The only thing that I love almost as much as writing fanfiction is reading it!  I just wish I had more time to do it!

In that spirit, I wanted to share some of my favorites.

I’ll be adding to this page slowly, so please don’t feel slighted if I haven’t gotten to yours yet. 


Also, generally, I’ll only talk about completed works here.

This page will be in alphabetical order by story title.  Just click on the story title to access my comments about it.  (I also will also try to include links to the story itself when I can.)

Feel free to add your comments to your own favorites!

Reading is good for you, Bill.

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All In by kjwrit

Amnesia by jc52185

Before the Fall by wylis

Beholden by ElfChef

Birds of a Feather by chicpea

Borrowed Time by Morggys

The Choice by Wylis

Dead or Undead (and its sequel Dead or Deader) by Dead Addict

Death Eatin’ a Cracker by misscyn

Dodge and Chase by CollidingMuse

Five as Agreed Upon by ficlit78

From Baron to Sheriff by FanOTheFang

Instincts by evenflo78

“Love to Love You Baby” by alh1971

Never End by dream7me7t07sleep

New Beginnings by tradlover

The Norseman’s Women by valyria

“Over and Done” by EricFancier”

Semper Fi by inlovewitheric

Six Months to Live by hisviks

Swimming for the Light by natsgirl1

“Take Me” and “Taken” by Suki59

Tales of the Dead by Kjwrit

Teeth in the Grass by let’sgetthoughtful

Torn to Shreds by VampQueenV/Queen of Area Five

We Who Are Alive and Remain by kilara25

Wiles by Mortissues

6 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. i guess after i finish your stories again i will start on your read list. it seems i have only read the one by Kjwrit… i guess i am missing out on some good reads. The best way to find the best stories is by the authors we love to read so that being said thank you for your suggestions. Kristie

  2. Love love love Swimming for the Light by Natsgirl1. I totally agree with the lack of sleep comment – I honestly couldnt put it down!! Yes it very hard to read at times but wrote with such conviction that it really such a brilliant story. 🙂

    Still loving yours too of course xx

  3. Thank you for this list. Several new to me. Loved Given Unsought. Another great one from you and just starting your latest. Love this idea (your own reading list) and may ‘borrow’ it from you. (Imitation =Flattery). Your style and imagery remain the best. Thank you for sharing your talent through your amazing stories.

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