Chapter 15: More!

Sookie was about halfway through her second slice of pie when she realized that she wasn’t the only one drooling.

“You look downright hungry, Mr. Northman,” she purred as she did more naughty things with her fork—this time intentional.

“Starving,” I moaned.

“We should stay ready—just in case Jason calls. Sarah might be coming at any time,” she reasoned, though she was still making out with her cutlery.

That slut-lery.

“Sarah isn’t the only one who might be cumming at any time, lover,” I punned.

Her answer was to pierce another piece.

I wanted to pierce something too. Her pie.

She licked her lips before wrapping them once more around her fork. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

“Sookie,” I said warningly. And hopefully.

Her “Mmmmm” became a “Hmmmm.”

And somehow the noise managed to vibrate through the air and into my cock.

“Jason will call when Sarah does. We have time. And I can be quick,” I managed to groan out.

“But what if I don’t want a quickie?” she asked coyly.

She. Would. Be. The. Death. Of. Me.

At this rate, my own cock would eventually strangle me.

She brought her last piece of pie slowly to her mouth. Before putting it slowly onto her tongue. And savoring it slowly.

I waited until she’d swallowed the damn thing—slowly—before I zipped to her, pulled down her shorts, placed her onto the table, and began feasting on my own treat.

I’d not wanted her to choke on her last bite—after all.

She grabbed my hair with both hands as I licked her from her entrance to her clit before slowly—oh so fucking slowly—entering her with my tongue.

“Eric,” she moaned, her thighs gripping me as much as her hands were.

After several minutes of treating her like she’d treated that fucking fork, I could tell that she was close to cumming, so I began drawing tight circles around her nerve bundle with my thumb.

She called me God for my trouble, arched her back, and released onto my waiting tongue.

“Delicious,” I hummed against her clit causing her to convulse again.

Needless to say, I wanted another piece.

It took my bonded a couple of minutes to recover from her high, probably because I took great care in licking my “plate” clean.

And when she did recover—she really did.

Her eyes went from hazy pools of spent pleasure to bright flames of passion.

Fairy Sookie.


She pushed me back into a chair and stripped my jeans off before dragging her nails back up my legs.

Marks were left.

And then she took my weepy cock into her mouth and savored it as if it were the finest vintage of wine.

Or—in her case—the saltiest tea on the planet. While she seemed desperate to get a much larger drink from me than just my pre-cum, her busy nails scraped my thighs roughly before moving to caress my balls.

I called her God this time.

Her eyes seemed to light up even more as her fingers grasped my thighs as if to hold on. She’d need to; I was about to explode into her mouth!

“Cum for me,” she growled, even as she sent light into my body. This time, it didn’t shock me so much as it jolted my release.

And then she licked her “fork” clean.

I was a very lucky fork.

Neither of us were done with each other. I picked her up and zipped us to what would now be our bedroom—now that the cat was out of the bag about the shutters.

“Fuck me hard!” Sookie—or rather fairy Sookie—ordered.

I was happy to comply, especially when she turned over and raised her perfect ass to entice me.

“Mmmm,” I sounded, unable to resist giving her pussy a few licks before swiping my tongue over her other entrance.

“More!” she commanded.

She was a pregnant fairy! So, of course, I gave her what she wanted, offering her the best rim-job I’d ever given even as I moved two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her release came quickly, but I wasn’t in the mood to let her recover this time. I entered her from behind, pulling her hips backwards against my thrusts. Still throbbing from her orgasm, she let me do the work for a minute before she began to move to meet my thrusts on her own. I reached around to stimulate her clit, causing us both to careen over the edge once again.

“More,” she panted.

Again—pregnant fairy. Again—obedient vampire mate.

I decided to give her more against the wall—while I could still stand. And when her walls once again fluttered as my cock hit her G-spot perfectly time and time again, she bit into my neck, causing me—naturally—to bite into hers and to cum like a goddamned fountain.

“More!” she insisted, her lips now stained with my blood. I kissed those lips breathless as I gave her “more” three more times until she was too tired to make another command for “more.” Still, I offered her one more “more” as we showered together—just for good measure.

Her eyes finally back to “normal,” she smiled contentedly and hummed—off tune—as I toweled her dry and then brushed through her hair before braiding it. After that, I settled us into bed.

