Vampire Characters: from SVM

When I made this page, I was floored by just how many vampire characters were left out of the show.  I would have loved to have seen characters such as Sophie-Anne’s children, Felipe & Victor, and Thalia.  Too bad.


I chose Chace Crawford in my AH Comfortably Numb trilogy where Alexei is a partier, but readers aren’t sure for a while whether he’s “good” or “bad.”  

I have picked Skandar Keynes for all my other Alexei portrayals.  I think he’d be perfect as an evil vampire.

The Ancient Pythoness (Pythia)

Helen Mirren was my choice for the Back & Forth Series.

Beginning with the UN-iverse, I began to picture Lynda Carter in the role.

Andre Paul

My Andre inspiration has changed quite a bit!  First, he was Joaquin Phoenix for the Comfortably Numb trilogy.

In Given Unsought, I was looking for an Andre closer in age to the actress I cast as Sophie-Anne, and Jamie Campbell Bower fit the bill.

For the Back and Forth series, specifically the third piece in the trilogy, I chose Ryan Gosling.

In other stories like Bombshell and The Trunk Trilogy, I’ve pictured Paul Bettany.


For the Comfortably Numb series–where I was looking for an actor old enough to be Eric’s human father–I picked Jeff Bridges.

All other times Appius has appeared in my stories, I’ve pictures Ralph Fiennes.  To me, he’d be absolutely perfect!

Bartlett Crowe, King of Indiana

Bartlett Crowe appears in a couple of my works.  In the UN-iverse, I cast Michael Emerson (well known for Lost).  He plays a “bad guy” well.

In the Gift Horse Series, I chose Simon Baker.

The “Berts” (Sigebert and Wybert)

I missed these guys in the show.  I’ve used them more than once.  For the Comfortably Numb trilogy, I visualized Kevin Durand (playing both characters).

For Given Unsought, I re-cast the brothers with Clive Standen.

Betty Joe Pickard

I’ve not had the opportunity to cast Betty Joe too often, but when I have, I’ve always pictured Elizabeth Shue–even though that doesn’t really fit the physical description of the character from the books.  (I think she’s compared to Marnie Eisenhower, whom I think of as “dainty & dowdy.”)


Who else could I imagine other than Elvis Presley?  BTW, b/c I’m doing fanfiction and don’t have to “cast” in reality, I have sometimes pictured deceased actors in my roles.  


I haven’t used Clancy too often in my stories, but I tend to picture Eddy Redmayne when I do. (Note: I used Redmayne for a different vampire character, Edwin, in the UN-iverse.)

Felipe de Castro

I’ve had fun casting this character over the years, and I’ve used several actors.  For my AH Comfortably Numb Series Felipe, I chose Andy Garcia, who would be convincing as an older businessman.

For the UN-iverse and some other stories, I envisioned Eduardo Verastegui.

Lately, especially beginning with Time after Time, my choice has been Javier Bardem.

But my first de Castro–found in the Back and Forth world–is Gael Garcia Bernal.

Freyda, Queen of Oklahoma

I’ve used two very different Freydas.  The first person I visualized was Shalom Harlow.  I just liked her look, and not all Scandinavians are blond.  🙂  To date, she has been my Freyda in the Back and Forth Series only.

My second and subsequent choice for Freydas has been Elsa Hosk.


The first time I used Indira, I was working on my AH Comfortably Numb Series.  I pictured Maneet Chauhan, whom you might recognize as a judge on Chopped.  She’s not an actress, but she was whom I pictured for that particular incarnation of the character.

When Indira is a vampire in one of my stories (she has a more prominent role in Not Without Action, for instance), I tend to picture Sonakshi Sinha in the role.

Jade Flower

I visualize Zhang Ziyi as “badass” Jade.


I chose Garrett Hedlund for this “role” when I used the character in Not Without Action.


I’ve had some fun casting Eric’s elder vampire child.  The first time I cast the role–for the Gift Horse Series–I did a poll, and readers decided on Stana Katic.

After that, I began picturing Teresa Palmer, who better fits the physical description from the books.  This is the Karin I used for Time after Time and Not Without Action.  

For The Trunk Trilogy, I began picturing Margot Robbie as Karin–maybe because I’d just seen The Legend of Tarzan when I began drafting.  🙂

Maxwell Lee

This is yet another book vampire that never made it to the show, but did make it to my works.  I first used the character in my AH Comfortably Numb trilogy and cast Dennis Haysbert.

Maxwell Lee also figured into Not Without Action; for that piece, I cast Ryan Eggold.


I used this vampire in the Back and Forth universe.  He’s also mentioned in The Trunk.  I decided to “cast” Clive Owen.  (Fun Fact: Owen plays a small human role in the Comfortably Numb universe.)


It was fun “shopping” for Pam’s beloved and child for Not Without Action.  I ultimately picked Alexa Davalos (love her in The Man in the High Castle).


I pictured Gwen Stefani when utilizing this character in Not Without Action.

Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas

When I portrayed Peter, I went way OOC.  I cast Norman Reedus and made him a “good guy” in the UN-iverse.


I’ve utilized this character many times, re-casting him quite often.  I go with whomever best fits my characterization–as Rasul has slightly different functions in each world I’ve put him in so far.

My first visualization–in the Back and Forth world–was really OOC, and I cast Paul Bettany.  

My next Rasul–for the Comfortably Numb trilogy–was Oded Fehr.

After that, I re-cast to Naveen Andrews for the UN-iverse.

I re-cast yet again to go with yet another characterization in Not Without Action.  I picked Arjan Bajwa.

Sandy Sechrest

Every time I utilize this character, I visualize the same actress: Thandie Newton.


By far, one of my favorite SVM characters to incorporate has been Thalia.  To date, I’ve used several actresses for her.  I chose Jessica Chastain for the Comfortably Numb trilogy.  I picked an actress who looked like she could be the sister of an already “cast” role.  (Plus, I like Chastain.)

I have also used Kate Beckinsale–for the Inner-Verse.

For the Gift Horse stories, I picture  Lena Headey.

The actress I tend to “see” most often when writing Thalia is Summer Glau.

Victor Madden

Who doesn’t love to hate Victor?  I’ve visualized several actors as embodying him.  The first actor I visualized (and the one I “see” most often), is Cillian Murphy.

For the UN-iverse, I picked James Franco.

For Not Without Action, my characterization shifted a bit, and Michael Pitt captured that vibe better.

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