Coda for the Enduring Series



As a “coda,” I’ll channel the Ancient Pythoness and tell you some aspects of the future.

  • Felipe remains overconfident. As crazy as ever, Freyda basically goes on a suicide mission about a decade after “Resolving.” She manages to kill Felipe with a bomb she’s wearing, but she kills herself in the process. Very messy deaths.
  • Pam does become Queen of Louisiana after Felipe’s demise. She starts P-Magazine and always tops her own “Top 10 Best Dressed Vampires” list. She enjoys vacationing in Europe—particularly to a private island in Greece—once a year.
  • Karin continues to be Maxwell Lee’s second. She likes the quiet of Alaska. She tags along with Pam on her vacations.
  • Hunter goes into environmental law. He has an “uncanny” ability to sniff out lying corporations which try to cover their misdeeds. Several of those powerful corporations hire people to try to get him to back down. Luckily, Hunter has plenty of friends of his own—of the fanged variety.
  • Jason continues to run his farm. He eventually buys the old Compton property, levels the old mansion, and turns the whole property into fields. Of his three children, two plan to stay on the farm. The third, a girl named after her Aunt Sookie, will eventually work as Queen Pamela’s day-person.
  • Finn grows up happily. Because of the efforts of his mother, his father, and his stepfather, he learns how to control his telepathy early on. He marries one of the Ancient Pythoness’s “handmaidens in training” and eventually becomes a kind of assistant to Pythia, whom he calls “Gran.”
  • Sam enjoys his new work and eventually remarries. He fathers three more children with his shifter wife—the oldest of whom is also a shifter.
  • Eric and Sookie re-bond—this time because they want to. They have a nice pledging ceremony officiated by the Ancient Pythoness. They stay “dead” until Finn comes of age. Then they decide that they want to travel. Sookie makes the choice to be turned, despite the fact that she’s aging rather slowly because of her Fae heritage. She and Eric have their fair share of disagreements, but they maintain a solid relationship. They hold to their vows to each other: they talk to each other about their problems and they’ve never lived away from each other. Eventually Eric announces that he is still undead and Sookie announces that she is newly undead in a ten-part exposé telling their story in P-Magazine.

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24 thoughts on “Coda for the Enduring Series

    1. Thanks. I hated C.H.’s coda b/c it was soooo disappointing, but I thought some of you might like to know what I thought these people would be up to–if I had kept writing them.

  1. So satisfying and leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy about the future lives of the beloved characters that we all invested so much time in. I didn’t read DEA, but I did read the coda. It felt like a punch in the gut. It’s seems to me that CH used it as a final slap in the face to her fans.

  2. it was a great CODA, thank you for including…. love the magazine who got the rights to Sookie’s story… lol, our Pammy got first dibs….. KY

    and does P stand for Pamela’s magazine??????

  3. Pam seems to be quite the little entrepreneur for herself. Great little peak into their future. Never actually read CH’s coda. DIdn’t really see the point.

  4. So much more interesting and satisfying than the crap She Who Shall Not be Named wrote. Loved your resolution for Felipe & Freyda, quite fitting.

  5. I decided after re-reading the Enduring series for the umpteenth time (and wondering how things went for Sookie & Eric) that I had to tell you again how much I love it and that I still cry every time I read it.
    But I’ve been reading the PDF copy I have on my iPhone. To tell you again how much I loved it, I searched your page here for it and, lo-and-behold, had never read this Coda!!! Thank you for that. Now I have to add that to my PDF 😋

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