Special Features: CN Trilogy

CN special features

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awards and noms

Seph’s Character Banners for the CN Trilogy

Banner for Cali Kat's page

Cast: The CN Trilogy (Including pictures and actors’ names)

whole cast CN

Inspirations: The CN Trilogy

cn inspirations

The Art of the CN Trilogy & the MET

Art click

Appius’s Family Tree (caution: potential spoilers inside)

family tree iconAND


The Brigant Family Tree (caution: potential spoilers inside)

brigant family tree




12 thoughts on “Special Features: CN Trilogy

  1. Damn! One of my favorite Pink Floyd songs…Can I make a 2 little suggestions – I don’t want to nitpick – these are strictly constructive – In the line “Your lips move but I can’t hear but I can’t hear what you’re saying”; the words really are (despite the lyrics shown); “Your lips move, but I can’t hear what you say.” Lastly, it’s great to give the entire band credit for the song, however; when using a song, songwriting credits should also be given to the songwriters, in this case, Roger Waters & David Gilimour.

    And this is just a selfish request of mine – maybe you can throw in “Wish You Were Here” in one of the chapters? I think it would be awesome & maybe fit in somewhere?

    OK, sorry & I’ll shut up now! After all, this is your creation & you can do what you like with it! I just can’t help the book editor in me! I so love this story though, and the title fits like a glove!

    Shutting up now! Back to the story!!!

    1. Hmm…I always thought he said “sayin'” like when Shakespeare makes a one-syllable word into two or a two syllable word into one to make it fit the meter. But I’ll check on it. Good idea about the songwriting credit. I don’t have my main laptop–where I made that song banner–right now. Let’s just say that there was a wine spilling instrument and Best Buy is taking their sweet time trying to fix it. (at least it’s under warranty for accidents) If it comes back intact, I’ll try to remember to do that and keep it in mind for any future song banners I make.

      Who knows about “Wish You Were Here.” It’s a good song, but when a song starts to feed the story, it starts as an “ear-worm” and just happens. I’ve tried to do it the other way around–even tried to write an “I Write the Songs” entry, but trying to force it to work never works. I’ll put that song on my iPod rotation though and see if it forces its way in. “This Year’s Love” by David Gray is currently in my ear.

      I’m glad that you are enjoying the story. It’s nice to have an editor reading, but don’t give me too hard of a time when I inevitably screw up with things about Northman Publishing–LOL. I am “making up business law” as I go along at times. LOL. But I try to make it “feasible” even if it’s not accurate. Then again–like Sookie in the story–I am more of a copy editor than an “editor editor.”

      Anyway, thanks once more for your ideas.

      1. No problem, Kat, about the publishing business!  I work strictly  freelance & have no desire to get into publishing or the cutthroat world of the publishing business.  Those people are too brutal.  I just enjoy helping talented writers, such as yourself, sound & read the best possible in order for you to chase the publishers on your own!  I’ve only just started to help others with this.  Using small, local ones is the way to go; even local papers and/or magazines.  I’d never start with the big guns.  Those people frighten me! 

        Oh yes, I’m very familiar with the spilling situations on the laptops!  Last fall, my grandaughter spilled juice on mine (she was 2 at the time & I really couldn’t blame her; I left it where it was likely to have an accident, so my entirely my fault) …It was fried.  My husband bought me a new one, but NEVER purchase a Lenovo product!  I’ve had more bullshit problems with this laptop than any computer I’ve ever owned.  I hate it & can’t wait until I get another.  It’s either crashing or I’ve got to do a system restore.  Drives me nuts.  Fortunately, I’ve got 2 external hard drives for my backup & client files. 

        Have a great weekend, Kat, and I’m moving on now to read the other chapters of Comfortably Numb.  I’ll leave you a review on FF t o to get your reviews up there!

        I love this story & am really looking forward to Eric & Sookie’s eventual reunion – I’m sure it’s going to be an explosive one for them & a self-imploding one for all of us following it!  LOL!

        Thanks for the feedback!



        1. Thanks for the offer to review over on ff. I love to see reviews wherever I see them though, so if you prefer reading over here where there are visuals, that’s cool. I’m not so concerned with numbers, but I do love getting feedback when people like what I’m doing.

          Again, I’m glad you are liking CN. It’s a cathartic writing experience in many ways.

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