Chapter 10: Poke the Fairy

It was an hour until dawn when Sookie and I got back to Bon Temps—thanks to the Claude express. I sighed as I watched my bonded eat some very heavily salted French fries, even as she gulped down some salt water.

“So good!” she moaned.

To each his or her own.

“You think that everyone will be safe at the Authority Headquarters for the day?” she asked, her mouth full.

“Nora and the Chancellors had to stay there—as a sign of trust,” I observed. “But I did tell Pam to make sure that she took Tara and Jessica to ground outside of the complex.” I shrugged. “No need taking chances.”

“Do you think Steve Newlin will cooperate?” she asked, even as she poured more salt onto the rare steak she’d made for herself once we’d gotten home.



“Jessica’s going to ask Nora if she can stay on with the Authority,” Sookie said a little sadly. “With Hoyt gone, Bill dead, and Jason being a jackass, she feels as though there’s no reason for her to come back here.”

I considered for a moment. “A new start would be good for her—I think.”

Sookie nodded in agreement.

“Okay,” she said, “are you gonna tell me what happened between you and Nora? Why you were so angry as soon as I left Roman’s old room?”

“Checking the bond—were you?”

She rolled her eyes. “Your anger would have come through from the other side of the planet—let alone the other side of the building.”

I chuckled. “Nora came on to me.”

Immediately, Sookie dropped her fork and knife and growled.

“I stopped Nora immediately,” I quickly assured. “I told her that she and I would never be physically intimate again. I also told her that—if she didn’t accept that—I would end her.”

Sookie gulped. “How’d she take that?”

“She tried to argue, but I eventually convinced her.”


I let my fangs drop. “These can be pretty intimidating,” I grinned. “At least to others.”

“So—she’s not gonna be a problem?” she asked.

“I don’t think so. And if she decided to become one, I would end her, Sookie. You and our sons are the most important things to me. No one will come between us,” I growled.

“If they do, they will die!” she added just was fiercely.

Obviously, fairy Sookie had become dominant, given the topic.

And that meant that what I was about to say was going to hurt.


However, Nora’s knowledge about Salome and me having sex made me realize that keeping that piece of information from Sookie was dangerous—and would become even more dangerous as time passed. Right now, she’d just be angry that I’d fucked another person during our “break-up.” Later, her trust in me would be broken because I’d kept it from her.

Thus, I had to tell her—now.

Deliberately, I took oxygen into my dead lungs, trying out Ian’s method of relaxation.

It didn’t fucking work for me!

“What?” Sookie asked, her eyes beginning to brighten. “Why do you suddenly feel guilty?”

I pushed the air out. “After she tortured me at the Authority, Salome had me brought to her room—where she used seduction to try to make me spill my secrets.”

“Did you let yourself be seduced?” she growled, her hands lighting up.

“I did,” I admitted, bracing myself to be shot. I just hoped that she’d be willing to “re-claim” me again afterwards.

“Was there anyone else? Anyone else after you stayed here with me?” Anyone other than Nora and Salome?” she asked. I could feel in the bond that she was trying to maintain her calm.

“No. And there never will be—not now that we are truly together. Truly one.”

She took several deep breaths and several drinks of her salty water.

“You did it to stay alive?” she finally asked.


“I hurt you deeply when I didn’t choose to be with you after the Witch War—didn’t I?”

“Nothing has ever hurt more,” I answered honestly.

By now, her feelings were no longer tinged with anger. I could feel her guilt—her sadness.

A hint of self-recrimination.

I hated that one most of all.

“What happened after that—with Alcide and me . . . .” She paused.

“We don’t have to discuss this,” I assured. “It does not matter.”

“I want to. And it does matter,” she contradicted, though in a gentle tone. “I was hurting too and blaming myself for that hurt. I was in denial about what I am—who I am. And all I wanted was for my life to revert to how it was before Bill came into my life; I wanted to go backwards.” She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I was afraid to move forward.”

She opened her eyes. “You were forward, Eric.”

“Not afraid now?” I asked.

“No,” she said firmly.

“Then let us both put regrets to the side. We have learned from them. And we needn’t allow them to affect our future.”

She got up and came to sit on my lap, straddling my legs so that she could face me.

“I like the sound of that,” she sighed as she stroked my hair.

I pulled her fully into my embrace. She sighed against me, her body relaxing. It was a remarkable feeling.

“Now—how about you take me to bed and wear me out so that I can get lots of sleep and grow your sons, Mr. Northman?”

I grinned and lifted her up effortlessly.

I had no problem fulfilling her request.

When I woke up, Sookie was looking at me expectantly—and a little nervously. Like she’d done something I wasn’t going to like.


“Wait,” I said as she went to speak. “Five minutes.”


“I want five minutes before you tell me whatever you want to tell me. First, I want to see my growing sons and my wife’s expanded belly.”

She chuckled and accommodated me by taking off her T-shirt.

“My belly’s not the only thing that’s expanded,” she intoned.

I had her under me in the next second and was giving a close examination to the other two things that had “grown.”

“You’re going to be the death of me,” I moaned as I pulled down her over-filled bra and took one of her full breasts into my mouth.”

“Oh God, Eric,” she purred under me, arching upward to meet my seeking tongue. “More!”

I’d been thinking the same thing. I quickly laved her other breast with my attentions, even as I pulled down the sweatpants she was wearing. My searching hand traveled to her belly then, taking note of the increased roundness I found there, before the scent of Sookie’s reaction to me caused my fingers to search lower. I pushed aside her already soaked panties and drew a few circles around her opening before I pushed a finger inside.

“More!” she moaned.

