Fairy Characters: from TB only

The added fairy characters to the TB world were hit and miss for me.  For example, I thought the sub-plot of Andy impregnating a fairy was pretty humorous, and I liked the potential of all of his daughters.  I wasn’t a fan of most of them being killed by Jessica though.  

(Note: I didn’t categorize Warlow here.)

Adilyn Bellefleur (part-Fae)

My two inspirations for this character from the INNER-Verse are Nikki Hahn (young) and Bailey Noble (older).  

Braelyn Bellefleur (part-Fae)

My two inspirations for Braelyn from the INNER-Verse are Ashley Boettcehr (young) and Lucy Hale (older).

Charlaine Bellefleur (part-Fae)

I envisioned Charlaine as child actress Mackenzie Foy in the INNER-Verse.

Danika Bellefleur (part-Fae)

My two inspirations for Danika from the INNER-Verse were Siena Agudong (young) and Lily Collins (older).

John Stackhouse (half-Fae)

This character is mentioned during S6 as signing a contract with Warlow.  I created a backstory to try to explain this and cast Michael Vartan in the role for the INNER-Verse.

Mab (full-blooded Fae)

This True Blood character could have been utilized MUCH better, in my opinion.  Oh well!  I enjoyed using her in my Back & Forth world and visualized the show’s actress, Rebecca Wisocky.


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