Chapter 102: Dream a Little Dream, Part 2

Thirty minutes later, Eric had thoroughly schooled Sookie in the many potential positions that could be successfully achieved during desk sex.  As he carried her to the bed, she was somewhat surprised that the little piece of furniture was still standing.  She knew with certainty that it would be a while before her own legs would be standing. 

As he settled her in, he made sure that she was covered with a sheet and then joined her.  They lay facing each other and smiling for several minutes. 

“What?” she finally asked when his blue eyes held too much playfulness for her not to comment on them.

He grinned like the cat that ate the canary.  “I was thinking about how we still have four hours and five minutes left tonight.  And I was also thinking about all the other places that I imagined having sex with you the first night I met you.”

She giggled.  “Do tell.”

He began listing them off.  “Other than on top of my desk―there was in my desk chair, against the wall in my office, against the office door, on my couch in my office, on the floor in my office, on the dance floor, on the bar, behind the bar, on a bar stool, in a booth, on a table, behind the DJ’s stand, on top of the DJ’s stand, on the roof, on the hood of my car—oh—and on my throne, of course.”

She slapped his chest and giggled.  She was blushing.  “I suppose you wanted me in your dungeon too.”

His look turned serious quickly.  “No, min kván.  I never wanted you there.”

She looked at him in surprise.  “Why not?”

He clarified.  “Do not get me wrong.  I would gladly have sex with you anywhere, but the basement of Fangtasia was not a place where I would go to seek intimacy.  It was a place where I went when I sought only blood or fleeting physical pleasure.  So it was not for you—never.” 

She raised a hand up to his cheek, touching it gently.  “You never imagined me in that place?”

Eric thought for a moment and then shook his head.  “No.  I imagined you everywhere else―I think―but not there.” 

A half-smile formed on her lips.  “I snuck a peek when I saw you naked down there.”

“I know,” he smirked.  “I saw you flush, just as you are doing now.”

“I wanted to scratch out that woman’s eyes too—Yvetta,” she said sourly.

Eric’s smirk rose even higher up one of his cheeks.  “I know.  I felt your jealousy.”

Sookie shook her head and spoke sarcastically, “I bet you loved that.”

“Yes,” he admitted as his expression became more serious again.  “Though I was still hardly admitting it to myself, I loved you already, so I did welcome your jealousy.  In truth, I wanted to follow you up those stairs when you left, especially after you sassily told me that I owed you money.”

Sookie couldn’t help but to feel a little jealous right at that moment as she remembered the tangible evidence of Eric’s past sex life in the form of Yvetta naked and tied up.  “But you didn’t follow me,” she sighed.  “I wish you would have.”

He shook his head.  “No I did not, and I now wish I would have too.”

“Did you—uh—finish what you had been doing down there with Yvetta?” she asked with her eyes lowered toward the foot of the bed. 

He raised her chin so that her eyes would meet his.

She stammered.  “It doesn’t really matter because I had no claim on you then.  It’s just that,” she stopped mid-sentence.

He shook his head again and answered honestly.  “No.  I did not finish with Yvetta that night.”

“Why not?” Sookie asked in a soft voice.

“Because your scent was in the air and because you felt jealous and because I felt you feeling it.  I liked that you felt it, but I,” he paused, “desired to remove the cause of it.” 

“Can I ask you something else?”

Eric could read the insecurity on Sookie’s face like a book even though he couldn’t feel her emotions; he didn’t like that look on her face, not even for a second.  “You can ask me anything, min kära—anything.”

Sookie looked down.  “It’s a stupid question.”  She shook her head.  “And it shouldn’t even matter.”

“Anything that worries you matters to me,” Eric affirmed quietly.

Sookie was silent for a few moments as Eric watched her have some kind of internal battle.

Finally, she sighed and spoke.  “I know that you slept with a lot of people in your life before me.  I know that you fed from a lot of people too.  And rationally, I know that none of them matter.  I know that you love me—that you never loved another in the same way before me.  And I know that what we have is better than most people could even dream of.”

Eric nodded his head in agreement and encouraged her when she paused.  “But?”

“It’s just that sometimes I get a little jealous thinking about you bein’ with all those exotic women and men, doing all those exotic things that I could never do—would never want to do—things like Yvetta did with you in your dungeon.  And then I get sad because it feels like I might be limitin’ you somehow when it comes to sex.  I mean—I know that you don’t want anyone else.  That’s not why I’m feelin’ this way.”  She paused.  “It’s more about me bein’ jealous that I might not be givin’ you all that you need.”

