Table of Contents/B&F

Chapter 01: Surprise Me

Chapter 02: Thinking in the Dark

Chapter 03: Dreaming in the Light

Chapter 04: The Tie that Binds

Chapter 05: We Could Begin Again

Chapter 06: The North Star

Chapter 07: To Know Her

Chapter 08: Blood Will Tell

Chapter 09: A Light in the Dark

Chapter 10: If You Love Her, Let Her Go

Chapter 11: Untying

Chapter 12: Into the Fire

Chapter 13: An Empty Spot

Chapter 14: Visiting Hours

Chapter 15: A String of Light

Chapter 16: Awake

Chapter 17: The Suitor

Chapter 18: Carving a Heart

Chapter 19: The Unresisting Heart

Chapter 20: Blue

Chapter 21: Deeds

Chapter 22: Another Offer

Chapter 23: A Normal Life

Chapter 24: Daisy Chains

Chapter 25: The Sheriff

Chapter 26: Moral Support

Chapter 27: A Prayer from the Dead

Chapter 28: Wooden Bullets

Chapter 29: I Want to Kiss You

Chapter 30: To See the Light

Chapter 31: Markers

Chapter 32: A Smart Girl

Chapter 33: Sense and Instinct

Chapter 34: Motives

Chapter 35: In a Nightmare

Chapter 36: In a Dream

Chapter 37: Preparations

Chapter 38: Half Truths

Chapter 39: Flannel and Leather

Chapter 40: Discoveries

Chapter 41: The Fairy Bond

Chapter 42: Keepsakes

Chapter 43: Don’t Fuck It Up, Northman

Chapter 44: The Edge of the Ocean, Part 1

Chapter 45: The Edge of the Ocean, Part 2

Chapter 46: The Edge of the Ocean, Part 3

Chapter 47: A Voice in My Head

Chapter 48: Her Choice

Chapter 49: The Meaning of Gardenias

Chapter 50: I See You

Chapter 51: Tokens

Chapter 52: Somewhere Only We Know

Chapter 53: This Never Happened Before

Chapter 54: In Her Light

Chapter 55: My Wife

Chapter 56: Okay

Chapter 57: Protection

Chapter 58: In the Mirror, Part 1

Chapter 59: Up to No Good

Chapter 60: To Tame a Vampire

Chapter 61: Daggers

Chapter 62: In the Mirror, Part 2

Chapter 63: Overdue

Chapter 64: Matriarchs

Chapter 65: The Course of Stars

Chapter 66: Put There for Me

Chapter 67: Fumbling Toward Ecstasy

Chapter 68: One

Chapter 69: Explorations

Chapter 70: Warmth

Chapter 71: Shieldmaiden

Chapter 72: Share with Me

Chapter 73: Understanding

Chapter 74: Fallacy

Chapter 75: The Nearness of You

Chapter 76: Twenty Questions

Chapter 77: Butterflies

Chapter 78: Gifts, Part 1

Chapter 79: Gifts, Part 2

Chapter 80: Friends and Enemies

Chapter 81: Time

Chapter 82: Song

Chapter 83: Presents

Chapter 84: Nesting

Chapter 85: Out of the Bubble

Chapter 86: She’s Not Here

Chapter 87: Little Deceptions

Chapter 88: You Are the Bond

Chapter 89: Innate Fairy Badassness

Chapter 90: The Calvary

Chapter 91: Studies

Chapter 92: Anatomy

Chapter 93: Sharing Life

Chapter 94: Found in Claimed

The Cast

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