Cast: Come Back to Me

Hello!  I got the idea to create this “casting list” from another writer on WordPress (inlovewitheric).  So I am shamelessly going to use the idea because, honestly, it totally made my experience reading her work richer.   I especially wanted you to know how I’m “seeing” characters who are “new.”  So — here is how I would cast everyone if I were in charge and had all the money in the world.  You’ll see that most of the “regulars” stay the same.

Note:  When I “cast” someone as a “bad guy or gal,” I mean no offense.  For the record, I “like” all the actors on this list, or I wouldn’t have chosen them.  A few are slightly obscure, so if you have time, check out their work!

The amazing Sephrenia also made some character banners with the cast.  Check it out!  She’s fab! (Link)

Cast of CBTM


Other than Sookie, Eric, and Hunter, all the characters are in alphabetical order by the name they are most known by.

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35 thoughts on “Cast: Come Back to Me

  1. Ooohhh ok I see Niall now… and you’re keeping the rest of the fairies as cast on TB. Gotcha!

    1. Yeah — I don’t know which Claude I want: The fourth season’s or this season’s. Since he so different than the books/probably the show, I might go with someone completely different. As for Duncan, you get one guess. Hint: If A. Skars were not a god, I would go with this as my main celeb. crush.

  2. I think you picked an amazing cast so far! I love these!! I have to say that I never would have thought of Paul Bettany for Rasul, but I most definitely like it. Yum!

  3. Hey Ms. Kat,

    I finally made my way over here to take a gander at your cast list. I love Helen Mirren and Maureen O’Hara. Both very beautiful women. I love Sid Chariss too, such a lovely and talented dancer/actress. Gary Oldman is a great pick for Niall. I kinds picture him more like Michael Caine or Robert Devall (loved the movie Secondhand Lions). I like who you picked for Batanya. She was quite badass in Underworld – Rise of the Lycans.

    I think you should try to include Matthew Bomer some where. He doesn’t swing my way, but whoo, he sure is good to look at :o)

    Thank for all the fun ~ Peppermintbark

    1. Yummy on Matthew Bomer. Now — he would have been a great Claude! Both girls and guys would love him! LOL. I will keep him in mind. And since I have about as much chance with him whether he’s gay or straight (LOL), I will join you inn lusting for him. I have been picturing Niall as Gary Oldman from the beginning of reading the books, strangely enough–probably because he’s such a wonderful acting chameleon. I love Caine and Devall too, but Oldman has this kind of “youth” about his performances. I’ve loved him since “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.” LOL.

  4. Love the cast page. I especially like the pictures of Naill and the AP. I admit that I went gaga over Hunter and Godric beyond cute. Are Jason and Jess the TB actors?
    I like Rasul casting too.

    1. I’m glad you like my choices. Yeah, Jason and Jess are the same. In fact all the TB actors are, unless you like Claude, whom I’m keeping as last season’s version and not this season’s. The Rasul casting was both easy and hard. When I wrote him, I pictured the actor I chose for some reason; however, his name is Latino/Spanish. I eventually went with my gut though. Thanks for looking!

  5. I think I saw a report that Charlaine Harris actually had Vin Diesel in mind for Quinn..could be an urban myth of course, but it rings true..and your choice for Neave & Lochlan, dead on these actors have the ability to comes across as over the top creepy. And while I think Chris Hemsworth is cute, I agree that Alexander would have been perfect..and he would have gotten to work with his father since he was in the movie your cast of characters.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Charlaine Harris visualize Vin Diesel for Quinn, and that factored into my own choice. Plus, there aren’t a lot of actors that fit that description. I love Crispin Glover – but so creepy! I think he and Tilda would be awesome too. And Alexander SHOULD have been Thor. Seriously. He would have been amazing. He has that playfulness that Christ Hensworth doesn’t quite get to.

  6. OH you are so good! I totally wasn’t expecting to see our British heart-throb there! Sigh. SIGH. SIIIIIGH. Maybe when you’re done writing TB FF you can write N&S? ;P

  7. PS I used to have BIIIG crush on Dermot Mulroney too! 🙂 All the castings are great. Neave and Lochlan are perfect. I like that Hallow was actually a bit of a looker. No wonder Sookie wanted to jump through the pool to protect her man!! I’m so glad you ‘cast’ Viola. She’s important and I love your choice.

    1. Thanks. I think I still have a crush on Dermot. Guilty pleasure movie: The Wedding Date (is that what it’s called?) As for Hallow, really like the actress–she’s in Burn Notice, and with the right make-up, she’d be a killer Hallow. And Maureen — LOVE HER!

      1. It’s something like that. Much better than the movie he’s in with Julia Roberts and he ends up marrying the cute annoying girl… I fell for him in this movie from the early 90s I think “Where the day takes you.”

      1. Ahh, I didn’t realize that was the actor from the show too – he looked older or something on the screen. And yes, definitely blonder.

  8. Wow…Many great actors and actresses you have chosen…My favorites are the following:Hallow, played by Gabrielle Anwar (perfect Hallow)I love her…Niall Brigant, played by Gary Oldman….no words to describe…Neave and Lochlan, played by Tilda Swinton and Crispin Glover…Perfect casting for those roles they could be sooo evil and they way the actors can distort their faces into the characters they are portraying,,,ohh Tilda Swinton perfect just perfect for Neave I could just see her with the teeth!!!!

  9. Oh, yes, to darling RA as Duncan! Not sure about Bettany as Rasul; I’ve always thought of him as someone like Oded Fehr in The Mummy. Giggle!

  10. (Reposting this here since sometimes FF doesn’t actually post my reviews to you. Grrr.)

    AHH! This is awesome.

    – Hunter is exactly like I pictured in my head.
    – A.P. is brilliant!
    – NIALL!!! That is an excellent choice, totally not what I pictured but awesome!
    – Your Claude is cuter than who they cast on TB 😛
    – Batanya = Perfect.
    – Thalia = Perfect.
    – QUINN = YES.

    Also, I still love you for bringing in poor, wonderful Molly. A moment of silence, please.

  11. Seeing Clive Owens as Mickey made me giggle. I’m not familiar with Shalom Harlow, but she is very pretty.

  12. This cast is just perfect. I actually had imagined Richard Armitage in character before I saw this. I really want this cast to come together! Also Helen Mirren would be perfect for the AP. Also Summer as Thalia is genius and Rachel McAdams is Amelia to a T! I really want to see this cast do your fanfic! Brilliant.

    1. I’m glad that you liked it! Richard Armitage is one of my favorite actors, and I had him in mind when I went to create this character. That wily little smile he has is perfect for Duncan. I’m glad you liked the rest of my choices. After I “write” a character for a while, I have to go back and “visualize” him/her. It makes the work come more alive for me.

  13. I always pictured Rasul as the actor from Hero’s. He was described in the books as being middle eastern descent. I think Bettany is hot, hot, hot, just not Rasul. I saw Niall as having long straight white hair, slim and with a young looking face with lots of class. Pretty sure the book description went like that too. The others are just spot on though.

    1. I definitely took a few liberties w/ the cast–Rasul being the biggest change. I have different Rasuls in other stories, but–for some reason–Bettany just poked into my head as I wrote. Thanks for reading and for the response to the cast.

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