Chapter 085: Bring Me to Life, Part 2

Sookie shook her head, “I don’t know what Hadley will do, Eric.”  She could tell that the thought of losing Hunter was something that upset her husband deeply.  She pulled him to her again.  “You love him—don’t you?”

Eric nodded, “He has become my son―not like my son, but my son.” 

Sookie smiled at him, “We’ll work it out.”  She spoke confidently.  “You won’t lose him.”

Eric looked at her, “He’s a fine, son, Sookie.  He is kind and accepting.  And he’s so smart.  He’s just like you in so many ways.  I am so,” his voice caught, “proud of the person that he is.  It is as if there is a light in him too, Sookie.  And it is growing brighter each day as he trusts himself more and more.”

Sookie took his chin in her hand, “You are a good father, Eric.  I have been able to watch you in the pool.  I have seen enough to know what a wonderful dad you’ve become, min bóndi.”

Eric gave her a bright, but nervous smile.  “I should have spoken to you before becoming a father, but,” he paused, “I didn’t know when I would see you, and I couldn’t help myself.”

Sookie laughed.  “I’m glad that you and Hunter became close, Eric.  It’s more than I could have hoped for.”

Eric gave her a sly smile.  “Are you sure that it was not exactly what you expected?”

She raised an eyebrow and bit her lip, “Maybe.”

Eric smirked and rolled her onto her back, “You think you are so clever, don’t you, lover.”

She didn’t feel clever at all in that moment.  In fact, she was pretty sure that she didn’t even know her own name in that moment.  She felt only his huge erection on her thigh.  “Eric,” she sighed as he slipped back inside of her still-moist sheath to the hilt.

“Sookie,” he said at the same time as he felt the tip of his cock tap lightly against her cervix.  How was it possible that in a thousand years of sex he had never before found a woman who could take hold of him so perfectly—who fit around him like a second flesh?  “Can’t get enough of you,” he sighed. 

Still connected, he let her roll him over onto his back, and she began to ride him, moving up and down in deep, heavy, luxuriant strokes.  She used her internal muscles to squeeze herself around him and smiled as his fangs clicked into place; his accompanying growl was animalistic.

He saw the challenge in his wife’s eyes—the fire that was telling him that she coveted him.  And at that very moment, she was coveting his cock as well.  “Fuck!” he exclaimed.  “My minx.  So. Fucking. Beautiful. Like. This!”    

“Like what?” she asked coyly as she bit her lip, squeezed her vaginal muscles even more around his swollen shaft, and raked her fingernails down his chest.  And there was still that fire in her eyes—warm brown wood bursting with flames.

He thrust his hips upward to meet her and raised his hands to cover her breasts―even as he thumbed her once again rock-hard nipples.  It was his turn to smile as she mewled and threw her head back in pleasure.

Their teasing placed to the side, Sookie began to bounce faster and faster, moving them both toward their orgasms; however, she found that she couldn’t move nearly fast enough to suit her desires.  Her fiery eyes locked into her husband’s molten blue depths.  “Mr. Northman, I need you to fuck me hard.  Right. Now!”

In that moment, she registered several things happening all at once:  her keyed-up husband’s growls, her back against a wall, his strong hand underneath her bottom, his cock beating against her G-spot in quick vibrations, his fingertips flicking her swollen clit, his blue eyes burning into her, and his fangs glistening in the firelight.  For several minutes he fucked her carnally—instinctively.  And once she figured out where she was again, she wrapped her legs more tightly around him and again tightened her sheath over his invading member.  This was her Viking!  This was her vampire!  This was her beautiful fucking caveman!

Eric felt his wife’s pussy clamp down around his cock and a growl rose up from deep inside of his chest.  Then he felt her pulsing around him as her orgasm hit her again and again.  Her head fell to the side in ecstasy, and he decided to put his fangs to good use. 

In truth, he didn’t really make a conscious ‘decision,’ as much as just found himself up to the base of his fangs in Sookie’s sweet flesh.  He felt himself spilling into her even as her orgasm continued.  He somehow found the power to withdraw his fangs after a few sips.   

Sookie’s release seemed to go on forever and drew out Eric’s as well.  Finally, she collapsed into his chest. 

He held her against the wall until her breathing evened out and then he laid her back down on the pallet, positioned himself next to her, and pulled up a blanket to cover them both. 

“Now that’s what I call crazy vampire circus sex,” she murmured.

He laughed.  “Well—then we need to go to the circus often, min älskare.”

“Amen to that,” she sighed and looked up at him with heavy lids.  “I just have one question for you.”

“Hmm?” he sounded.

“When did you grow an extra hand?  ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you had three there for a little while.”

He chuckled.  “Well—I had to do something during your time away.”

