Chapter 05: Nesting

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again—time is an odd thing. So many events can occur in a mere second; by contrast, there can be years when nothing seems to happen. As soon as Billith’s chest was breached by the stake, the former happened.

Billith’s eyes popped open, and he/she screeched in surprise and alarm. As expected, the stake didn’t kill Billith—but it had clearly pissed him/her off. However, before Billith could attack us, Claude had teleported us.

And in the next moment, I was curled up in a ball—hurting from the inside out. I could hear Billith screeching in pain even as I yelled out my own agony.

Claude had been right. Teleporting fucking hurt!

I wasn’t able to help when Sookie moved me, but—just like she’d done outside of Fangtasia the morning I’d been burning—she managed to drag me.

Once we were a few feet away from Billith, Claude and his many sisters began to blast the vampire god with their light. Sookie continued to pull me away until my pain began to lessen a little and I was able to stand. Instinctively, I placed her behind me a little as we watched Billith screeching from the pain of the blasts.

Still, the god managed to rise to his feet; he looked toward Sookie and me with hatred in his eyes.

“Please burn,” I heard Sookie say from behind me. And, then, as if a real God had heard her prayer, Billith’s skin lit up as if he’d been doused in gasoline. The fairies backed off from the heat, even as Sookie and I backed up as well.

I had to hand it to Billith, he continued snarling for a couple of seconds, his large fangs still menacing as he staggered a few steps toward Sookie and me.

But no vampire—not even a god—could withstand the sun, unless he or she had a good dose of fairy blood, that is.

As soon as Billith’s body became sludge on the ground, the fire went out and Sookie fell to her knees beside me, finally allowing herself to be overcome by the events of the day and by seeing her first love—or at least what was left of him—dying again. I dropped down next to her as we both looked at what remained of Billith. We were probably both fearing the same thing—that something would rise out of the blood.

But that didn’t happen.

Claude and the others were silent, though they were all watching me warily, lest I go mad because of the scent of fairy all around me. But for some reason—probably related to my age and the discipline my maker had instilled within me, as well as to the woman by my side and our bond—I didn’t lust for the fairies’ blood.

I craved my fairy-human hybrid’s blood. The two Sookie Stackhouses, finally combined into one amazing woman—with an amazing body to boot—housed the only vintage I had ever really needed beyond reason.

“The blood,” I said, looking at Claude. “The last time Lilith was killed, her progeny collected it to be watched over by a Guardian. Best that doesn’t happen again,” I cautioned.

“Right!” Sookie said from next to me.

“Does Lilith still have any progeny?” Claude asked, looking around nervously.

“Who knows?” I said; however, if she does, he or she is so old that I wouldn’t want to meet him or her. “And Bill has a progeny. Jessica might be compelled to come here after dark if her maker’s remains are still here.”

“Well,” Claude contemplated, “there is a spell to send a vampire to another dimension—a place where he or she cannot escape from.” He looked at Sookie. “That’s what the elder was trying to do to Russell the other night. I can open a portal and send these remains out of this realm.”

“Not to a realm where vampires can go—just in case,” I said.

Claude nodded and then used his magic to collect Billith’s remains in a jar. It was a handy gift. Perhaps, I’d have to hire him for future “clean-ups.”

After that, Claude and his many sisters each took a moment to shine his or her light over the jar. And—as each did—another symbol appeared on the jar.

“Extra security,” Claude said. “Each one of us is locking this vessel, so each of us would be needed to unlock it.”

“Good thinking,” I said with a nod.

After they were done, Claude and the others encircled the container and then said some kind of chant, after which the jar disappeared.

“Okay,” Claude said. “That’s as secure as I can get it. The place I’ve sent it used to be inhabited by demons, but it’s been abandoned.”

“Demons!” Sookie cried. “There are demons too?”

“Of course,” I said. “They make excellent lawyers.”

Her mouth slightly gaping, she looked up at me with frustration in her eyes; however, she didn’t resist the knowledge that had just been added to her conception of the Supernatural world.

“Okay. Well—let’s get home before your fairy blood runs out,” she said to me.

I lifted her up into my arms. “Let’s fly.”

“You can fly?”

“Yep,” I grinned.

“Of course,” she intoned.

“Later, Cousin,” Claude said with a grin. “Have fun nesting.”

“What’s nesting?” she asked.

“You’ll find out,” he chuckled, even as I took off into the sky.

Given Claude’s suggestive comments about it, I was looking forward to experiencing the “nesting” part first hand.

“That was amazing!” Sookie enthused as soon as I landed us on her lawn. I put her onto her feet, and immediately she turned to face me.

“You’re amazing!” she said before jumping up into my arms again.

She was smiling, as was I. Her eyes were alit with joy, as were mine.

