Chapter 47: Relative

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters in True Blood or the Southern Vampire Mysteries. So neither copyright infringement nor offense is meant. I simply want to make the characters do what I wanted them to do for a while. I am especially “unownerly” when it comes to this story. You will recognize a lot of the dialogue throughout as being quoted from Season 5 of True Blood, though I’ve tried to use Eric’s thoughts to make this story “different” from its source. That said, I claim no ownership to the quoted material and have placed it in bold so that it is set apart from my own words.


Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors, and you choose the ones you want to have as ancestors. You create yourself out of those values.”—Ralph Ellison

“So—that is the one you bonded with?” Nora asked incredulously as we were flying away from the field. Since she couldn’t fly as fast as I could, I was letting her set the pace.

“Yes,” I responded.

“But how have you kept from draining her?” Nora asked incredulously.

I rolled my eyes. “Her scent was stronger tonight because she’s been around full-blooded fairies. But—to answer your question—I kept from draining her because I don’t act like a spoiled dog wanting a bone.”

She glared at me. “You are older. You have more control.”

“And you are older than Bill Compton and Pam combined! Not to mention most of the other vampires in my retinue—including Compton’s newborn! Yet they all have shown more restraint around her than you,” I scolded.

“I don’t see how that’s possible,” she returned sullenly. “Her scent—it was amazing!”

I sighed. “Nora, you have always been spoiled when it came to blood, and Godric loved you too much to force you to control yourself.”

Even flying, I saw that she’d rolled her eyes in my direction. “He did not spoil me! He simply let me feed on the blood I preferred. Don’t tell me that he didn’t do the same with you.”

“Oh course he did,” I responded, “but he also cautioned that—when I was truly hungry—I could prevent taking lives I didn’t intend to take by drinking blood that I did not prefer until I had better control over my urge to drain. Don’t tell me that he didn’t teach you the same lesson.”

Nora scoffed in answer as we landed and made our way into my club, which was empty—not a surprise, given the current state of the world.47.1

Clearly ignoring my comment, Nora asked, “How could I have lived for so long and never encountered a fairy?”

Because the only thing you ever cared about was rising up the ranks of the Authority. Overachiever,” I said snidely.47.2

Well, somebody had to do something to make Father proud,” she returned sassily.

It must kill you that he loved me more,” I smirked, happy to be engaging in our “normal” brand of sibling rivalry.47.3

It kills me that you think he did,” Nora returned.

They got Pam,” Tara interrupted our banter as she burst into the room.

“Who is this rude newborn?” Nora asked with an air of superiority.

“Who got Pam?” I asked, ignoring Nora. I’d always been mystified by why she’d chosen to help the poorest or sickest of humans at times—yet still remained such a goddamned snob in other ways.

“A bitch in a bad suit came in here with a bunch of fuckin’ commandos,” Tara reported colorfully.47.4

“Rosalyn,” I muttered.

“Whoever it was—she made one of her kids the sheriff of this area after you left,” Tara informed, glaring at me. “And Pam confessed to killing him.”

I had my hand around my “grandchild’s” throat and was holding her high off of the floor before a tick of the clock on the wall.

“Pam is too smart to kill her sheriff,” I growled, “unless she knew she could get away with it.”

“I killed the prick,” Tara growled out. “Pam wanted to run when that asshole started taking what little profit we were still makin’, but I like this place,” she said, jutting out her chin stubbornly, despite my chokehold on her.

I glared at her for a moment, but then let her down with a chuckle.

“What the fuck?” Tara challenged me.

“It seems that my Pamela is embracing her role as a maker,” I returned.

“What the fuck are you talkin’ about?” Tara asked.

“You like it here, so she must be doing right by you. I can’t imagine you’d stay otherwise—unless she commanded you,” I said smugly.

Tara rolled her eyes but didn’t contract me. “Well—what the fuck are you gonna do?” she asked me—more like sassed me.

“Get her back—of course,” I shrugged.47.5

“Oh,” Tara said, the wind knocked out of her sails. She’d been prepared for a fight. I couldn’t help but to admire her obvious devotion for her maker. Much had changed in just a few days.

“Well then,” she said, hands on her hips. “In that case, you can help me.”

I laughed loudly.

“My child chose well,” I commented.

“She didn’t want to turn me,” Tara contradicted.

“Remind me to tell you how Pamela came to be a vampire sometime,” I smirked. “Or—better yet—ask your maker, and we’ll both see if she tells you the truth.”

“What’s your fuckin’ point?” Tara asked.

I chuckled. “That I lucked into the best fuckin’ progeny in the world. And Pamela lucked into a good one too.”

