Appius’s Family Tree

Hopefully, the family tree above will help you to visualize Appius’s 4 wives and children.

Below, you will find Appius, his wives, and his children as I envision them.

black dividerAppius

Wife #1 (deceased)

StellaAppius and Stella’s 2 Children




Wife #2 (deceased)

Brooke Shields HEADSHOT high resAppius and Beth’s Children

Nora Gainesborough(Note: Nora is Appius’s stepdaughter)

Alexei Northman


Wife #3 (divorced)

TamaraAppius and Tamara’s Child

Gracie Northman


Wife #4 (current wife)

sophie anneAppius and Sophie-Anne’s Child

Appius Jr.

3 thoughts on “Appius’s Family Tree

  1. I think I missed something. Appius’s 3rd wife. Their daughter Gracie. Where does she fit into the plan?
    What does Eric think of her?

  2. this is a great idea – it really helps to visualise everyone and understand their relationships with each other. thank you! x

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