She giggled.  “I have another question.”

He rolled his eyes in mock frustration.  “You and all your questioning!  Nag, nag, nag!”

She popped him on the arm.  “Admit it!  You love it!”

He grinned and then looked at her seriously.  “I love every fucking thing about you, Sookie.”

She smiled and wiped a tear from her eye.  “Right back at you, you crazy Viking.”

“So?” he asked, his grin still firmly planted in place.

“So?” Sookie asked.

“Weren’t you going to ask me another question?” Eric snickered. 

 “Oh—right!” she exclaimed.  “You distracted me!”

He tried to look innocent.  He failed.  “Me?”

“Yes―you,” she said.

“I could distract you again,” he leered as he leaned forward to place a kiss on her nose.  “In fact, I am quite prepared to distract you right now if you wish.”  He brought his lips to hers in a lingering kiss.

She sighed, “Where are you?”

“Here,” Eric answered as he moved his kisses to her neck.

“No,” Sookie chuckled trying not to succumb to his kisses.  “I mean, where is your body while you’re dreaming?”

“Here,” Eric said again.  He also chuckled as he propped himself up on his elbow.  “I felt something in the bond earlier and that feeling drew me to the cabin.  And then you healed the fairy bond and called me, and I came to you.”  He chuckled again, “And you were here—in the cabin—too.”

Sookie raised herself up a bit to better look at him.  “In my dream, I couldn’t find you―I mean—I couldn’t find Dream Eric.  I looked around for a long time, but he wasn’t here.  Finally, after I built a fire, he found his way to it.  And then I was able to heal him—the bond,” Sookie began.

“And call me,” Eric pulled her into his arms, and she rested her head onto his chest.  “I think I felt you looking for me in your dream; it was like little jolts to the bond.  And I know I felt it when the dream me―or the fairy bond me―found you.  The bond was faint but there.  And then I felt you healing the bond, and I just latched onto that.”

“And you came to me,” Sookie said sinking further into his chest.

“Always.”  He gently kissed her forehead and held her close.

They were silent for a few minutes.  Sookie finally spoke with a sigh, “I can’t feel what you’re feeling; I miss the vampire bond.”

“I know; I don’t like it either.  But you are in the fairy realm, and I am here.  However, having the fairy bond back is good; trust me, it’s enough―more than enough right now.”

Sookie nodded into him.  “Will you tell me what you’re feeling then?”

Eric chuckled, “I love you.  I feel good―happy.  I feel grateful.  I feel ravenous for you.”

Sookie laughed, “You’ve had me twice in like an hour.”

“I know,” Eric pouted.  “So little.  Do not worry, lover; I am adequately rested to have you again.”

Sookie hit him on the arm.  She looked up and saw the smile that she knew would be on his beautiful face.

She became more serious.  “We should talk first.”

Eric nodded reluctantly and got up to put more wood on the fire.  “Just in case,” he said with a grin as he made sure the fire was roaring.

Sookie didn’t complain.  Watching her husband’s naked body adding fuel to the fire added heat to her own flesh. 

He chuckled and began to leave the room. 

“Hey—where do you think you’re goin’, vampire?”

He smirked.  “You are right that we should talk, but I cannot talk to you while you are naked.  I can think only of being inside of you again.”

Sookie blushed. 

Eric growled as the sight of her blush and then gave her a fangy grin.  “Do you not see how much you tempt me, min kära?” 

  He zipped into the bedroom and grabbed their robes before rejoining her on the pallet, where he took great pains in kissing her shoulders and breasts as he put the robe onto her.  She managed to both roll her eyes and moan at his actions.

When he’d finally gotten her and himself covered, he leaned against the coffee table and pulled her to rest on his chest before covering her feet and legs with a blanket. 

She sighed with satisfaction and comfort. 

“Talk,” Eric ordered.

Sookie nodded and began, “Niall wants me to stay in the fairy realm for a while.  He says that if I don’t stay there and train my fairy-ness, you and I will die.”

Eric chuckled at Sookie’s choice of words.  “He told me something similar―that our separation was necessary so that we would survive.”

“His source is apparently the A.P.,” Sookie said, “but I guess you already knew that.”

Eric nodded again, “She said that we would have to make a choice together, and if we didn’t make the right one, then we’d die soon after.”

Sookie sat up a bit.  “I think I know what that choice is.  I can come home immediately, Eric―as soon as I wake up if I want.  All I have to do is go into the pool, and I’ll be home.”

Eric tensed and pulled her closer.  “I thought that would be the case, and I crave for you to come to me right away,” he started.

“But if I do, we’ll die.”

“So it seems, min kära.  According to the A.P., another threat is coming.”

