “I don’t know.”

“I can’t lose anyone else,” I said faintly.

“I’ve never really had anyone to lose—not like this. Not like you,” he said just as faintly.

And it was those words that helped me to decide. If I pushed him away now, I’d be losing him by choice. And wouldn’t that hurt just as much as losing him to war?

“I promised myself I’d never let myself fall in love again,” I said to him. His eyes were watching me earnestly.

“After Bill died, I swore I’d never get close to anyone—at least not close enough to suffer if I lost them,” he confessed.

“But you didn’t follow your own advice?” I asked.

“I couldn’t. I love Pam and Jason, but—even with them—I could keep my feelings at arm’s length, at least to a certain extent. But I couldn’t stop them from overtaking me with you,” he confessed.

I nodded and then leaned toward him.

“You’re sure?” he asked right before my lips touched his.

“Yes, Eric. I am.”

He leaned in to meet my lips; again, we began in an unhurried way, exploring and nurturing—more than demanding and conquering.

His hands slowly caressed up my sides before he—once again—took my breasts into his hands. His thumbs tweaked my already hardened nipples, and I moaned into our kiss, even as he eased me down upon his bed. Once we were both lying down, he moved his kisses downward, tracing my cheek, chin, neck, and then collarbone before his mouth found a nipple. He sucked lightly, and then a little harder once I’d squeaked out my pleasure, even as he massaged my other breast with his large, surprisingly gentle hand.

My own hands were busy too as my impatience grew. I wanted him—wanted him badly—and my body, which had been an ember, suddenly felt like a flame. I found his cock through his shorts and gasped. He was—indeed—bigger than anyone I’d been with before. Unsatisfied by feeling him through fabric, I worked my hand under the elastic waist and immediately encountered what I wanted to touch. His penis was both incredibly hard and incredibly smooth, and I literally couldn’t wait to have it inside of me; however, after I’d stroked him for a few moments, Eric seemed to have different ideas. He moved so that he was lower, his lips leaving my chest and traveling downward, nipping at my rib cage, before softly kissing the stretch marks I’d kept from my pregnancy. Next, he placed his thumbs around the waistband of my panties before drawing them off of my body.

I was almost embarrassingly wet, but Eric didn’t seem to mind at all as he growled a little and gazed at my center like it was a tasty buffet. Before I could tell him to “taste away,” he was doing just that, kissing my lower lips, as he’d been kissing my upper ones minutes before.

“Eric,” I sighed, as he began licking and gently spread me open using his fingers.

“So beautiful,” he breathed, seemingly to himself as he took a good, up-close look at me. In the past, I will admit to having been a little self-conscious about receiving oral sex. Both of my former partners had unwittingly added to my self-consciousness—with Bill once sharing his belief that “oral sex should be something just for special occasions” and Alcide asking casually if I’d ever considered waxing my lady-parts area fully, rather than just getting my customary bikini wax. Since he’d preferred it, I’d done that. But—since the accident—I’d not seen a reason for it, though I’d restarted my bikini wax. Looking at Eric as he—quite literally—gave me the best oral sex I think any woman had ever received, I couldn’t help but to feel completely comfortable. He wasn’t tentative as Bill had been—like he was completing some kind of obligation. And I didn’t think he was judging my hair count down there either.

Thus, I could let myself stop thinking and just enjoy what he was doing to me.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Eric POV

She tasted sweeter than anyone I’d ever gone down on before, and I’d made a point to offer oral sex to all the partners I’d ever had. When I was seventeen, I’d overheard my parents’ cook and maid talking about how common it was for them not to orgasm—and how easy it was to “fake it.”

Their conversation stuck to me. I guess I didn’t want to disappoint any woman who ever agreed to have sex with me, and—though I always tried to bring a woman to completion through “regular sex”—oral sex was the only way I could be sure.

Moreover, I’d enjoyed giving it—and getting it back when the women I was with were inclined to “return the favor.”

I took my time as I licked, sucked, and kissed with my mouth and stroked, rubbed, and teased with my fingers. She was incredibly responsive, her moves encouraging the things that she clearly liked the most. I had already figured out that her body stayed still when something was “just fine.” And she tensed and held her breath when something was really pleasurable. As I learned those things, I did more of them. I brought her to the edge a few times, enjoying getting to know her body.

