Every Contingency (Complete)


An SVM what-if—How would’ve Sookie’s and Eric’s fates been different if Bobby also delivered a message to Sookie when he delivered the knife that would pledge her to Eric? What if Eric explained the situation to Sookie so that she wouldn’t feel like he’d manipulated her into pledging? Will she choose to pledge? Or will she get the hell out of Bon Temps to escape all the vampires in her life? (This story was inspired by ncmiss12)


This story picks up near the beginning of Dead and Gone. Weres have recently come out, and Sam is in Texas tending to his shot mother. Not surprisingly, Sookie’s stepped up to make sure Merlotte’s stays running, especially since Arlene quit after the second “Great Revelation” made her bigotry boil over. Meanwhile, Eric has kept his distance from Sookie since the takeover by de Castro’s vampires. Thus, the newly bonded pair hasn’t seen each other for more than two months, nor has Sookie heard from the Viking. This story will take some cues from Dead and Gone, but will deviate in many ways. The few quotes from the book will be in bold.

Rating: M

Many thanks to:

ncmiss12 for the inspiration

Kleannhouse for the extra pair of eyes

Sephrenia for the amazing banner

Here is the original prompt from ncmiss12 (received in March 2015):

I have been wanting to see a story for a while that takes place when Eric sends the knife to Sookie, using Bobby. You know where Bobby gives Sookie vague verbal instructions on what to do object, that she is too tired to open or question because it is late at night, at work, right before her shift is over. She brings the bundle to Eric and presents it to him in a respectful manner, per the instructions, not knowing what it is, what it means or even what is going on or why.  So instead I would like to see, Eric command Bobby to bring her the bundle and a letter, right after dawn. Giving her time to process. With the letter explaining why she has to bring the knife to him and what it means and even why he is willing to do this for her and with her. Because I am sure that Eric is smart enough to know that even if Sookie says she doesn’t want to know his feelings for her, that it would help the situation. I think this surprise marriage is one thing, that caused even more problems in their relationship. It made him look weak to vampires and the king, that Sookie did not take their marriage seriously enough to live with him or call him her husband. I think that if Sookie had the morning and afternoon to think about it, she would have agreed to the marriage. I also think since she would have known what she was doing at the time, it would have had more meaning to her, so she would have respected the tradition and its meaning, even if it differed from her own.  In the thousands of stories I have read on Eric and Sookie, I have not found one that covered this idea!

awards and noms


rollercoasteraward(2016–Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers)


I hope you will check out the story!

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I hope that--if you use the .pdf version for your reading--you'll 
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5 thoughts on “Every Contingency (Complete)

  1. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if she’d asked or known what she was about to do. I wondered why she’d just do what she was asked – I know Sookie did many things without thinking them through but it was unusual for her not to question Eric.

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