Chapter 64: Matriarchs

Eric gestured for Sookie to be quiet and turned his head to the door, listening to Bill’s departure and monitoring his progress.  A minute later he inhaled deeply.  “He is out of range, min kära.”

Sookie quickly said, “Bill Compton, I rescind your invitation―you lying A-hole!”

Eric grinned at Sookie’s words.  “I see that you saw his eyes twitch too.”

Sookie couldn’t help but return Eric’s grin.  “I cannot believe that you almost cracked up when he was talking!”

“Me―my lover?” Eric said innocently.  “I was much more in control than you were.  Imagine if Bill’s heart-felt words had been interrupted by your laughter.  The ego bruise alone may have sent him to his true death.”

The couple looked at each other and burst into laughter for several moments, both to relieve the tension from the encounter and because Bill’s continued unwillingness to tell the truth―even when caught in a lie―was so pitiful that it had become funny.  After they composed themselves, Sookie looked at Eric’s face, still boyish from his laughter, especially given the fact that his bangs were flopping on his forehead.

There was only one reaction that she considered viable at that moment:  she jumped him.  She literally launched herself into his arms, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and took his lips greedily with her own.

Though momentarily surprised, Eric quickly gripped Sookie’s legs so that they wouldn’t slip down his body.  He moaned into their kiss.  Sookie trailed her lips over his cheek and chin and to his neck as she caught her breath.

“You were magnificent tonight, lover,” Eric purred into Sookie’s ear, as he nibbled on the lobe.  “There were many times that you had me in such awe that I wanted nothing more than to bend you over the arm of the couch and worship your body.”

Sookie looked up at Eric with hooded lashes and commanded, “Worship it now, Viking.”

Eric growled and pushed Sookie up against the wall, its stability allowing him a free hand.  He ran his fingers under her shirt and bra and took her breast roughly into his palm.

“Oh God,” Sookie moaned as he pinched and rolled her nipple with his finger.  “Eric, I need you―nowplease.”

Feeling just as desperate, Eric set Sookie onto her feet for a moment in order to free his erection and to pull off Sookie’s pants, taking her shoes and one sock with them.  He made even quicker work of her underwear, ripping her soaked panties apart with two hands.  However, Sookie didn’t care at all about her underwear as Eric lifted her up again and thrust into her, slamming her against the wall, even as he used one of his arms to take the brunt of the force.  She wrapped her legs around him tightly and met his thrusts as he continued to pound into her again and again.

“Fuck, Sookie.  So good,” he managed to groan as he buried his head into her shoulder, kissing and licking her now salty flesh.

“Please, Eric,” Sookie begged, “please bite me.  We can wait to do the exchange, but I need your fangs in me right now!”

Eric growled, and his fangs clicked into place.  His desperate thrusts pushed Sookie upward a bit, and he bit into her breast, pulling on her blood even as he pulled her orgasm from her.  His was not far behind as her sweet blood entered his system and pulsated around their bond.

As soon as both of their orgasms had subsided and Eric had composed himself, he tucked his extremely satisfied cock back into his jeans and refastened them.  He secured Sookie against him by placing a hand under her bottom, and then he started to walk toward the stairs.

Having just caught her breath, Sookie said, “I’m gonna need my pants, cowboy.”

Eric chuckled and bent down gracefully to retrieve them.

Sookie sighed and buried her face into his chest as he carried her up the stairs to the bathroom so that she could clean herself up.  He set her down carefully on the bathroom counter and kissed her forehead gently.  He zipped out of the room and was back in seconds with a clean pair of panties and her missing sock.

Sookie smiled appreciatively as Eric warmed a washcloth for her.

“You were amazing tonight, lover,” Eric reiterated.

“Mmm,” Sookie sounded.  “You’re amazing too.”

Eric chuckled.  “Oh course―the sex was amazing, lover,” he said as he kissed the tip of her nose.  “But I was also referring to how you dealt with Compton.  I thought for a minute there that you were going to zap him.  In fact,” he added with mischief in his eyes, “part of me was hoping that he’d call you ‘darling’ just one last time.”

She grinned, “I have to admit that part of me was hopin’ the same thing.”

Eric tone turned more serious as he picked up a brush to smooth Sookie’s hair.  “Still, I hope that your words had the effect you desired.  Perhaps, he will abandon his earlier plans and leave us alone.”

Sookie sighed at the feel of Eric brushing her hair and smiled at him teasingly.  “You were incredible too.  All that lying and nonsense from him, and you hardly said a word AND you didn’t kill him either!”

