Chapter 03: Dreaming in the Light

[NOTE: extended dreams in italics]

Sookie stretched lazily in her lounge chair, happy to finally be soaking up some sun after the toil of the last several days―no make that months.  Not for the first time, Sookie was grateful that she lived in Louisiana where even on one of the last days of October, the weather could be warm enough for her to enjoy the sun in a bikini. 

Today was especially warm, and her skin was soaking in the hot rays like a sponge.  She closed her eyes blissfully, dozing a bit.

Her rest was interrupted when she suddenly felt cooler.  She opened her eyes to see if a cloud was passing over, but instead, she found Bill leaning over her, taking in her bikini-clad body. 

“I have always wanted to see you like this,” he drawled, his accent very prominent. 

“What are you doing here?” she cried out, immediately worried that the sun would burn him. 

“Don’t fear, my little fairy.  Your light will always shelter me.”

Sookie relaxed immediately, not doubting the truth of his words.

“This is a dream, isn’t it?” she asked lazily.

Bill didn’t answer as suddenly, he was on top of her, hovering over her body and kissing her neck and shoulders.  Quickly, he pushed down her top and licked and bit into her breast.  She arched into him, in both pleasure and pain. 

She gazed at what Bill was doing before another shadow engulfed both of them.  She looked up to see Eric and greeted him sluggishly, “Hi Eric.  Are you shielded by my light too?”

Eric’s face looked solemn.  “I am Sookie.  I thought that I would never again see the sun, but it appears you have opened up the realm of daylight to me, min kära.”

“Mmmm,” Sookie purred, still arching into Bill’s ministrations and loving the feel of his lips and hands on her breasts.  He licked the bite he’d made on her right breast and then bit into her left one.  It hurt a little, but soon the pleasure outweighed the pain.

Wondering why Eric wasn’t joining them, Sookie again looked up at him.  His beautiful blue eyes were taking her in with an almost defeated look.  She asked, “Min kära?  That sounds pretty.  What does it mean?  Is it your Viking language?”

“It’s close,” Eric said, now looking away from Bill and Sookie and toward the light of the sun.  “It is Swedish. The language I grew up with, Old Norse, is the parent of modern Swedish.” 

“Mmmmmm,” Sookie sighed as Bill licked the second wound.  His hands moved down to slip into her bikini bottoms.  Usually, she would have been mortified at the thought of having an audience as Bill made love to her with his hands and mouth, but Eric’s presence didn’t seem to affect her pleasure at Bill’s ministrations.  “What does it mean?” she grunted in Eric’s direction.

“Min kära means ‘my love’ in English―‘my beloved one’,” Eric answered softly, still not looking down at the couple.  In fact, Sookie realized that his voice sounded a bit far away now.

She pulled her gaze from Bill’s head, which was slowly descending toward her thighs and looked up at Eric.  His profile was beautiful as the planes and curves of his face soaked in the sun for one of the first times in a thousand years.  He looked toward the light with both longing and sadness in his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Eric?” Sookie managed to say, as Bill worked a finger into her bikini bottoms and then into her hot center.  She moaned at the touch.

Eric didn’t turn to look at Sookie; instead, his gaze fell toward the ground slowly as he seemed to catalogue the way the world looked bathed in sunlight.  It took him a few moments to answer.  “I have been in the light two times since I met you, min kära.  The first time, you did not give me this gift willingly.  The second time, I killed your kinswoman.  And now, I am punished.”

“Hmmm?” Sookie questioned inattentively as Bill slipped her bottoms down and then added a second finger to join the other inside of her.  Her hips raised and she cried out―again in both pleasure and pain―as Bill bit into her thigh, even as his fingers continued to pump into her.  

Eric’s gaze finally returned to Sookie’s eyes, which were now clouded with hazy lust.  “My punishment is to be without you, to watch as another has your love.  This has been my fate since I have met you, Sookie, at least until this last week when I got a taste of what it was like to have your love.  Now my punishment is even greater.”

“Even greater?” Sookie asked, too wrapped up in the pleasure Bill was causing her to really be listening to Eric’s words carefully.

Eric looked away again.  “Yes, min kära.  Now that I have had your love for a moment, it is even more difficult to be without you, to be the one always looking in from the outside as he,” Eric gestured toward  Bill, “ has your heart.”

“But you have my love too now,” Sookie grunted as her climax drew nearer and nearer, before finally exploding around Bill’s fingers.

Eric didn’t answer as Sookie returned to awareness following her orgasm.  Bill, who had remained silent since Eric’s arrival, began to undress.  He turned slightly toward Eric.  “She will never love you as she loves me.  You never really had her; she loved you only when you were not yourself.  Now that you are back to what you were, she will also go back―to hating you.”

“That’s not true,” Sookie protested weakly as Bill positioned his now naked body over her and thrust into her roughly.

Sookie moaned into Bill’s mouth as he kissed her lips and continued moaning as his lips moved toward her neck, licking and tasting her as his fangs scraped her skin.