Eric sighed heavily and spoke in a quiet voice.  “I would never want to do some of the things with you, Sookie, that I have done with others.  Those things are not us.  And I know you enough to know that you would not enjoy them.”

“But do you like—uh—those kinds of things?  ‘Cause if you do, then that’s something I’m takin’ from you—because I don’t think I could—uh.”

Eric interrupted her with a gentle touch to her shoulder.  “Sookie, as I have said before, there will be many sexual acts that we can try in order to see if you like them; however, I will never introduce things that go against who you are or who we are together.” 

He sighed deeply, “But I will confess that for a while, I was extremely interested in the kind of bondage sex that you saw in the basement.”

Sookie also sighed and shook her head.  “And I just can’t give you that, Eric.  And I hate it.”

“No, Sookie,” Eric said, his voice sounding almost pained.  “You should not be upset that I have given up that kind of thing.”  He sat up in bed a little.  “Sookie, I am going to tell you something that might lower your estimation of me—of the way I treated most humans before we were together.  However, I think it will lay some of your fears to rest.”

She sat up too and looked at him cautiously, but curiously.  It was her turn to touch him in reassurance, and she unconsciously brought up her hand to stroke his chest.

He smiled at her and whispered, “You are doing it again, my love.”  He looked down at where she was touching him, and they both saw a little white light emanating from her touch. 

She smiled.  “I can’t help it.  It’s just instinct.”

His eyes brightened.  “I love who you are, Sookie.  I love you exactly as you are too.”  He shook his head and gave her a little smile.  “And this is just like you.  I tell you that I am about to say something that may lower your estimation of me, and you react by trying to protect and heal me with your magic.

“Like I said,” she said softly, “instinct.”  She smiled warmly at him.  “I’m glad that this is at least keeping the bond sickness away.”

Eric lowered his forehead to hers.  “Yes—min mirakel, min sköldmöns.”  [“my miracle, my shieldmaiden.”]

She could still feel his nervousness.  “Tell me,” she said.

He nodded.  “After I met you―specifically after you touched me for the first time―I began to seek out women like Yvetta—women who enjoyed being tied up during sex.”

“But why?” Sookie asked, confused.  “Why then?”

Eric sighed again.  “During my thousand years, I had tried bondage before; however, like most physical acts, it soon bored me.  However, after I had met you, it had an added attraction that I became desperate for.” 

She looked a little frightened but her expression also held trust.

He continued honestly.  “It enabled me to take my pleasure and blood without having to endure the touches of others, Sookie.  I admit that Yvetta was kept around much longer than I normally kept around women because she enjoyed being bound like you saw her.  I used her and others like her with the thought only of keeping the memory of your touch fresh on my skin.  I did not want their hands on my body.”

“Eric,” Sookie whispered, not knowing exactly what to do with the information he was giving her. 

Eric shook his head.  “I have never had much respect for humans in general—or any group of beings in general.  My respect had to won by individuals, but very few of those whom I respected ever became my bedmates; this was true even in my human life.”  He sighed.  “The act of sex to you is different, Sookie.  You see it as an extension of love and affection, and you have taught me that it can be,” he paused, “so much more than a physical act.”  He shook his head.  “But in the past, I spared very little thought for women like Yvetta.”

After having thought about it for a moment, Sookie once more grasped the beautiful contradiction that was her husband.  He insisted that he spent no time thinking of others, yet he’d gone out of his way not to sleep with virgins over the years because he didn’t like the thought of them being unnecessarily hurt due to societal expectations.  He had certainly used women like Yvetta with little regard for them—a thought that Sookie didn’t like because using people went counter to Gran’s teaching.  However, Eric didn’t force them to do anything they didn’t want to do, and Sookie had long ago come to terms with the fact that that was how he operated before they were together.  It was how most vampires operated.  No—the fact that he’d used Yvetta and others truly didn’t alter her opinion about her husband.  But the fact that he’d altered his behavior because of a single touch from her—well—that did matter.  It mattered a whole hell of a lot.

She took his hand.  “Eric, you know I hate the thought of using people, but I don’t think any less of you.  And you were right; I feel better knowing that you don’t need that kind of thing when it comes to sex.”

“I need only one thing when it comes to sex, Sookie, and I am looking at her right now.”  His eyes bore into hers. 

Sookie melted at his intensity as she ran the fingers of her free hand along his cheekbone.  “The first time I touched you, I was slapping this cheek—right?”

Eric smiled but shook his head. 

“When?” Sookie asked.  “The night I read people in your bar—looking for who stole that money?”