“Eric, please. Let me cum,” she grunted when I backed off again.

Her wish would always be my command. So I redoubled my efforts, finding her g-spot with two fingers, even as I used my tongue to stimulate her sensitive nub.

“Eric!” she cried out my name as she came, her walls throbbing around my fingers, more of her sweet honey flowing from her opening. I lapped it up, even as I celebrated the way my name sounded from her lips.

When I looked up at her, I noticed her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said.

Her eyes opened slowly, a smile tugging at her lips. “I bet I look like a melted ice cream cone.”

I chuckled. “Well, it was an honor to melt you, Ma’am. And a treat to taste the sweets.”

Immediately, she blushed bright red, but then looked horrified.

“I’m sorry!” I said immediately, fearing that my teasing comment had been taken the wrong way. I didn’t mean . . . .” I stopped. “I’m sorry if I hurt you—or disappointed you—in any way, Ma’am,” I added, looking down, reverting to the soldier who tried to be detached. I was ready for rejection.

“What? No, Eric!” Sookie cried out, sitting up and immediately cupping my face with her hands. “And you forgot to call me Sookie,” she added, her eyes boring into mine as if she understood all of my fears—yet still loved me.

“You’re upset,” I reminded.

“Not at you. Not at this,” she smiled softly. “Not at us.”

“Then what?” I asked, feeling protective.

“I don’t have any condoms in the house,” she practically whispered. “And I haven’t bothered with the pill for a long time.”

“Oh!” I said before looking down again, shame overtaking me.

“What is it?” she asked, her voice rich with concern.

“I have some condoms,” I answered apologetically.

“Oh,” she responded with realization. “You’re seeing someone?”

“Not seeing. Not in a relationship,” I returned quickly. “I’m sorry. If I’d thought we were possible, I wouldn’t have pursued anything with anyone else.”

“So you aren’t,” she paused, “cheating on anyone?”

“No!” I replied forcefully. “In fact, I told her to see other people if she wanted. She told me the same.”

“Are you—um—seeing more than one person?”

I shook my head. “No. I was just seeing her sometimes—for . . . .”

“Sex?” she asked, her voice quivering a little.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Will you end it?”

“Yes!” I spoke immediately. “Of course!”

She closed her eyes for a moment. “Okay then,” she said with resolution. She opened her eyes and smiled a little. “As long as you aren’t in a relationship, then it’s really not a big deal who you were with before tonight. And,” she added coyly, “I’m glad you practiced safe sex—glad you didn’t use up all your condoms.”

She leaned in and took me by surprise as she kissed me. It didn’t take long before the kiss deepened, and her hand, once again, snaked into my shorts. I gasped and then groaned as she stroked me.

“Oh, God! Sookie,” I sighed as she repositioned herself and then me so that she could take off my shorts.

“You’re big,” she whispered, her blush returning to her lovely face.

“I’ll be careful with you. I promise,” I said sincerely, cupping her face with my hands and kissing her softly.

“Always careful,” she whispered, “with me.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “careful with you.”

For a while, we were lost again in our kisses, taking our time exploring one another, even as she continued to stroke me slowly.

“I want you,” she finally whispered, her hand tightening to the perfect pressure around me.

In wordless agreement, I got up and went over to the dresser. I took both condoms from my wallet, knowing that even two wouldn’t be enough for what I wanted to do with her that night.

I placed one on the nightstand and watched her as she moved to the middle of the bed. She lay on her back—waiting for me. I spent a moment simply taking in the beauty before me.

Her golden hair fanned out around her. Her eyes were trained on mine before they ventured lower. I smiled a little, knowing she would see my expression as she roved her gaze down my body. My eyes were roving too—down past her swollen lips, which had a smile of their own; her tempting collar bone; her even more tempting breasts; her flat belly; her pregnancy marks; and then the paradise waiting between her legs.

“I don’t deserve you,” I said honestly.

“Yes, you do,” she responded fervently.

My eyes met hers again, and—suddenly—it was as if every moment of my life had led to this one. All of the days and nights that I’d wondered if anyone could ever truly love me had led to the most amazing women looking at me with love.

