3. Sojourn (Complete)



Disclaimer:  I do not own the characters or story of True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries.  Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball (and the other writers of True Blood) have that honor.  No copyright infringement is intended, and I make no profit from my work (except the mental release it gives me).

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Summary: A “missing interlude” of Come Back to Me, Sojourn tells the story of Eric and Sookie’s necessary re-connection and healing.    

Description:  Hello all!  Sojourn is a side story or a “missing chunk” of the story of Come Back to Me, so I’m afraid that it won’t make much sense to you if you haven’t read that story or its precursor, Back and ForthSojourn includes several ideas that were in my original outline for Come Back to Me, but I didn’t put them in for one reason or another.

Reminders about Come Back to Me:  As you might remember, in Come Back to Me, Eric and Sookie are separated for 20 months (human time) because Claudette forces Sookie to go to the fairy realm.  There, Sookie meets and forms close-knit relationships with Niall and Claude; she also has to hone her fairy gifts so that she and Eric can face down a threat predicted by the A.P., which turns out to be the return of Russell Edgington.  Meanwhile, Eric takes in Hunter and becomes a father to him, and when Hadley has to stay in the fairy realm because she’s eaten the light fruit, Hunter chooses to stay with Eric.  After Russell’s defeat and Sookie’s return, Come Back to Me jumps five years and picks up again on the day of Eric and Sookie’s wedding.  Sojourn takes place five weeks after Russell is defeated.

Since it may have been a while since you read Back and Forth, I will also remind you that in that story Eric and Sookie formed two distinct bonds:  a vampire bond and a fairy bond.  The vampire bond does mostly the “usual” canon things.  It allows Eric and Sookie to feel each other’s emotions and sense each other’s presence.  It allows Eric to track Sookie if they are in the same realm.  However, by all accounts, Eric and Sookie’s vampire bond is quite powerful.  The fairy bond, which Sookie formed with Eric without knowing she was doing it, allows them to feel each other’s presence even when they are in two different realms.  It also allows them to “share” certain gifts between them.  (These reminders will come in handy later.)

Sojourn doesn’t have the kind of angst that its parent had, and there is no action (unless you like interior drama, which you know I do).  What it does contain is a lot of love with some necessary healing for both Eric and Sookie.  It is written in a series of first-person points of view (different than B&F and CBTM, which were all in third person).  Most of it is from Eric’s or Sookie’s point of view, but there is one part that veers to the viewpoint of another (not a villain—sorry, it’s not that kind of story), but I’ll let that identity be a surprise for you.

Please Enjoy!

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