Human Characters: from both TB & SVM

For almost every human on the show, I liked the casting.  Thus, I’ve kept most of them the same.

Adele Stackhouse–“Gran”

This character will likely always be Lois Smith to me.  I love the actress on the show.

Andy Bellefleur

It’s hard not to picture Chris Bauer as I write this character.  His most featured role in my stories to date is in the INNER-Verse.

Arlene Fowler (Arlene Bellefleur)

Carrie Preston does a great job on the show.  She’s who I will likely always “cast” for the role.

Coby Bellefleur

I’ve not needed to “cast” a young Coby, but–for Earned–I needed a young adult version.  I’ve been picturing Shia LeBeouf for the role (though a slightly younger -than-real-life version of him).

Dawn Green

I will likely always picture Lynn Collins in this minor role.  In my stories, her biggest roles are in Comfortably Numb (AH) and Time after Time; she isn’t “killed off” in either.


I enjoyed the performance of the actress who played her on the show:  Tara Buck.  I have seen no need to “re-cast” her.

Hadley Savoy (Delahoussaye)

Like Jason, she’s part-fairy, but I still think of her as human, so she’s here.  I continue to picture the show’s actress, Lindsey Haun in the role, though I think the book description is a little different.

Jason Stackhouse

It’s probably controversial that I’m putting Jason in the “human’ category, but–here we are.  😉

Who else but Ryan Kwanten could I visualize?


I think this character popped up in the show.  Anyway, I’ve “cast” her only in the Comfortably Numb trilogy (AH series).  I visualized Gina Torres, whom I love in Firefly.

Lafayette Reynolds

It’s incredibly sad that Nelsan Ellis passed away.  He’ll always be Lafayette to me and made the role so much more than it was in the books.

Maudette Pickens

I picture show actress, Danielle Sapia, for this minor role.  Like the Dawn character, Maudette figures more prominently in my Comfortably Numb series and Time after Time–where she is not murdered early on.

Portia Bellefleur

I picture the show’s actress, Courtney Ford, when I write for this character.

Sarah Newlin

When I use this character, I picture the show’s actress, Anna Camp.

Sid Matt Lancaster

I have “cast” him only in my Comfortably Numb trilogy so far.  I pictured Gene Hackman in the role.

Steve Newlin

Though he became a vampire in the show, I classified him as a human in this directory (because that’s how I think of him).  I loved the casting of Michael McMillian and visualize him when writing the role.

Tara Thornton

Like most of you, I have a hard time not picturing Rutina Wesley as Tara.  I love her in the show (she wasn’t always utilized in a great way, but she did what she could with what she got, in my opinion).

Like I said, it’s really hard for me NOT to see Rutina in the role: however, for The Trunk Trilogy, I’ve decided to change the actress to better reflect the book’s description.  I’m visualizing Morena Baccarin.

Terry Bellefleur

I love Todd Lowe in the role, so that’s whom I picture.


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