“I need you, Eric. Please,” she whispered, reaching out a hand to me. I took it and then knelt on the bed, trapped in her gaze, wanting to be nowhere but where I was.

“Make love to me,” she implored.

Unable to speak, I simply nodded, and took my hand from hers only long enough to tear into the little foil packet and put on the condom. Then I took her hand again, and she led me until I was hovering over her. She wrapped her legs around my back, and I snaked my hand between us—to make sure that she was still wet. She was.

Sookie gasped as I rubbed a few circles around her clit with my cockhead before lining myself up with her. I moved into her slowly, watching for any sign that she wasn’t comfortable. At one point—when I was halfway in—she grunted a bit.

“Okay?” I asked, halting my movements.

“Yes. Keep going, Eric. Please,” she assured.

I went in a bit further, relishing the warmth of her body. I groaned out my pleasure.

“Okay?” she asked me.

“Amazing,” I panted.

“Then keep going,” she begged, gripping my shoulders hard.

I did—until I was all the way inside of her. I’m sure my eyes registered my surprise.

“What is it?” she asked.

“I fit,” I whispered.

“Yeah, you do.” She sighed and raised a hand up to my face to softly stroke my cheek.

“Now move, Eric. I need you to move!”

I needed it too.

I set a rhythm—slow at first, until I knew that she was used to my size and enjoying herself.

And then I went faster.

Her legs wrapped tighter around me, and I gripped them, relishing the feeling of being as deep inside of her as I could go. I’d never fit into a woman, and Sookie was one of the most petite I’d ever had sex with; still—her body was perfect for mine.

And my cock seemed to know exactly what to do in order to maximize her pleasure.

“Right there! More!” she begged as I found her g-spot.

My own pleasure was mounting with hers—as she rose to meet me stroke for blissful stroke.

“Sookie!” I cried out as my orgasm snuck up on me. Quickly, I lowered my thumb to her clit and stroked her there so that she could join me. It didn’t take much. Her first wave of pleasure corresponded with my third ejaculation. Indeed, it didn’t feel as if the throbbing of my cock would ever stop, as her walls gripped me, milked me.

“Eric,” she sighed when our orgasms had both finally subsided.

She raised her hand to my cheek as I slipped out of her and then collapsed next to her. Automatically, my body turned toward hers, and hers seemed to meet me.

Holding her in my arms—too physically and emotionally spent to even remove my condom—I fell asleep.

A/N: I always have a lot of nervousness when I post the first sex scene for any story I write. I guess I just always hope that the build-up was worth it. And—of course—all human sex scenes are different from the vampire ones, so I don’t have as much experiences writing them. LOL.

I hope you liked this one. Some of you were surprised that “it” was happening so quickly after Sookie seemed to reject the idea. All I can say is that she was in denial, and all it took was her seeing Eric vulnerable to given in to her feelings. I hope it doesn’t seem too quick for these two. Up next: the morning after. Will there be any regrets? Stay tuned.




22 thoughts on “Chapter 22: Fully Mission Capable

  1. Enjoyed reading your sex scene. Glad the two finally admitted their feelings to each other. Now the cold light of day to come and Jason’s reaction.

  2. Dang that was hot!!!! Thank you for the update….i’m so happy for them to put aside the elephant in the room of him leaving and letting go of their fears

  3. Fantastic job. This was just great – “Tara liked to tease me that I’d never had to endure a “fugly” man.”

  4. Aw, loved it!! I hope they can go a long way together in healing each other. For him to say he doesn’t deserve her, and for her to say he does, loved it!!

  5. You did a beautiful job of writing this scene. It was absolutely perfect for the speed the two of them moved. I wonder if they will wake up shortly and initiate round two. I really hope things don’t change for them in the morning and that Sookie doesn’t wake up and run. Thanks for the update and for writing such wonderful stories. Hope you are feeling better and the end of the semester is coming to a close.

  6. Beautifully done. I hope that there aren’t any regrets and am looking forward to seeing each of them grow and heal with each other. 🤞🏻

  7. it was well worth the wait for them and us. it was perfect but will it last when Jase finds out they are an item. will he love the idea of an US or will he hate them because he is loosing his US time with Uncle Eric whom he now sees as his dad. until the reveal. KY

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