Interview with Kittyinaz (2015)

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I am about to start on this wonderful lady.  For me she just finished Tenterhooks.  And it reminded me how much I love her stories.  So I will be starting on her.  Luckily, she gave me an interview when I first started this journey.


Basic information.

Can you please tell the people reading this your name?

California Kat

Where do you like to post, and can you give us the site of your preferred medium?

I post on my WordPress site, on fictionpad, on, and on TWCS—since I’ve found that readers like to use one site over others. My favorite is my WordPress site—because I have more freedom in how things appear. (It’s

What do you prefer, Tea or Coffee?

Coffee—and a pot of it.

What is your favorite beverage of choice? And if alcoholic and mixed, what are the ingredients?

Some days it’s wine (red); other days it’s beer (Guinness Black Lager is my current favorite); other days it’s Dr. Pepper.

What is your funny story about trying something to drink and it rocked your boat and/or sucked?

I once went to a Halloween party and was given a vodka-Red Bull. I learned the true meaning of “projectile vomiting” soon after. I also broke out in hives. Come to find out, I’m allergic to something in Red Bull.

What foods do you love?

My mom’s tacos. Sushi. Teppanyaki.

What is your go to food for comfort?

A baked potato—with sour cream and butter.

What do you like to snack [on] when writing?

Mixed nuts, popcorn

Is there a scent that says home to you?


Is there a scent you wish you never smelled ever?

Black licorice, fennel

If you could visit a place, anywhere, where would it be?

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia

If you could go at any point in time, which would it be?

Honestly, I like “when” I am. What would I do without my laptop? My coffee maker? But—for a day only—I wouldn’t mind visiting the Roaring 20’s.

What music do you like?

Most, but my favorites are Classical & Rock-n-Roll (1990s and before)

Is there a genre or song you hate?

Metal—it gives me a headache (though it’s my husband’s favorite)

Tell us something about yourself that you think your fans would love to know about:

I’m a Shakespeare scholar. I have my doctorate degree in English literature, and I’m published in academic journals—though under a different name. 😉

Thanks. That gives us some basic information. Now, about the writing –   I know you’re excited…

Why did you start writing?

I’ve always written in my head. Sporadically, I have written things down one paper—mostly very poor poetry. As for fanfiction, I started writing after I read some wonderful fanfiction pieces. I kept thinking, “I wonder if I could do that.” So then I did. And I haven’t been able to stop since then.

What do you enjoy the most about it?

It is a huge stress reliever. Writing is my favorite pastime now. It helps me to relax after work. And—I gotta say that I love to share it. It makes me feel good to know that others enjoy it. And I’ve made wonderful friends through writing and posting fanfiction.

What do you like least about it?

Getting horrifying anonymous reviews on It’s off-putting to know that there are people out there who would say horrible things about me and the work I provide for free. When it turns personal, it is especially disconcerting.

That first time hitting publish, how did you feel?

Nervous as hell!

Where do you get your inspiration?

A mixture of things: the source material, of course; my life; my dreams.

What is your writing area like do you use computer or paper, or both? Or another medium?

I use a laptop. My writing area is my living room coffee table.

Do you use an outline, rough draft or just write?

I always write multiple drafts. Sometimes I use an outline; other times, I just write.

What do you do while you’re writing (listen to music, TV in the background, etc.)?

TV on mute—usually on sports of some kind (I’m a sports fanatic—with my personal favorites being tennis and NFL football) AND instrumental music on at a low volume.

What annoys you the most when you are trying to write?

The hubby when he walks in and asks, “Whatcha doing?”

If you have finished a fic, what was your feeling on it?

I’m always sad when I finish. In fact, when I’m almost done with a long piece, my inclination is to slow down. I think it’s preemptive separation anxiety. LOL!

What are your favorite fandoms to write?

So far, I’ve written only for True Blood and the South Vampire Mysteries.

Who are your favorite characters to write

Eric and Sookie


They have so much potential as a couple! I love exploring that potential. And—since they were screwed over by “their makers”—there’s a lot to work with!

Who are your least favorite characters to write?

The only character I really dislike writing is Quinn.