Tara looked at me with surprise. “I’m not good,” she said, hands still on her hips. “I’m fuckin’ outstanding.”

“Of course you are,” I grinned. “You have my blood in you.”

“You’re fuckin’ disgusting,” Tara scowled. “Oh—and just to add to the clusterfuck—they took Jessica too.”

I took that information in. Jessica might be helpful with the Bill situation. Then again—if she was in custody—that demonstrated that Bill was even more lost that I’d feared.

“Jessica’s my,” Tara paused, “friend.”

“Vampires ought not to have friends,” Nora said sanctimoniously.

I glared at my sister.

“Alright, then,” I sighed. “We’ll put Jessica on the list of people we need to save.” I looked at Tara pointedly. “Anyone else?”

“I’ll get back to you,” she smirked.


You’re insane to go back in there!” Nora said incredulously.

I’d taken a quick shower in order to get Russell Edgington muck off of me, and now we were taking cash out of the walls of Fangtasia and piling it into large bags. I had more money hidden other places, but—by far—my biggest stash was the one at Fangtasia.

She’s my progeny, Nora,” I returned. “She’s family.”47.7

She’s a former prostitute,” Nora returned with an air of superiority—as if she’d not been the king’s mistress when she’d been a human. Sometimes Nora just pissed me off.

We’re going just as soon as we stash this somewhere safe,” I said firmly.

Somewhere like the cubby at Sookie’s house.

Just in case.

Nora looked ready to argue, but I shut her down with a stern look. In my opinion, my sister fucking owed me. And she was going to help me save Pam—even if I had to pull out the ‘older brother’ card.

You sure this thing is light-tight? Looks like Tupperware,” Tara intoned as she dragged one of my state-of-the-art travel coffins across the room. In that moment, she sounded very much like her maker.47.8

I smirked. Tara Thornton was growing on me. It’s one-hundred percent light-light and virtually indestructible.”

Are you kidding? Even I can destroy it,” she responded.47.9

I knew that wasn’t true, but I said nothing. In fact, the coffins were made of ultra-thin, but ultra-strong metal. Even I couldn’t destroy one.

But—then again—only the best for my bloodline.

Oh, by the way, she’s family, too,” I said as Nora looked ready to say something to Tara. “So be nice to her.”

Nora rolled her eyes. “What? Is she another whore?”

Tara rushed toward Nora, and I was impressed when she managed to push my sister halfway across the room. I moved to stand in between them so that Nora couldn’t retaliate and then looked down at my sister sternly. “You will never disparage my child again,” I said warningly. “Pamela made an independent living during a time when women were not deemed equal. Even with your affluent upbringing, you should recognize how you and Pamela were alike.”47.10

“But—she’s . . . ,” Nora began.

“What?” I asked. “I remember—once upon a time—when you told me not to harm a whore on the London streets.”

“That was different,” Nora said, her chin jutting out. “Your child should be,” she paused, “worthy of you.”

“Fuck you!” Tara yelled in support of her maker.

I winked at Tara, even as I continued to hold her and Nora apart.

I looked back at my sister. “Pamela is more than worthy. And—once you take your head out of your ass—you will see that.”

“But Godric . . . ,” she started.

“Didn’t recognize that—even though I wasn’t pulled to Pamela—she was a choice for me. My hand was forced, but I could have folded it. I made the decision to make Pam, and I would have killed her if I’d ever regretted that choice,” I added firmly. “But I’ve never regretted it—not once,” I growled. I looked again at Tara. “Not once.”

Tara’s lips twitched upward a little as she came to understand that Pamela could have killed her or abandoned her if she’d truly not wanted her. But Pam had done neither—despite her own mixed feelings about the way in which she’d become a maker.47.11

“Now,” I said authoritatively, “we are going to go get Pam. You can either help, Nora, or you can go off on your own. But I think you owe me your help,” I added forcefully.

“Fine. I’ll help,” Nora pouted. “But just because you’ll get yourself killed otherwise.”

I smirked. “Excellent. Now—we will all get along. We are family.”

“My family never fuckin’ got along,” Tara intoned.

“Well, then,” I chuckled, “this will be a new experience for you. And—trust me—as a vampire, you will come to appreciate those more and more.”

Both Nora and she rolled their eyes.

“Women,” I muttered.

Both glared at me. Women—indeed.

Speaking of which.

“We need to get a move on. I want to stash this cash and pick up an ally,” I informed.

“Who?” Tara and Nora asked in concert.


“Goddammit!” Tara and Nora said—once again simultaneously.