“No—you did not touch me that night—though I had to keep my hands shoved into my pockets most of the evening to keep from touching you.” 

His cheeky grin was coming back.  After the serious discussion of the last few minutes, Sookie welcomed it.

She asked, “I didn’t touch you that night you came for Bill at Merlotte’s—did I?”


“But I didn’t see you again until I was scratched by the Maenad, and I don’t remember us touching that night.  You sure it wasn’t when I slapped you?  That’s the first time I remember feeling the—uh,” she paused.

“Feeling what?” he asked, his smile laced with curiosity.

“The little spark thing that I’ve always felt when I touch you.”

“Mmmm, yes.  I have always felt it too.”

 She smiled, but then looked at him with confusion.  “So when did we first touch then?”

He closed his eyes.  “Our first touch was a mere whisper of your skin against mine.  Had I not been vampire, I may not have even felt it.  Luckily—for me—however, I am a vampire.”

“The first night we met?” Sookie asked, trying to remember the moment.

Eric nodded.  “Yes.”  He picked up her hand.  “This thumb grazed against this finger.”  He put her thumb tip against the tip of his middle finger.  “You grabbed the photographs you had brought to Fangtasia that night—a very saucy thing to do, by the way—and you inadvertently changed everything for me.”

She smiled and sighed.  “You are a sappy vampire sometimes, Eric Northman.”  She kissed his shoulder gently.

He chuckled lightly.  “Only with you, Sookie.”

She grinned wider.  “I’m gonna need another one now.”

He smiled back.  “Do you have a preference?”

By way of an answer, she touched his wedding band. 

“Ah—the language of the Celts.  They actually had many dialects, but I will teach you Welsh.  Would that be adequate?”

She nodded.

“Rwy’n dy garu di.”  [“I love you.”]

She smiled and tried out the words.  “Rwy’n dy garu di, Eric.”

“You never cease to amaze me, Sookie.”  His expression was serious.  “And you need never worry about not satisfying me.”  His voice took on a slightly desperate twinge.  “Promise me that you won’t again.”

The look in his eyes told her that she never would again.  “I promise.”

He smiled sincerely.  “Good.”

They looked at each other silently for a few minutes.  Their only touches were the soft caresses they shared in the palms of their held hands.

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Finally, Sookie squeezed his hand and spoke.  “I guess the worry is all on your side, then, Viking,” she said with a challenge in her eyes. 

He looked at her in question. 

“Well—you were supposed to make love to me so that we would be in the right frame of mind for re-creating my dream.”  She pouted.

“I thought I did,” he smirked.  “I remember very explicitly getting you into some very explicit situations earlier on that desk.  I also remember you yelling out my name quite a few times.  And I remember some very nice demonstrations of flexibility on your part, lover.  In fact, I didn’t previously know that your legs could go all the way over— . . . .” 

She popped his arm in order to interrupt him.

He half-chuckled and half-growled at the memory of the position he had gotten her into and upon receiving that little ‘love pat.’

Her cheeks reddened immediately.  “Yes, but I explicitly remember that my dream began with me feeling thoroughly ravished.  And right now, I feel only half ravished―I’m afraid,” she teased.

“Mmmm,” he sounded.  “I will have to redouble my efforts then so that you are properly ravished.  I would hate to think that I was not adequately contributing to your very scientific dream studies.  He moved his lips to fully take her own—even as her tongue demanded entry into his mouth.  He growled as her tongue toyed with his and then quickly pulled back for a moment as his fangs clicked down. 

“Oh no, you don’t,” Sookie smiled mischievously.  “Your fangs stayed up through the entire dream.”  She looked at him with challenge.

“You are going to be the death of me, woman,” he moaned dramatically as he put his fangs away. 

“You’re already dead, vampire,” she teased as she flipped him onto his back and straddled him. 

“True,” he relented with another half-growl, half-chuckle.

“Are you tryin’ to say that you don’t think you are capable of keeping your fangs put away?” she asked saucily as she swayed her hips to tease his erection.  It was only fair—after all—since the sound that he’d made had done some very naughty things to her lady bits. 

He growled at the feel of her wet and ready sex coating his cock.  “Sookie,” he whispered, having to make a Herculean effort to keep said fangs from popping down.  When she teased him, he did find it damned near impossible to stay in control. 

She eased herself down onto his member to join their bodies together as one, and they both moaned at the connection.  She knew that if she had fangs, then they would sure as shit be down, but Eric was obviously struggling to keep his stowed. 

She decided to let him off the hook as she swayed in little circles until she had taken him in fully.  “It’s okay, Viking.  You can go full fang if you need to.”