Sookie managed to look at Eric again.  This time, she saw bloody tears gathered in his eyes.  At that moment, he reminded her of what he’d looked like on the morning he had begged Godric not to leave him, and she wanted to reach out and comfort him, but she couldn’t stop the passion that Bill was stirring again in her, and she raised her hips to meet Bill’s thrusts. 

Torn between her pleasure and her desire to stop Eric’s tears, Sookie managed to whisper, “What’s wrong, Eric?”

“I already feel you leaving me just as Godric did,” Eric looked like the weight of his thousand plus years was being put onto his shoulders in that moment. 

Sookie couldn’t answer him as Bill’s fangs pierced her neck almost violently, drawing her orgasm from her body along with her blood.  She felt Bill stiffen and then pour his own release into her.  Only then did she open her eyes and realize that Eric was no longer there anymore.  Bill still hovered above her, but instead of love or even lust in his eyes, there was a look of victory in them.

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Sookie woke up with a start, her body aroused but her mind disturbed by the dream she’d been having.  She looked out her window and saw sunlight streaming in and then at her clock and saw that it was only 9:30 in the morning.  She tried to go back to sleep, but the image of Bill’s triumphant eyes contrasted to Eric’s defeated ones wouldn’t leave her.  Fifteen minutes later when her stomach growled, she rolled herself out of the bed, which still smelled a bit like Eric from the night they had spent there after their blood exchange.  She looked at the old fire place and thought about Eric starting a fire for them to hold out the cool air of the October night.  She remembered his naked silhouette in the light of that fire as he’d risen to return to bed.  She couldn’t believe that had been only a few nights before.

As she moved around her kitchen, making coffee and toast, she let her mind drift to her dream.  Bill’s presence had felt somewhat off to her as he made love to her, and she was upset by Eric’s role in the dream.

The day before, she’d dreamed that both of them had kissed and bitten into her at the same time, a truly erotic sensation from the dream.  She had expected a similar scenario to take place in her next dream starring the two vampires.

Certainly her most-recent dream had contained an element of the erotic, but the bites this time had been tinged with pain.  And Eric had seemed so heartbroken.  And she’d done nothing to comfort him.  Perhaps dream Bill was right.  Perhaps Sookie’s feelings had changed now that Eric was himself again.  However, now that she was awake, Sookie felt guilty for not stopping Bill and comforting Eric.  She shook off her thoughts as her phone rang.

“Hey Sook,” Lafayette said after Sookie greeted her caller with a hello.

“Lala!  You okay?”

“Sure.  Just still a bit freaked over everything, but Jesus is here and called off from work.  We is playin’ hooky today.  I don’t care what Sam says ‘bout that either.”

“And Tara?”

On the other end of the phone, Lafayette sighed loudly enough for Sookie to hear.  “She left last night.  Packed up her bag and was gone an hour after we got here.  I think she’s goin’ to go find that woman she was with in NOLA.”

“Oh,” was all Sookie could say as the tears began to gather into her eyes at the loss of her best friend.  She sensed that Tara had both literally and figuratively cut ties between them the night before, and she felt the weight as she mourned the loss of her best friend.  So much had happened to and between them in the last year and a half.  Sookie wondered if she’d ever see her friend again.

“Sook, Jesus and I want you’s to come over here and hang today.  You’s needs a break as much as we do, and we’s gonna sit on the couch, eat, and watch mindless T.V. all day.  Springer’s on now, and the batshit craziness on that show’s makin’ me feel almost like a normal person again―not someone who can channel fuckin’ dead people and who’s shackin’ up with some kind of demon thing.

“Hey!” Sookie heard Jesus’s voice from the background, chiding his boyfriend.

“Well you is!” Lafayette said, obviously talking to Jesus.

“Yeah,” Sookie said as she took in the lack of contents in her refrigerator.  “I’ll be over as soon as I grab a quick shower and throw on some clothes.”

She hung up and immediately felt a little better.  “This is no time for being alone,” she said to herself.  She quickly showered and put on some comfortable, well-broken-in jeans and a long sleeved T-shirt.  She was ready for a day of just chilling out.

On a whim, she also packed an overnight bag, wondering if Jesus and Lafayette would let her stay over.  Maybe they could all get drunk on the wicked Margaritas that were a specialty of Lafayette’s.  Just in case, she grabbed the full bottle of tequila that someone―read a high-handed, blond vampire or one of his minions―had put into her fully restored liquor cabinet, a piece of furniture that she would have been loath to lose considering Grandpa Earl had made it.  She’d been heartbroken after she’d seen the damage to it following Maryann’s little “visit,” but now it looked beautiful again.  For good measure, she grabbed the gin and vodka bottles too.

She also didn’t want to be home that night.  She was not ready to deal with either vampire in her life, and even though she knew that they could find her if they wanted to after nightfall, she hoped that they’d both respect her enough to let her initiate their next contact.  She just needed some time and space from everything, and as she glanced around the rooms that now held so many memories of both Eric and Bill, she felt that she needed to do her thinking somewhere else.

She quickly called Jason to tell him where she’d be, and he promised to come by after his shift ended at 6.  Then she hopped into her car and took off for Lafayette and Jesus’s place.



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  1. The dream is sad, Eric clearly broken by what is happening between her and Bill. And Bill is the usual douche bag.

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