Again, I’d been thinking the same thing as I pushed a second finger into her tightness. I pumped them in and out of her slowly, curving them upwards toward the spot I knew would send her to ecstasy.

I took her right to the edge of an orgasm before withdrawing my fingers—only to quickly replace them with something that was more satisfying to both of us.

“Eric!” she yelled out as I trust into her fully. I let the volume of her moans dictate my pace until I felt her walls fluttering around my cock. Finally, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, and I spilled into her, triggering her own orgasm, which pulsed around my already over-stimulated cock.

The pleasure was almost too much.


And then it was too much.

“Bite!” she commanded.

I sank my fangs into her neck and sucked deeply, even as her body continued to milk me.

With difficulty, I pulled away and licked the wounds I’d made to stop the blood flow.

“Your blood,” she gasped, flipping us over so that she was now on top of me. “Give it to me!” She was looking at me with those lit up eyes that I was almost scared of.

Actually, I was a little afraid.

Certainly too much to disobey.

I bit into my palm and she grabbed my hand before drinking my blood almost savagely.

She used her teeth to make the wounds larger.

“Too much!” I groaned, even though I didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

Not ever.

Her sudden movements had not dislodged my cock from her body, and—not surprisingly—I’d stayed hard inside of my bonded. She rose and fell on me as she sucked my blood into her. And then—as we both reached completion again—her head lolled back and she yelled in a way that could only be described as primal.

I was yelling with her.

A/N: Sorry this one was short. I hope that you still enjoyed it.

Next up? OH BROTHER!

Until then,


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26 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Poke the Fairy

    1. 100% agree with your stament.
      OMG, i love crazy hormonal scary Sookie. please write more of her she is funny.

      Shame it is only 10 days. I dont think Eric will last longer do you.

        1. Yeah, I think at least three should do it, being the magical number & all. Can Eric suffer hormonal, horny Scary Sookie a little longer? She really is funny. His waking comments were pretty good too. “5 minutes.” LOL!

  1. Whoo, mama! These two are making me glad there is no supernatural being with a supernatural sense of smell nearby me. Yummmmm.

    I can’t even imagine what’s got Sookie itching to share with the Viking as soon as his day death ends. Oh, brother, indeed. But, when you say, “Oh brother,” I’m hoping you mean Jason, because we need more of that doofus’ nonsense in our lives!

    Love it!

  2. OMG i love crazy hormonal scary Sookie. please write more of her she is funny.

    Shame it is only 10 days. I dont think Eric will last longer do you.

  3. I really enjoyed the chapter. I liked how they are not keeping secrets and told each other about Nora etc. I’m proud that Sookie didn’t overreact , she is maturing . Their love session was great. I hope Sookie didn’t take too much blood. Her love of salt is funny is was obsessed when pregnant too.

  4. Laughed when I saw the title!
    Happy Eric decided to come clean and tell all and love that Sookie didn’t overreact. Hormonal Sookie is pretty funny though and think it’s funny Eric gets scared of Fairy Sookie. Totally enjoyed Eric ‘poking’ Sookie!

  5. I am so glad they came clean with each other. Keeping the episode with Salome to himself could well have come back to bite him. Fairy Sookie is scary like a horny vampire. Great chapter.

  6. Loved it! Eric scared of a Fairy Sookie is hysterical. I’m so glad that Eric fessed up and that Sookie didn’t overreact. Yay for both of them!

  7. They do say that confession is good for the soul, have to agree with his logic and decision to tell her about Salome. And fairy Sookie can be a bit frightening can’t she?

  8. What makes a thousand year Viking warrior wet his pants (if he could)? An angry, pregnant fairy!! Heh…..glad they got the past out of the way to prepare for the future!
    Fun interlude!

  9. Brilliant fun chapter and love the title lol. I didn’t even care that we didnt’ get to find out what Eric didn’t want to know! The idea that Eric is scared of Fairy Sookie is hilarious – though I certainly don’t blame him, she was scary enough in a temper before! That was pretty hot and I can imagine Eric wanting to keep Sookie pregnant! You are superb at writing Eric, it’s like you competely channel him – get laid BEFORE he knows of a reason why sex shouldn’t be first priority!

    Glad he told her about Salome but only to prevent Nora stirring it in the future. I’m probably in the minority regarding my feelings on what happened after Sookie left Bill’s house that day. Sookie made it clear that she was ‘done’ with both of them. It was final but even if they held hope she’d still said she didn’t want a future with them. Eric wasn’t used to putting his heart on the line and sought comfort with someone he knew had loved him for 600 years. Even if it was someone he didn’t know, I don’t think he did anything wrong. My issue with Sookie and Alcide was he was still a Supe so it seemed bizarre she would consider him after turning down Eric and Bill, but as she wasn’t in a relationship she wasn’t doing anything wrong either. As for Salome – well that was one of the most creepy scenes of True Blood as she wasn’t really giving Eric a choice. Sex or death? Quite an easy decision really, but it was one of those bile inducing scene for me. If the roles were reversed people would have considered that it bordered on rape. If Salome had gone for straight forward seduction then fair enough but her intent was clear – peform for her and get her backing.

    It’s funny about the salt – I suddenly wanted salt with everything when I was pregnant and, although I prefer savoury to sweet foods, I never add salt. Someone told me the old wives tale that craving salt is associated with carrying boys – and I had a boy lol.

  10. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite story’s. Hormonal, fairy Sookie is a blast. I’m loving her. Is it wrong that I want someone, not Eric, to piss her off just so I can read her going fairyzilla on their arses? Lol.

    I’m glad Eric told Sookie about Salome. I’m sure someone, *cough* Nora *cough* would have “accidentally” slipped up and revealed it to Sookie at some point if he hadn’t.

    I can’t wait to read more.

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