Eric thrust his hips upward, hitting her sweet-spot.  There was challenge in his eyes now.  He shook his head.  “I think I will wait until you beg for my bite, lover.”

She sucked in her lip and then rose and fell onto him several times.  “I think you will be the one begging, vampire,” she sassed when she heard his moans. 

He grinned up at her.  “Wanna bet?”

“What should we bet?” she moaned, still swirling her hips. 

“Two dollars?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. 

She laughed.  “Fine.  Just to clarify―I win as long as I don’t beg for you to bite me before you drop those fangs of yours—right?”  She bounced on top of him a few more times, eliciting a low growl from him.

“Yes,” he gasped, neither of them certain if he was answering her or just approving of her movements. 

“Agreed,” she gasped as he thrust back upward. 

She squeezed her internal muscles around him, making him growl once more, but she didn’t hear that tell-tale snip of his fangs coming down, so she kept up her steady rhythm of up and down movements.

Eric felt his control slipping as his wife slipped in and out of him.  In this position, she dominated him—both in body and soul.  Her swollen lips gasping for air, her perfect breasts bouncing up and down, her eyes teasing him was a sultry look of challenge, and her soft hips rising and lowering to take him in were a combination that he was certain would soon draw out both his release and his fangs.  He needed to do something quickly.

Sookie registered that her body seemed to be flying for a moment, and the next thing she knew, she was lying flat on her stomach and Eric was behind her.  She started to raise herself up a bit so that he could enter her, but he gently pressed her down.  He managed to lie fully against her back even as he kept most of his weight off of her.  Feeling so much of his cool flesh against her heated body made her shiver in passion. 

He angled his body just right and spread her legs slightly so that he could enter her.  The length of his penis allowed for him to fill her, though he could not go quite as deep as in other positions.  However, both of them whimpered aloud as they enjoyed the tightness and fullness that this position allowed for them.  Her sheath was enclosed around his staff like a vise, and all of the nerve endings of their two sexes seemed to be stroking each other all at once. 

“Delicious,” Sookie moaned, not having a better word to express her pleasure in that moment.

“Yes,” was the only response he could make.

He had taken her from behind many times, but they had never before made love in this position—with their bodies pressed flush against each other.  However, Eric loved it immediately.  Her warm body was intoxicating beneath him.  He enjoyed seeing and feeling her smooth back and her shoulders.  He enjoyed the roundness of her bottom flirting with his taut stomach.  He enjoyed the feeling of his chest against her back.  

“So good,” they both moaned in unison.

That elicited a matched chuckle from them both before their moans overtook them again.  It seemed that no matter how they positioned themselves, their bodies knew just how to fit together perfectly. 

  He nuzzled into her neck, and her artery lifted of its own accord.  “You are so beautiful,” he grunted.  “So. Fucking. Beautiful.”

“Eric,” Sookie whispered as she lifted her body up to meet his strokes as much as she was able.  She loved feeling so much of his weight on her.  She felt completely sheltered―completely safe.  Completely his.   

Her moans told him that she was close, and he re-positioned himself slightly so that the curve of his penis would strike her G-spot.  He kept angling until she cried out under him. 

“Yes, Eric,” she cried out.  “Right there.  Don’t stop.”

Never,” he whispered into her ear as he bit down gently on her ear lobe with his blunt teeth.  He dragged those teeth to her neck again and used his tongue to tease her flesh there―even as his cock teased her G-spot unrelentingly.

“Fan, Sookie!” he grunted.  “I want you so badly right now.  Need. You.”

She knew exactly how he wanted her—how he needed her.  She needed him that way too.  “Eric, bite me,” Sookie ordered passionately, as she tilted her neck upward into his mouth. 

“Are you begging?” he grunted as he moved his lips over her artery.  It once again raised itself in greeting.

“Do I have?” she gasped out.

“Fuck no!” he cried as he released his fangs even as he released his seed into her body.  As he bit into her flesh and took her blood, he felt her walls collapse around his cock; the tightness of the feeling was exquisite and drew another release from him.  He groaned with pleasure as she continued to milk him until he had nothing more to give her.  And even then, her walls continued to pulse, sending little electric jolts of pleasure that shook through his body. 

He sealed the wound he’d made in her supple flesh and then turned them so that she was facing away from him and he was spooning her.  As her breathing settled down, he dragged his fingers along her side in lazy strokes, just listening as her heartbeat slowed. 

God—he loved her. 

That was the only thought he could hold into his head as he nestled into her warm body.  

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