The Goblin (Complete)

The Goblin title page


Fairy tales are thought of as fiction only by those who do not know of the Supernatural world; of course, the humans often don’t know the whole story. “Rumpelstiltskin”—SVM/True Blood style. Winner of Kittyinaz’s June 2015 Writing Contest!!


Content Warning:

This story contains dark themes and mentions of sexual assault and physical violence, though these topics are not glorified in any way. However, I understand if you choose not to read this story if these themes are trigger points for you.

Story Inspiration:

Grimm, Jacob, and Willhelm. “Rumpelstiltskin.” Eastoftheweb Short Stories. East of the Web, 2015. Web. 15 Jun. 2015.

Click HERE to see the story.

NOTE: The few lines in BOLD are taken directly from the source fairy tale.


All publicly recognized characters, images, lines of dialogue, and plot lines are the sole property of their creators. I own only my own imagination as it involves the characters I love; however, even my imaginary constructions would be impossible without True Blood, the Southern Vampire Mystery series, and the Grimm Brothers’ version of “Rumpelstiltkin.” My work is not-for-profit and intended only for the enjoyment of the writer and readers. No copyright infringement is intended.

Beta: The wonderful Kleannhouse!

Banner: Kittyinaz generously makes banners for all contest entries!


(Nominated for Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers)

The Goblin .pdf

Above is the complete .pdf version of this story.  
I hope that--if you read the story using this form--you'll
 return here to let me know what you think!  
I always love to read feedback about a story!


3 thoughts on “The Goblin (Complete)

  1. Like I said in another comment, I caught up on some of these stories that I hadn’t read yet through the pdfs (thank you again!) while my Internet was down recently. Now I’m trying to go back and review those! 🙂

    This was a fantastic read–you really created a very fun and unique world to set this in, and I liked the way that you kept our characters and the events of their lives largely the same while changing so much else. Love the choice for Rumplestiltskin too!

    One of my favorite things is when fairy tales are flipped on their head. I’m not sure why, maybe just because it breathes new life into familiar stories, but I love it. And this is definitely one of my favorites now. I thought it was true to the fairy tale them that what happened to Sookie was even worse than canon, and you truly made me feel so sorry for her. I won’t go into further detail, but suffice to say, I love the entire tale. You do fairy tales quite well!

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