“‘More’ is my favorite word now,” I grinned at her.

She smacked my chest playfully. “I just bet it is, buddy.”

She looked up at me, a delicious blush flaming her cheeks. “I think it’s pregnancy hormones.”

“Mixed with fairy hormones,” I added.

She giggled. “According to the book I’m reading, my body seems to be about three months along. And I have—uh—symptoms as if I were at the end of my first trimester.”

“So each day, you are progressing through a month’s worth of pregnancy?” I asked to clarify.

She nodded as she reached over and grabbed a large bottle of water. “I stashed a bunch of these around the house today,” she explained, taking off the lid. I could smell that salt had been added. After she’d taken a gulp, her cheeks flushed even redder. “The—uh—book said that many women get even—um—hornier during their second trimesters.”

Attention Cheshire Cat—I’ve stolen your grin. Likely forever. Thank you.

“So for the next three days or so?” I queried playfully.

“Prepare yourself, Viking,” she giggled.

Was she scaring me again? A little. But my grin wasn’t going anywhere.

Just as I was about to suggest she take a nap so that we could get to the second “trimester” as quickly as possible, my phone rang.

“Hold that thought, lover,” I purred before zipping downstairs to retrieve my phone from my discarded jeans. I recognized Pam’s new number, and I zipped back upstairs before the phone had finished ringing a third time.

“Jason?” Sookie asked.

“No, Pam,” I informed as I answered the phone.

Sookie nodded and relaxed a little, lying back down. I sat down next to her and caressed her back, enjoying her purrs of contentment, even as I listened to my child’s lengthy report. Near the end of it, Sookie sat up quickly, likely responding to the surprise I felt as Pam told me her “personal” news.

As my bonded looked at me with curiosity, I told my child to continue with her plans and then hung up.

“What?” Sookie asked. “Did she and Tara have a problem?”

I shook my head. “No—but you seem to have started a trend, my love.”

“What do you mean?”

“It seems Pam wants to make a second child; two seems to be the magic number these days.”


I shrugged. What else could I do? “Pam and Tara spoke with Governor Burrell’s daughter, Willa, earlier tonight. She has agreed to help spy on her father for us and has even let Pam glamour her so that she cannot speak of interactions with vampires to anyone.”

“Okay,” Sookie said, gesturing for me to go on.

“Pam felt a pull toward Willa.”

“A pull?”

“Yes—an impulse to make Willa her child. She said it was quite strong.”

“What about Willa? Does she want to be a vampire?”

I considered my bonded’s question for a moment. “There was a time when Willa’s wishes wouldn’t have been a consideration. But Pam offered the girl a choice. Willa is thinking about it. Meanwhile, Pam and Tara are going to stay in Baton Rouge and get nightly reports from Willa. Pam plans to get to know Willa—and vice versa—for the next several nights so that Willa’s decision will be an informed one.”

“What about Tara?” Sookie asked cautiously.

“Pam is worried that Tara will feel somehow lesser since she was initially ‘unwanted,'” I sighed. “But it would be painful for Pam to avoid the ‘pull’ for too long. Luckily, Pam is not sexually drawn to Willa, though she did say the young woman is beautiful.”

“What about Willa? Is she—uh—drawn to Pam?”

I shook my head. “No. According to Pam, Willa is currently a virgin, but is attracted to men.”

“How does she know?”

“It’s Pam we’re talking about,” I chuckled. “She asked.”

“So—uh—Pam’s gonna what? Raise the equivalent of vampire Irish twins?”

I chuckled. “Seems like it. If Willa agrees. Pam is hoping that Tara’s position as her lover will help to mitigate any jealousies she might have, and she is also trying to downplay the strength of the pull she feels.”

Sookie let out a loud sigh, even as my phone rang again. This time, it was Jason. He informed me that Sarah was on her way and was due to arrive from Baton Rouge in approximately three hours.

“Since it’s only two hours before dawn, I will get you some help,” I told Sookie’s brother. “I’ll call you back soon,” I added before hanging up.

I considered options for a moment before deciding to get the help of a “lone wolf” in the area, a Were named Tray Dawson. Dawson wasn’t what one would call “social,” but he’d be perfect for the job I had in mind. Plus, he owed me.