I generally “like” writing from the villain’s point of view, but Quinn is neither villain nor hero to me. He’s either boring to write or feels downright sleazy to pen. I try to get into my characters’ heads when I write them, but Quinn seems so flat that he’s difficult to write.

What is your favorite scene or story you have written and why?

My favorite scenes have been the graveside scenes in Funeral—when Sookie tells Eric that he can use Gran’s grave to bury Nora’s remains. I cannot pinpoint why those jump out at me. They just resonate, especially when Sookie gives Eric Godric’s shirt to bury there too.

What is the most difficult story or scene you have written, and why?

In Come Back to Me, there is a part where a fairy uses Sookie’s memories of Uncle Bartlett against her. The horror of the moment was hard for me to write. I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop because of tears—mostly because I kept on thinking about my mom, who is the survivor of rape.

Do you see any [of your own] characteristics in the characters you write?


Which ones and whom?

Eric is the character I empathize with the most. I spent a good deal of my life trying to stifle my own emotions, and I can sympathize with the difficulties of making yourself vulnerable.

What do you like most about your preferred fandom?

The readers! I’ve gotten to “know” so many wonderful people in the fandom. And many are so gracious with their time, always leaving thoughtful and thought-provoking comments behind.

How would you describe your fics?

Most are angsty. Also, I like to delve into my character’s heads, so they are “studies” about what motivates them as much as anything else. I also love an HEA.

What story would you recommend of your own for a new fan to start first?

I think Funeral is my best to date. It’s not as long as some of my others (especially the trilogies). So that would give people an idea about how I write. Alternatively, my Gift Horse series has been well-received by fans.

Now the HARD questions:

 If you could offer a suggestion to someone who is thinking of publishing their first story, what would it be?

Just do it. Try it. And try to ignore the “mean” reviews.

If you could go back in time, and give yourself one word of advice, what would you say? (No Lottery numbers or anything like that!!!)

I would tell myself not to date that “one guy” in college. J I thought I couldn’t do “better,” so I stayed with a guy that made me feel bad about myself for too long. But then I learned a huge truth: “I deserved to be valued and happy.”

What 5 stories would you recommend someone read? Please list fandom, sites and name with pairing.

In alphabetical order by title:


Is there something you wished I asked, and if so, what as well as the answer.

Who would you most like to acknowledge for helping you with your work?

  • Sephrenia—for doing so much inspiring artwork for my work.
  • Kleannhouse—for always beta-ing the things I need feedback on.
  • cdb33—for being my sounding board when I was a fledgling.

Character Interview

Ancient Pythoness

Name of Character: The Ancient Pythoness / Britomart

Story she is in: Come Back to Me

Is (s)he an original Character or a series known? Though the Ancient Pythoness appeared in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, she was never fleshed out.

Are they in character or Out of Character? I think in character, though I played with her background a lot.

Nickname(s): The AP.

Date of Birth: circa 1400 B.C. in Faerie (though the time differences make it difficult to pin down). After having to flee from Faerie because she loved the fire fairy, Artegal, she came to the human realm, where she was an Oracle of Delphi before she was turned into a vampire. The date of her birth as a vampire is circa 650 B.C.

Occupation: Some call her a future teller. Some call her a prophetess.

Stats (Aka Height, hair color, eye color, and so on): About 5’3” feet tall, the AP has long, grey hair. Her eyes seem glassy.

Significant other(s): Artegal—though he’s, sadly, long dead.

Best Friend(s): Though their relationship has been kept a secret, she is close to her brother, Niall.

Enemies(s): Her greatest enemy was her maker—“was” being the significant word.

Any noticeable Scars, Tattoos, or other markings: none

If they could have a Theme Song, which would it be? “These Boots Are Made for Walking” by Nancy Sinatra

What is their favorite Movie? The Godfather, Part II

What is something that the fans don’t know about your character?The Ancient Pythoness is a great lover of mythology from a variety of cultures. When she was staying in the English countryside in the late 1500s, she heard of the writer, Edmund Spenser, who was working on an epic poem called The Faerie Queene. Intrigued, the AP arranged to speak with the author. Eventually, her stories about her romance with Artegal made their way into Spenser’s work. She even told him her real name—Britomart.

This is a huge fan favorite author I know, but Hopefully, there are some people who enjoy my glimpse into her worlds!

Thanks for reading!


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