Two-Natured Characters: from both TB & SVM

Alcide Herveaux (werewolf)

It’s hard not to picture Joe Manganiello for this role.  Indeed, I’ve never tried.  🙂

Calvin Norris (werepanther)

Let’s not talk about the show’s characterization of this werepanther.  I hated it!  However, I’ve included Calvin in my stories several times.  In the AH Comfortably Numb Series, I cast Mark Harmon.

For Not Without Action, I went with Dermot Mulroney.

Debbie Pelt (werewolf or werefox)

Whether she’s a werefox (like in the books) or a werewolf (as in the show), I picture Brit Morgan–whom I think did a great job on the show.

Jackson Herveaux (werewolf)

In The Trunk Trilogy, I used actor Robert Patrick, who is also the actor used on the television show.

Sam Merlotte (shifter–dog)

I thought Sam Trammell was really good in the role.  For the record, I ultimately hate what was done with this character in both the show and the books.  😦   I try to do better in my works.

Please comment and tell me what you think!

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