“Niall wants to try to train me to use my fairy light better.  He says that I need to learn how to keep it going even if you aren’t there to help me.  It was sort of broken when our fairy bond wasn’t working, but I think it’s okay now.” 

“Would you like to blast me again—just to make sure?” Eric asked with a quirked brow.

Sookie giggled.  “I’m not sure that your definition and my definition of ‘blast’ are the same thing.”

“No matter,” Eric said with a devilish grin as he went to slip the robe off of her shoulders.

“Down, cowboy!” Sookie admonished with a little smack to his arm.

Eric closed his eyes and sighed, “God, I missed you, lover.”

She grinned at her husband and then her face fell.  She couldn’t imagine being without him for a full day—let alone more than a year.  And then his loss had been compounded by the fairy bond being taken away too.

 She spoke seriously, “I think I have to stay there and train so that I can help with whatever the new threat is.”

“I agree,” Eric said as he reopened his eyes.  “The A.P. said that I could not defeat this foe without you, and it seems that you must have whatever training you require before that can occur.”

They were silent for a few minutes.  Eric’s fingers trailed over her body tenderly, and Sookie understood that he was reacquainting himself with her.  Both of them were pained by the idea of staying apart, but happy to have their newfound dream world.

Eric spoke after a few minutes, “You can stay in the place where Niall kept me?”

“I’ll insist upon it, or I’ll come back, and we’ll figure out a way to overcome whatever threat the A.P. sees, but I won’t leave you for a long time again.”

Once again, Eric sighed with relief and then chuckled, “You are a stubborn woman, Sookie Stackhouse.”

“That’s Sookie Stackhouse-Northman to you, Eric Northman, and yes I am stubborn.”

He tickled her side a bit, just to enjoy her laughter.

“So you will stay in the fairy realm―at the pool—and I will keep my head to the ground, prepare for the threat as I can, keep Hunter safe, and keep waiting for you to return to me.”

“And I’ll dream of you every chance I get.”

“You’d better,” he said with a kiss to her forehead.

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And with that, he was thrown away from her.  He was once again sitting on the couch in the cabin.  No candles were lit as they’d been in Sookie’s dream.  Only the dimming fire illuminated the room.  Eric looked down.  He was dressed in his track pants and intact T-shirt; at least Sookie would be pleased with that. He was also sporting a large erection―just as he had been throughout the whole dream.

He sighed and then chuckled, “Wet dreams, min kära?  Eventually, I will get back at you for that.”  Indeed, he already had a few plans formulating in his head for ways he wanted to get her back.

Eric looked around the empty room; it had been only thirty seconds, yet he already missed his Sookie immensely.  But as he touched the place above his heart, he smiled widely.  She was still there.  The fairy bond was enlivened―healthy and full again—and she was inside of him.

And, somehow, his beautiful fairy had also healed the bonding sickness he had been feeling more prominently during the last few months.

Eric sighed and sank back into the pallet.  He had learned—in the most painful ways—that his love would survive total separation from Sookie.  He had learned that the bonds they shared were simply complements to their love.  And now that the fairy bond was back, he understood that it was love—just as much as magic—that had put their bonds into place.  Maybe love was the true magic―after all.

Yes—Eric had been bruised, crushed, and torn apart in the past year, but he had not broken.  And he was goddamned glad that at least one of his bonds with his wife was back.  Did they need it to love each other?  No.  But he goddamned wanted it.  He wanted both of them!  Perhaps that made him selfish; however, he was okay with that.  He was vampire, after all.

As he looked at his still massive erection tenting his track pants, he recalled the feeling of being buried into his wife just 24 minutes before.  Yes—he was more than comfortable with being a little selfish for a while.  In fact, he felt almost drunk with his happiness.

His Sookie had promised to pull him into her dreams from then on.  And he felt like jumping up and down like Hunter often did when he was excited about something.  Instead, he laughed out loud in the empty room; he couldn’t help his glee from spilling out in some way.

Maybe―he even snorted a little.  But there was no one else there to confirm it.

When it was forty minutes until sunrise, the vampire extinguished the fire and locked up the cabin.  He wanted to be home to spend all of Christmas with his son.

As he flew, he thought about Hunter and Hadley.  He felt uncertain about what Hadley might do and prayed to Sookie’s God that his child would not be taken to the fairy realm by his mother.  Not having any other options, he decided to table that thought for later.  Right now, he had just enough time to check that the bicycle had been constructed properly before he went to his day rest.  He couldn’t very well allow Hunter to awaken to a bike that was not whole.

Eric smiled into the wind as he flew.

For the first time in a long time, Hunter’s father was whole as well.

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  1. Its like being able to breath clean air again after being kept in a dark dank place , he has a renewed presence and hopefully a wee bounce to his step .

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