“Mine!” we said at the same time as our lips crashed together. Without breaking our kiss, I took us to the front door.

“Keys?” I asked into her lips, still unwilling to lose contact with her.

She shook her head and began a campaign to drive me mad by kissing and nipping at my neck as I somewhat awkwardly maneuvered to the side of the porch where I’d put a spare key under a loose board. That retrieved, I got us back to the door and into the house as Sookie relentlessly continued her kisses.

“Cubby,” she growled out. “Now!”

I nodded obediently. Though I was not feeling the effects of the sun yet, I figured I didn’t have long left before the day would affect me, and I didn’t want to begin burning as I made love to my wife for the first time.



I’d already come too goddamned close to burning Sookie earlier that day.

As soon as we were in the cubby, I placed her onto the bed; however, Sookie quickly got to her feet.

I looked at her with a little surprise. I’d never seen her eyes so wild before, and I somehow knew that something about our bonding had caused something inside of her to flourish.

She was Sookie—to be sure. But the fairy in her was no longer being suppressed. The fairy in her was no longer a curse to her. The fairy in her was no longer being rejected.

“Strip!” she ordered, her eyes literally lighting up a little as she began to quickly take off her own clothing. Claude’s shirt came off, followed immediately by her bra, even as she worked herself out of her shoes. In the next second, she rid herself of her jeans and panties at the same time. It had been more than two weeks since I’d seen her naked, and I was in awe of her—as always.

“I said strip!” she repeated.

Startled out of my lustful haze, I ripped my clothing off in a blur.

Sookie pushed me onto the bed, looking at me like I was a tasty piece of meat as she did so.

I’d never shy away from being her meat.

“Mine!” she growled as her eyes focused on my cock.

“Gods—I love this nesting thing,” I groaned as she placed a hand around the object of her desire and began to stroke me. Moments later, her mouth was on me, and she seemed to be trying to suck out my very soul.

She could have it; it belonged to her anyway.

“Sookie!” I cried out an embarrassingly few moments later as I came in her mouth.

If a vampire could black out from an orgasm, I surely would have from that one! However, my bonded gave me no time to recover as she began to stroke me again.

“Look!” she ordered with a growl. I opened my eyes and looked into hers.

“No,” she shook her head, a smirk forming on her lips. “Look.” Her eyes traveled to my cock, still being stroked by her hand. My eyes followed.

I watched in awe as her hand lit up around me, sending pleasure-filled shockwaves through me.

“You will never belong to another,” she growled as she literally lit up my cock. “Say it!” she yelled when I didn’t—couldn’t—speak for a moment.

“I will never belong to anyone else,” I vowed fervently as I arched my back in order to place myself even more in her hands.

“Promise me!”

“I swear,” I moaned as the pleasure and the light spread both on the surface of my body and on the inside.

“I will kill anyone that tries to separate us—including you!” she said, her voice lower than I’d ever heard it.

“I will kill myself before I have another,” I said with a growl, leaning into her touch as much as I can. “And I will fucking rip apart anyone that tries to take you from me!”

“You are telling me the truth,” she said, her eyes lighting up even more.

In that moment, the humanity seemed to have left her and she was all fairy Sookie. She was claiming me—claiming her mate—just as I’d claimed her with our bond. Or, perhaps, we’d been in the process of claiming each other all along—since the night we’d met.

It didn’t matter. What mattered was that she belonged to me.

“Mine!” I yelled out as she climbed atop me and slammed her body down onto mine, causing an immediate orgasm from us both.

This time, I did black out for a moment. Or maybe I was just in a stupor, for—the next thing I knew—she was riding me gently, her hands over my heart and alit again.

“Our bond is here,” she said, touching my chest and sending a tingling sensation through my body. “And here,” she lifted her other hand and placed it over her own heart.

I felt a surge of energy from the bond and looked on in amazement as light emanated from my own body and traveled up her arm and to her heart. She sighed in ecstasy as a match to that light flowed from her to me.

“Sookie!” I cried out as it hit the bond inside of me.

She stopped her movements; I was still fully sheathed in her. “I am the first Fae-bearing woman of my line in hundreds of years,” she said, her voice taking on an even more other-worldly quality than before. “And you are my mate. If I wished it, I could make a child with you.”

“Sookie?” I asked.

Her brown orbs lost some of their brightness, and she sounded more like herself when she next spoke. “Eric?”

“Sookie,” I said with concern, “are you okay?”

“Yes. Did I just say I could have your child?”

I nodded.

“Where did that come from?” she asked.

“Nesting?” I said as a question.

“But vampires can’t have kids,” she said.

“And a God cannot rise out of Bill’s body,” I returned.

“Do you think we could?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“Do you want to?”