Eric chuckled.  “It was very difficult, min kära―I assure you.  May I have a prize.”

Sookie crooked her finger at him, “You may have a kiss, Viking.”

Eric bent down and gave Sookie a soft, soulful kiss.

When they broke apart, Sookie smiled up at him, “I should get dressed and pack a bag with a change of clothes.”

Eric nodded.  “Pack two changes.  We may, perhaps, wish to stay at my home tomorrow night as well.  Oh,” he said as if remembering something, “I forgot to ask if you had eaten your dinner before I rose this evening.  I’m afraid that you’ve been distracting me.”

Sookie chuckled, “Yeah, I ate, but that was several hours ago.”  She got a mischievous look in her eyes, “Can you make a sandwich?”

Eric laughed, “I know the ingredients for a sandwich, my love, but I have never made one.”

“Well―then you have your job for while I’m packing.”

Eric’s chuckle deepened as he put down the brush and stroked her hair with his fingers, “You are a demanding woman, little one.  Always testing me.”

“And you are a high-handed vampire, big one.”

His laughter only amplified as he left the bathroom to go to the kitchen.

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About ten minutes later, Sookie had a backpack filled with two changes of clothes and something pretty she wanted to wear for Eric when they did the third bond.  He had a small bag filled with a couple of sandwiches, some apples and bananas from a bowl on the counter, and the leftover peach pie, which his nose had led him to.  He’d also grabbed a small container of something that he thought was a leftover casserole of some kind from the refrigerator and a container of the soup she’d frozen.  He’d enjoyed the smell of the soup very much and thought that Sookie might want a bit of variety while she was at his home for the next day or so.  He’d purchased a small amount of human food for her, but he was not sure she would like it, as it was canned goods or freezer items.

She unzipped one of the compartments in the backpack and added the bag of food to its contents, careful not to crush anything.

“You should grab a coat for yourself, min kära,” Eric said.

Sookie reached into her coat closet and pulled out her worn jacket.  Eric looked at it disapprovingly.  “Now you wait just a minute, mister!” Sookie exclaimed, irritated by Eric’s reaction.  “This is a perfectly good coat!”

Eric put his hands up in surrender.  “I was wondering only if it would be warm enough for you as we fly; it can be quite cool in the air, and I want to make sure you are comfortable.”

“Oh,” Sookie said, feeling Eric’s honesty through the bond.

“Perhaps, you might wrap yourself up in this as well,” he said pulling an afghan off the couch.

“Okay,” Sookie said chuckling.  “Sorry―I assumed you were criticizing my coat, but you knew what you were gettin’ into with me, cowboy.”

Eric returned the grin, “But of course, lover.  I am well aware of your fiery nature, and you know I love it.  Oh, and by the way, I was already planning how I could get Pamela to make sure you purchased a new coat during your upcoming shopping trip.”  He winked at her as she hit his arm lightly.

“High-handed vampire,” she mumbled.

“Beautiful, fiery, sexy, amazing fairy,” he returned, causing her to smile widely.

“Let’s get goin’, Viking,” Sookie said authoritatively.  “I want you to get me back to your secret lair so that you can properly pillage me.”

Eric growled, “That, lover―I can do.”

Before stepping outside, Eric took a moment to call Pam.  “Pamela, is there a report for me?”

Pam responded, “Is Sookie listening?”

“Does she need to be?”

“No―it’s just that Bill went home and called in all this human donors; then he proceeded to fuck Lillith, whom I found out was made vampire by Lorena in 1917.   As far as I can tell, Lillith and Bill were Lorena’s only progenies.”

“But he’s taken no action regarding Sookie or myself?”

“No, the humans have just arrived and seem to have joined Bill and Lillith in their fun.”

“Very well.  Keep monitoring.  “Call only for emergencies.  I have important business to see to,” he hung up as he ran his hand across Sookie’s collarbone and grazed the tops of her breasts.”

Sookie moaned and Eric bent down to whisper, “Soon, my fairy.  I will be pillaging you very, very soon.”

He straightened up and asked, “Do you want to hear what Pam said?”

Sookie nodded.

“Bill ordered all his human donors to be brought back, he and Lillith had sex, and now it seems the humans are joining in.”  Eric looked at Sookie, gauging her reaction.

“Well, I can’t really blame him for the sex thing, given what we just did against the wall, and earlier in the cubby, and in the shower, and, of course, what I intend to do to you again soon.”