A member of the Longtooth pack, which Tray had also been a member of at the time, had killed Tray’s wife about ten years before. The idiot, whose name was—fittingly enough—Jethro, had been driving while intoxicated and had hit Tray’s wife’s car, causing her to lose control of her own vehicle and hit a tree head-on. The Were had driven away from the scene; if he hadn’t been a coward—or even if he would have anonymously called for help—chances would have been good that Tray’s wife would have survived. As it was, she was pinned in her vehicle and unable to shift or get to her phone. According to the evidence at the scene, she’d bled to death slowly on that quiet country road during the dead of the night.

Jethro had been captured by the police, but Weres took care to ensure their kind didn’t get trapped in custody during the night of a full moon. Evidence was destroyed, and Jethro got off on a technicality. After that, the Longtooth pack-master, Marcus Bozeman, should have punished the drunk—or at least have allowed Tray to fight him. But it turned out that Jethro was Marcus’s cousin, so the pack-master forbid Tray from going after the young man, even going so far as to hide Jethro.

Tray broke with the pack and bided his time; he came to me a year later—on the anniversary of his wife’s death. Offering a favor in trade, he asked for my help, and—after hearing his story—I gave it. I helped him find the man who’d left his wife to die. I let him use my gator farm to take care of his “business.” And then I’d made sure he had an air-tight alibi.

It was time to cash in my favor.

As Sookie studied me from her position on the bed, I dialed Tray’s number.

He answered in a gruff, tired voice. “Hello?”

“Dawson,” I said.

Hearing my voice certainly woke him up in a hurry. “Northman,” he said alertly. “Whatever you need,” he offered before I asked.

“Understood. I do have need of you.”

I smiled and resumed caressing my bonded’s body. She relaxed, though I could tell she was still listening to my end of the call as I explained my plan to the Were. As soon as I’d given my instructions to Tray, I called back Jason.

“Jason,” I said when he picked up the phone, “listen carefully.”

“Uh—okay,” he answered a little nervously.

“A man named Tray Dawson is coming to your home. He is going to help you secure Sarah Newlin, and then stay with her at your home until I can deal with her tomorrow night.”

“Um—he’s not gonna hurt her. Is he? I mean—I know she’s an evil bitch and all. But I’m a cop,” he stuttered.

“Tray will tie her up. I will be the one to hurt her,” I emphasized, causing Sookie’s body to tense under my hands.

Jason rambled. “Um—I don’t know, man. Like I said, I’m with the law. Maybe we can—uh—place her under arrest? It’s not like . . . .”

“Jason,” I interrupted as I studied my bonded’s reaction, “at this point, what would human authorities do to her? Despite all the harm she has done and wants to do to vampires, do you really think they would do a goddamned thing? Especially after she hired a high-priced lawyer?”

I heard him exhale. “You’re right. They wouldn’t do a damned thing, but . . . .”

“If she is left alive, do you think that she will change her ways? Come to Jesus—as it were?” I asked, speaking as much to Sookie as to her brother.

Sookie shook her head, even as Jason answered, “No.”

“Glamour?” Sookie mouthed.

“Glamour won’t work to reform her either,” I sighed. “It’s in Ms. Newlin’s nature to hate and to seek to hurt that which she hates. If it’s not vampires, it will be Weres. If it’s not Weres, it will be blacks or Asians or homosexuals.”

“I know, but . . . .”

I interrupted Jason again. “You do not know the extent of her and Burrell’s plans, Jason.”

“You—uh—gonna kill the governor too?” Jason asked incredulously.

“No—at least not for the time being. The new vampire leadership group is going to use the evidence Sarah brings to us to test our new ally in the government. If the government arrests and convicts Burrell, others like him will be deterred.”

“Why not just do the same with Sarah then?” Jason asked, though I could tell that Sookie wanted to ask the same question.

“With Burrell, the media focus will be on how a politician has systematically tried to build an infrastructure in this state that mirrored what the Nazis did to the Jewish people—first through disenfranchisement, then through their concentration camps, and then with their planned final solution.”

“Their—uh—disen-what?” Jason asked.

Ah—the idiot was back.