“Have children with you?”

“Yeah,” she said, suddenly nervous.

“Sookie, do you want children?” I asked.

“I never wanted to pass on my telepathy before.”

“And now?”

“I don’t look at any of my fairy gifts as curses anymore,” she said, sounding a little surprised at her own words.

I asked my question again. “Sookie, do you want children?”

“With you?”

I nodded; I was the nervous one now.

“Yeah,” she responded. “But that would be impossible—right?”

I smiled and sat upward to kiss her.

When she needed a breath, I broke the kiss.

“I don’t know if it is possible, min fru,” I said gently, “but—if it is—then I would be honored to father a child that is of your body. A part of us both.”

“You would?” she asked.

“Sookie, I love you. Yes—our bond was made permanent when we were under duress, but I don’t regret it. Do you?”

“No,” she said quickly.

“Good. You are more than a wife to me. You are my soul mate. And—though I am a vampire—I am still a man.”

“There are two Eric Northmans,” she said, recalling words I’d once said about her.

“Yes,” I smiled, “and the man in me would like nothing more than to create life with you—to have a child conceived in love and not duty.”

A tear fell from her eye as she smiled back at me. “What if we can’t? What if I’m wrong?”

I shrugged. “Then we live on just as we’d intended to do just a few minutes ago. You are more than enough for me, min kära. You make me happier than I ever thought I’d be.”

“Okay then,” she said. “If it happens, it happens. A miracle.”

“You are already my miracle,” I said gruffly.

“And you are mine,” she returned. “It’s a miracle you put up with me—after I hurt you.”

I stopped her words with a kiss, and thrust my hips upward in order to make her forget them. The past was the past, and I was more than happy to dwell in the present—with my bonded.

My wife.

When our kiss ended, “Fairy Sookie” seemed back in full force. She pushed me back onto the bed and took control of our love-making, doing something with her internal muscles that made my head shake from side to side in pleasure.

When I was able to look at her again, her beauty was almost fearsome. She was riding me hard, and her hands—lit up again—were over my chest, once more sending electricity through me.

Was her light somehow making “life” within me? Was it taking my seed and animating it? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

“Eric!” Sookie cried out above me as her walls began to flutter around my cock. She pulled my body back up against hers with a force that was much more fairy than human. Our chests pressed together, the two sides of our bond seemed to be singing to each other.

“Sookie!” I yelled as our orgasms struck us both.

Again, it seemed as if I blacked out for a moment as my pleasure overwhelmed me.

A/N: Okay. So I know that Billith’s quick death was likely not what many of you expected/wanted—though it seems that Lilith’s remains cannot simply be obliterated. Will they come back into play? Honestly, I don’t know yet. I’ve not written that far ahead. LOL.

I thought about letting Billith stick around for a while longer, but this story has bigger “fish to fry.” Plus, I didn’t want Billith roving around the countryside peddling his sanctimonious “I am a God” spiel as he did on the show. Talk about an anticlimactic villain! So, yeah, I hope that you aren’t disappointed that he’s gone too soon (it can never be soon enough for me though—LOL), but there will be other villains to deal with.

And then there’s the “nesting.” We’ll find out soon whether Sookie’s magic was able to reinvigorate swimmers in our vampire (fine, Sookie, yours—your vampire). Once upon a time, I vowed to myself that I’d never write a vampire Sookie story or a Sookie gets pregnant by a vampire story (cdb33 knows why). Not that there’s anything wrong with these motifs; I just didn’t think I’d write one. But…Who’s Your Daddy? proves that I broke one “vow.” Next week, you’ll learn if I’m breaking the other one. 😉

Until then,


P.S. I want to thank all of you who nominated me for the You Want Blood Awards this year. I’m honored by your continued support. I also want to congratulate the other nominees, especially the invaluable members of my own team! Kleannhouse was nominated for her beta skills. And Sephrenia was nominated for her artistic talent.

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  6. I loved bill dying so quick! He doesn’t deserve more screen or writing time! So hope your muse doesn’t bring him back later. What an awful thought! Loved the nesting! That was all kinds of sexy! I’m a very close follower of all your stories and if you’d never written a vampire Sookie or pregnant Sookie by Eric I’d still be just as happy but I do love those themes. Just the idealic romantic in me I guess. I can’t stand the thought of them not being together forever, Eric’s forever that is. Also, loving fathers are all kinds of Hot! (One of the sexiest things my own hubby does is play with our kids ☺️)

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    Loved the nesting (aka fairy claiming) and Billith swift death… ‘he’ always seemed a rather mindless drone to me ‘I am a God’ blah blah blah but other than being hard to kill he never seemed to be very compelling…. and don’t get me started with the redemption of Bill post his Billith-itis. Ugh….

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