Eric leered at her.

“And as for the feeding―well, as long as the humans aren’t hurt, that’s to be expected too.  And he’s done nothing against us?”


“Well―then, Bill’s business is his own as far as I’m concerned.”  Even Sookie was surprised to not be more upset.

“Lover, there was one piece of pertinent information.  Lillith is Bill’s vampire sibling.  She was Lorena’s child.”

Sookie looked down and then back up at Eric, “Talk about a bad penny.  Well―if she does anything to you or to us, I’ll send her to meet her maker.”

Eric bent down and captured Sookie’s lips in a quick, searing kiss. “I love it when you are ruthless,” he whispered as he released her and took her hand in his.

Eric walked out on the front porch first and inhaled deeply.  There were no out-of-place scents, so he called Bubba over.

“Hello Miss Sookie,” Bubba said as he came out of the woods.  “I hope that King Bill didn’t bother you none.”

Sookie smiled at him, “No Bubba, we all just had a talk.  I appreciate that you were here though―to help if we needed it.  I’m real thankful.”

Bubba smiled widely.  Eric spoke, “Bubba, Sookie and I are going to one of my residences tonight, but I need you to stay here to keep Sookie’s home secure until Miranda gets back in the morning.  Feel free to hunt anywhere on her property that you want; you don’t have to stay close to the house for the remainder of the evening.  Just inform me if someone tries to pass the property line.”

Bubba’s smile widened even more if possible, and Sookie cringed a bit, knowing that Bubba would be hunting cats.  She suspected that Eric had arranged for a whole parcel of strays to be brought to her woods, but that was one secret she didn’t want to confirm with her bonded.

After the couple watched Bubba disappear into the woods, Sookie locked up the house.  As she turned back toward Eric, her eyes were drawn to the overgrown rose bushes next to the front porch.  “Oh, by the way, cowboy,” she smiled up at him, “Gran told me to tell you that the people you have prunin’ the rosebushes are a bunch of idiots.  You need to trim them back more.”

Eric looked at Sookie in confusion.  “What?  Your Gran?”

“Yep!” Sookie said, leading Eric over to the porch swing.  “I guess in the middle of everything else that was happenin’, I didn’t tell you about yesterday.  I talked to Gran, Eric.”  Sookie spoke with tears in her eyes, and Eric could feel her sadness, excitement, and gratefulness through the bond.

“Lafayette?” Eric asked perceptively.

“Yes, but I need to go back a bit and tell you about somethin’ that I haven’t told you―something about Gran and Marnie.”

Eric raised a brow.  “What about them?”

“Well, once I learned from Holly’s head that Marnie was the one that had done the spell that took away your memories, I went to the Moon Goddess to see what I could find out.”

Eric stiffened a bit.

“Now―wait just a minute, Viking!” Sookie scolded.  “Don’t forget that I can take care of myself.  I didn’t put myself in danger that day.  I just went in like I was a customer; I intended to read Marnie’s mind.”

Eric nodded.  “I know, min kära.  It is just that I do not like the thought of you taking risks like that.”

“Would you have done the same for me?”

“Yes,” Eric admitted.

“Then―get used to it, buster!  I was tryin’ to figure out how to fix you, so don’t give me any trouble, okay?”

Eric smiled and kissed Sookie’s forehead.  “I will try, my love.”

“Good!  Now, where was I?  Oh yes―I was in the Moon Goddess, and in order to have better access and more time to read Marnie’s thoughts, I pretended that I wanted a readin’ done.”

“And since Marnie―like Lafayette―was a medium, you heard your Gran through her,” Eric posited.

“Yes.  Gran told me to get out of there and that Marnie was dangerous, so I high-tailed it out of the Moon Goddess right away!”

Eric chuckled.  “I think that your Gran and I share the same purpose of trying to keep you safe.”

Sookie took Eric’s hand and kissed it before turning more serious, “On Wednesday when we told each other how we felt, did you wonder why I didn’t want to re-bond with you right then?”

Eric looked closely at Sookie.  “Yes―I admit that I still sensed some hesitation from you that evening, so I was very glad when you asked me to stay here.  I thought that you might just want one more day to be sure.  But there was something else, wasn’t there?”

“Yes,” Sookie nodded.  “Through Marnie, Gran told me that I shouldn’t give you my heart―that we wouldn’t last together.”

Eric looked surprised.  “And you didn’t want to enter into the bond again until you knew what Gran meant.”