I explained more simply. “Jason, Burrell will begin—has already begun—by taking away vampire rights.”

“Oh—like the curfew thing?” he asked.

“Yes, like the curfew thing.” Sookie looked at me questioningly. Pam had told me about the governor’s new Executive Order, but Sookie hadn’t heard that part. “Jason, hold on a minute.” I covered the receiver and quickly explained the curfew to Sookie, earning me a little kiss. She was pleased that I was willing to keep her up to speed. I vowed that she would soon realize that I trusted her as a true partner.

“Jason? Still with me?” I asked.

“Uh—yeah. The governor’ll start by takin’ your rights away.”

“Yes. Then he plans to capture vampires—starting with the younger ones. They will be imprisoned and then experimented upon.”

“Uh—that’s what made Sook sick last night?”


“And the final solution thing?”

“Burrell and Sarah stole part of a formula that the government made as a safeguard in case vampires prove to be a threat. Burrell plans to have scientists figure out the rest of the formula and then put it into TrueBlood. It will kill any vampire who drinks it.”

“Fuck,” Jason said. “You should kill him too!”

I chuckled. Maybe the idiot had some potential after all. “It will be best if human authorities are seen taking care of the problem.”

“But not Sarah?”

“No,” I responded. “Burrell will be compared to Hitler. Sarah would try to make it all about God. She would present herself as a martyr, and the press would eat it up.”

“So would attract the fanatics,” Sookie whispered.

I nodded.

Jason, obviously a mouth-breather, inhaled and exhaled into the phone like a sick child might. “I think your friend’s here,” he finally said.

“And you will cooperate?” I asked.

“Yeah. You’re right. Sarah needs to be stopped. You’re also right that she’d either get out of the whole damned thing or use bein’ arrested to drum up more hate.”

Ah—the return of the idiot savant.

“Sookie doin’ okay?” he asked.

“She’s fine,” I said, smiling at my bonded. Sookie quickly closed her eyes and mimed sleep before pretending to lightly snore so that I’d be sure to get her “hint.”

“She is asleep,” I lied, winking at Sookie, who’d opened one eye. “I’m sure she will call you tomorrow to check in.”

Sookie nodded.

“Okay—um—your friend’s name is Dawson?” he asked.

“Yes, Tray Dawson.”

“Okay—uh—I better go. It is him at the door.”

“Thank you,” I said, drawing a surprised look from Sookie.

“Uh—you’re welcome, dude. Um—bye.”

He hung up.

“You thanked him,” Sookie said.

“You are surprised?” I asked innocently. “He is helping us.”

“It’s not the thank you I’m surprised about,” she grinned.

“No? What surprised you then?”

“That was the closest I’ve ever heard you come to having phone manners,” she teased.

I chuckled. “It is likely the closest I’ve ever come.”

“I have only one word for you right now,” she said coyly, even as she crooked her finger, beckoning me to lean down.

The word that she whispered in my ear was my new favorite.



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21 thoughts on “Chapter 15: More!

  1. That was so much fun to read! Damn that sexy session was off the charts…more works for me. I couldn’t imagine a month of pregnancy in a day…yikes!!! I’m amazed the way he talked to Jason. I really liked the Willa and Pam idea. Great chapter!!!

  2. It’s tough to be in a situation where doing the right thing is the wrong thing. Good thing Jason can be practical. Looks like Eric and Sookie are having fun with those pregnancy hormones. Pam feeling a pull toward Willa is pretty cool. Hopefully, Tara won’t be too jealous, especially with Willa being more interested in men. Willa should really take care of that pesky virginity before agreeing to be turned though.

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  5. Fabulous! Pam feeling the “pull” toward Willa is quite interesting & clever although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tara was to get a case of ‘sour grapes’ only to screw up the entire thing, feeling as if she was to become the red-headed stepchild! (Now don’t any of you redheads get upset; I’m also a redhead! LOL!) Seems to me that there just might be a fluke in the plan for Sarah… She’s not stupid and always has a way of getting away with things, but perhaps this time she’ll finally be stopped! Would it not be poetic justice to see her turned into that which she despises most?
    Love, love, love when Faery Sookie comes out to play, especially when it’s with Eric! 🙂
    Until the next chapter, take care & wishing you no more headaches!

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