“See—you two are going to get along famously,” I smirked. “You’re already agreeing with each other.”47.12

As we continued our tasks, both Tara and Nora tried to talk me out of involving Sookie; after a while, I simply tuned them out. Involving Sookie was a risk—but a calculated one.

And it was my best play for a variety of reasons.

However, only one of those reasons was powerful enough to compel me to involve her.


I knew that—despite what he might convey to his fellow Lilith cronies—he would eventually come to Sookie.

Come for Sookie.

His manipulative “glamouring” at the haunted hospital had convinced me of that much. And, even earlier that same night, Bill had come to Sookie’s home. He’d said that it was to enlist her help in finding Russell.

But I knew that was only half of the truth.

Less than half.

Bill wouldn’t be leaving Sookie alone for long. Not as long as he was alive.

And now that Bill was so far up Lilith’s ass that he would probably appear as a hand puppet in any new hallucinations her blood elicited, he was even more dangerous for Sookie. He would eventually talk himself into believing that Sookie would be better off with him—or that she was a necessity to “the cause.”

Or that she should be terminated because she was an abomination.

Thus, ironically, my best move was to get Bill to see his own insanity before he was completely lost. However, I’d already failed to do that on my own.

As much as I hated it, I knew that Sookie was the only one who had a chance of convincing him to stop what he was doing.

The choice of whether to try or not, however, would need to be hers.

Moreover, I knew that if I didn’t give her that choice, she’d never forgive me.

Tired of listening to Tara and Nora, I took off toward our waiting vehicle, holding both of the younger vampiresses by the scruffs of their necks until they were in their seats.

“Not another word until we get there!” I roared as I took off out of the parking lot, gravel flying up behind me.

Frightened of my tone, they both kept their traps shut—despite some rolled eyes in my direction.

Maybe—as the eldest in the family—I was enjoying my power a little too much. But—then again—the best kind of power was earned, not sought.

And I planned to fucking earn it!

A/N: So-a lot of this chapter is new. By this point in the season, I did not really like Nora, despite the fact that she “converted” back. I think it was her comments against Pam. I don’t know. It is ironic that it was after she was “reformed” that I began to dislike her even more. But she just seemed to be a brat to me from here on. So-I decided to make Eric more powerful in taking the reigns as patriarch of the “family.” This will play out more later in the sequel. I also think that Nora was a little jealous of Sookie, and that will also be revisited in the sequel. I really did like how Eric seemed to defend Tara at the end of this scene. Vampire Tara was beginning to grow on me by this point. But things went south in S6. I’m glad I’m going my own way before then. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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10 thoughts on “Chapter 47: Relative

  1. i like your thinking about both Nora and Tara, i wanted Nora dead after the porch scene. and Tara they did that poor vampire wrong, why the hell did they keep going backwards with her. anyway liked the chapter, looking forward to how you resolve this and move on to the sequel. KY

  2. Loved the “family” scenes here. Looking forward to what you’ll do to change season 6 directions especially in regards the useless moping anomaly that was Billith.

  3. Love the family interactions here! Agree with you about Nora, she comes across as s spoiled brat. She’d be dead if it wasn’t for Eric seeing something in her while she was in that bed dying.

  4. I felt similarly about Tara and Nora. I despised human Tara but vamp Tara kind of grew on me. Sorry, but I never liked Nora and just liked her less and less (although she didn’t deserve the end she got, both for her and Erics sake). Great chapter. (I can’t wait for the sequel)

  5. Liked the moment between Eric and Tara!
    I was really liking Tara as a vampire and I really liked the idea of Eric’s bloodline family with Nora,Pam Tara Willa …
    then everything went down the drain in S6 and 7

  6. Yes please save Tara! She was another character much improved from the books esp in the early seasons… Then she became totally annoying (after the very bad mickey experience, so can’t blame her too much) and just when she became likeable again as a vamp… They kill her!!! Such morons those TB writers… Esp because Pam was a lot better (and less Eric-obsessed less jealous of Sookie) with Tara as progeny and lover… Still, Nora was a bloody bitch talking shit about Eric’s progeny so feel free to end Nora in the sequel… I won’t shed one tear for that snobby cow

  7. Nora’s comments about Pam sealed my dislike of her character. Plus I was shocked Eric didnt put her in her place over that. Eric wouldn’t have let her get away with insulting Pam in that way – to her face yes because Pam could fight her own battles. Nora came across as a spoilt brat here and after. Tara made a good vampire and it’s a pity they killed her off as I’d like to have seen more of Pam in a maker role. She’d been really irritating me before she was turned so anything was an improvement!

    A really great chapter btw!

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