Sookie shook her head.  “Truth be told, I would have most likely bonded with you either way―even if Gran had confirmed that we weren’t gonna last.  I don’t think that I could have done anything else at that point.”  Sookie got quieter as tears rose to her eyes once again, “Eric, even one day with you―one minute―would have made the bond worth it to me.  You need to understand that!  No matter how much time we have together, it’s worth it to me―even though it will never seem like enough.”

“I know,” Eric returned quietly as he brought his forehead to hers.  He asked quietly, “What did your Gran tell you through Lafayette?”

“She said that she’d given me that warning because you were supposed to die recently.  I don’t know when, but I’m guessin’ it was either at Antonia’s hands or the night that Nan was supposed to kill you.  Gran said that you had some kind of guardian angel looking over you, and your fate changed.”

Eric chuckled.

Sookie looked up at him confused.

He said, “I’m sorry, my love.  It is just that I think I may have two guardian angels.  You saved me from Antonia’s grip.  She, most certainly, would have led me to my final death after she was done with me if you hadn’t broken the spell.  And Godric’s maker most likely saved me from my fate at the hands of Nan Flanagan.”

“Godric’s maker?” Sookie asked.  “He must be really old!”

Eric used his senses to confirm that no one was in range of their discussion and then continued, “She is.  She was a powerful seer―a teller of the future―at Delphi before she was turned vampire.”

“Like in that movie 300?” Sookie asked.

Eric nodded and continued, “In fact, she was turned when she was very old in human years by one of the first known of my kind.  After he found her, he intended to use her, and he did use her very cruelly for many centuries.  But the old bat bided her time and eventually used her own gift to set up his downfall.”  Eric’s voice was full of affection for his maker’s maker.

Sookie chuckled, “You like her, your―um―grand-maker.”

“Very much,” Eric confirmed.  “Few know that she ever made a child, and even fewer know that Godric was that child.  I have only ever told Pamela and now you.  I believe Godric told Isabel, but I don’t think anyone else knows of my connection to the A.P. unless she has told others.”

“A.P.?” Sookie asked smiling at what she assumed had to be a nickname.

“Yes, she is called the Ancient Pythoness by my kind.  She is revered by most vampires.  As vampiress, she has retained her ability to see some things in the future, though she hardly ever interferes despite many attempts made by others to control her over the years.  As you can imagine, she is excellent at thwarting those attempts.”

“And she helped you with Nan?”

“Yes―she made sure that I was warned about the impending threat.  I would have been on alert anyway, but who knows?  Nan may have caught me in an unguarded moment.  She certainly did try to distract me that evening by bringing up your name.”

Sookie sank into Eric’s shoulder.  “I don’t like the idea of people usin’ me to get to you.”

Eric reassured her, “I said that she ‘tried’ to distract me, min kära.  I did not say that she succeeded.  Despite the fact that she had all her guards firing wooden bullets at me, I was not hit, and even if I had been, the vest would have protected me.”

Sookie shivered next to him as he spoke of getting shot at.  “But you don’t always wear your vest, Eric.”

He chuckled, “Believe me, my love.  I always had it on when I knew I was to meet with Nan.”  He embraced her more fully, sending comfort through their bond.  “Even as you saved me from Antonia, I think the A.P. may have saved my life that night with Nan.  She protests that she will not act to change anyone’s fate, but she does seem to enjoy having me around.”

“Well―then it looks like she and I share a similar purpose too, just like you and my Gran.”  Sookie smiled up at him.

Eric pulled her even closer and wrapped her in the afghan.

After a few minutes, Sookie asked quietly, “Why didn’t the A.P. stop Godric from meeting the sun?”

Eric looked into Sookie’s eyes.  “That was my first question too,” Eric said.  “And I was angry with her for a while.  But then she contacted me and ‘set me straight’―so to speak.  She said simply that she loved Godric too much to stop him from doing what he needed to do for her own selfish reasons.  And then she told me that I needed to grow up.”

They both chuckled at this.  “I think I would like her a lot,” Sookie said.

“She would most certainly like you as well, my love,” Eric assured.  He returned to their earlier conversation and asked a bit nervously, “So―your Gran approves of me now?”

“Yes,” Sookie smiled.  “And she seems to approve of everything that you have been doin’ for the house, but she was mighty unhappy about the state of her roses!”

Eric laughed, “Well then―I’ll see to them myself as soon as we get back!”



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