COMPLETED Multi-Chapter Stories

Below, you will find an index of my COMPLETED multi-chapter stories in alphabetical order.

(You can access the stories by clicking the pictures.)

Bombshell Title

SVM–Begins in the middle of the events of All Together Dead

 After Eric saves Sookie from having to bond with Andre, things go very differently.  The main difference?  Eric and Sookie actually talk!  (inspired by switbo)


(banner by Sephrenia)

Every Contingency Title

SVM–Begins in the middle of the events of Dead and Gone

A “what-if” story: How would’ve Sookie’s and Eric’s fates been different if Bobby also delivered a message to Sookie when he delivered the knife that would pledge her to Eric? What if Eric explained the situation to Sookie so that she wouldn’t feel like he’d manipulated her into pledging? Will she choose to pledge? Or will she get the hell out of Bon Temps to escape all the vampires in her life? (inspired by ncmiss12)


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Funeral title

TB–Begins following Season 6, Episode 7

Nora has just died, and—at Bill’s request—Sookie has brought Warlow back to the human realm. Will the death that surrounds them cause Eric and Sookie to choose life—that “other” life they could have together?

the funeral

given unsought title

SVM–Begins in the middle of the events of Dead as a Doornail

When Sookie finally tells Eric about what happened when his memory was taken away by Marnie’s spell, the vampire notes that she spent more time talking about Debbie’s demise than any relationship they had. And he realizes something: Sookie doesn’t trust him not to harm her with the information about Debbie. Even though Eric is new at love, he knows that it cannot flourish without trust, so he cuts ties with her and eventually develops a relationship with another. What will happen when Sookie realizes that she made a mistake? What will happen when it is she who must fight for love which is unsought? (inspired by Lajayden1973)

Given Unsought TWCS(banner by Sephrenia)

Goblin title

TB–Alternative Universe

Fairy tales are thought of as fiction only by those who do not know of the Supernatural world; of course, the humans often don’t know the whole story. “Rumpelstiltskin”—SVM/True Blood style. The story won Kittyinaz’s June 2015 Writing Contest!

The-Goblin-California-Kat-1(banner by Kittyinaz)

life from death

TB–picks up in the middle of Season 7, Episode 9  

What if the Viking decided that being Bill’s messenger wasn’t going to work for him? It was high time for Sookie to hear some hard truths.  What she chose to do with those truths would determine whether Eric cut ties with her. 

Life-From-Death(1)(animated banner by Sephrenia)

Marks title

TB–ALL HUMAN–Alternative Universe  

The Civil War ravaged lives, pitting brother against brother: countryman against countryman. Cousins and best friends, Eric Northman and William Compton are on different sides of history, and their situation is only complicated further—by a Southern Belle named Sookie Stackhouse. (This story was originally written for American Android’s Historical Fiction contest, and I am proud to report that it won the contest! Thanks to all who voted for it!)

Marks WP(banner by American Android)

NWA title

SVM–picks up in the middle of Deadlocked

Having learned that there is a spell that could break the bond between her and Eric, Sookie is gung-ho to do it; however, in this version of events, Amelia proves herself to be a true friend by making sure that Sookie has thought things through fully—with a little help from a certain Viking vampire. (inspired by ericluver)

Not Without Action(banner by Sephrenia)

title one night

SVM–picks up in the middle of Dead After Dark

“I’ll see you again,” Eric told Sookie when she left with Bill following the Long Shadow attack. What if that “again” had been the very next night? (inspired by Gwynwyvar)

One Night WP(banner by Sephrenia)

Rewind Play Fast Forward title

SVM/TB–ROLE REVERSAL–Alternative Universe

Eric Northman was born into royalty—both human and Fae. However, because of his “defect,” telepathy, his parents abandon him. Years later, he finds himself in Louisiana, where he meets a beautiful vampiress named Sookie.

R, P, FF TWCS(banner by Sephrenia)

salt water title

TB–Follows True Blood Season 7, episode 4

Sookie knew from Eric’s eyes that he was telling her goodbye, but she’d had enough goodbyes in her life, and she wasn’t about to say goodbye to Eric Northman again-not when she might be able to help him. The only question was, “Would Eric fight for his life too?”

SW banner(banner by Sephrenia)

Sleeper 2

TB–Alternative Universe

What if Gran had helped Sookie to develop her telepathy, rather than encouraging her to hide it? What if Sookie had grown up calling her ability a “gift” rather than a “curse?” What if Sookie had sought out Eric’s help for a very different reason than trying to clear her brother’s name? 

the sleeper must awaken WP(banner by Sephrenia)

Tenterhooks title

SVM–begins in the middle of Book 4 (Dead to the World)

What if Sookie had said “yes” when Eric suggested they return to “their home” before the witch war? What if she’d chosen her own desire to “keep” him over her impulse to ensure that his memories were returned?

Tenterhooks(banner by Sephrenia)

That bitter taste title

TB–begins two years after the end of the series

Both Eric and Sookie are reassessing the choices they made at the end of Season 7. And both of them realize that what they feel most is bitterness. Can they turn that bitter into sweet? 

That Bitter Taste Banner(banner by Sephrenia)

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