Chapter 61: We Just Do

Chapter 61: We Just Do

Sookie opened her eyes to her view of the woods and stretched her arms above her head. She sighed. As she and Eric were learning about all happy times, their time in Sweden had flown by, and suddenly, it was their last full day at Lake Vänern. They would be leaving for Stockholm the next morning.

She reached out her hand toward Eric’s side of the bed. As expected, he wasn’t there. She sat up and stretched again, recounting just how she’d gotten so deliciously sore the day before.

Around noon the previous day, Mormor had driven to Växjö, where good friends of hers and Johan’s were celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary. The matriarch had apologized profusely for leaving Eric and Sookie on their penultimate day with her, especially since she would be spending the night away. However, Eric had shooed his mormor away with assurances that they would all spend a lovely afternoon and evening together before they left.

As soon as his grandmother’s car was out of sight, Eric had begun to enact an obviously planned out “operation” to have sex with Sookie in every location he’d ever imagined taking a woman during his adolescence.

It turned out that he’d had quite an active imagination; he still did.

First, they’d had sex in his old room, which Sookie consented to somewhat reluctantly since she’d come to think of that room as Gran’s while the elder Stackhouse woman had been visiting. However, Sookie had finally been “convinced” when Eric “cheated” and stripped in front of her. After that, she had participated whole-heartedly in “Operation Adolescent Fantasy Fulfillment.”

After that, he’d led her to the deck, where she’d held onto the railing for dear life as he’d pounded into her from behind. She’d learned two things from that experience. First, a splinter or two didn’t matter at all when one was being sexed up so thoroughly. And, second, having sex while standing up was amazing—with a capital “E” for “Eric’s stamina!” Sookie was just glad that he’d been able to keep them both on their feet when their orgasms had hit them like a Mack truck.

Next they’d spent some “quality time” in Elsa’s bathtub. Elsa had been right. The water from the hot springs had been wonderful and had soothed her already taxed womanly parts. What had been even more “soothing,” however, had been what Eric did to her when he set her on the ledge of the tub. She was still tingling from his gentle “care.”

After that, Eric had wanted to move on to the sauna, which was in its own little building and which they’d enjoyed many times during their stay—but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to “enjoy” as Eric wanted. However, Sookie had put her foot down and had requested a time-out to recover. She’d needed at least a little resting-time for her lady bits, even if Eric was experiencing a resurgence of teenaged stamina. The truth was that he was a “big boy,” and—even though she had no complaints whatsoever about his length or girth—she was experiencing some soreness, especially given all the sex they’d already had during their vacation.

Plus, she’d needed food!

Of course, Eric had pouted about not getting sauna sex immediately, even though he’d looked as worn out as she had. But he’d stopped moping as they’d grilled up some vegetables and two freshwater whitefish, called vendace, that they’d caught in the lake the day before. While they were eating, they’d reached a compromise. They’d agreed to “utilize” the sauna the next day—now today—since Mormor wasn’t due back until the afternoon.

However, once back at the lake house the previous evening, Sookie had felt rested enough for round four, which Eric had enthusiastically been “up” for. In no hurry, Eric had touched and kissed and nipped at every inch of her body. And he’d brought her to the edge of release so many times that she’d turned into a whimpering puddle of need. Of course, she’d made sure that she showed Eric similar attention, taking the time to kiss every magnificent inch of his 6’4″ frame and paying special attention to the inches that drove him most crazy. After they’d finally put themselves out of their “misery” by joining their bodies together, their mutual orgasms had been enough to induce coma-worthy sleep.

She moaned a little at the memory and looked at the clock. It was only 5:20 a.m. Eric was an early riser as it was, but in Sweden, he generally rose between 4:30 and 5:00 and spent the first part of his day taking a swim in the lake. Sookie shivered even thinking about that.

Even in the summer, the water in Lake Vänern was quite cool, so she had confined her own swimming to the afternoons when it was warmer outside. However—even then—her swims often lasted only long enough for her to get to the floating lounge, where she would bask in the sun to warm herself up. That particular piece of “furniture” had become her favorite place in Sweden, both because Eric had made it and because it was wonderful to sunbathe on. The sloshing sound of the water against the lounge, added to the gentle swaying caused by the waves, created heaven as far as Sookie was concerned.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that Eric had “enjoyed” the lounge with her—several times, in fact. Indeed, they’d enjoyed the lounge quite a bit, rocking together as the water had rocked them both. She blushed a little at that thought and wrapped the quilt around her so that she could go steal a glimpse of the best sight in the world.

She put on her slippers and hurried outside and then down the steps to the water’s edge. Normally, she would have been reticent about having only a blanket wrapped around her nude body, but she’d finally become convinced that Eric and she were truly isolated in the area surrounding the lake house—so much so that she’d even taken up sunbathing nude—after Pam had returned to New York, of course. Despite Eric telling Sookie that Pam was just kidding when she threatened to drive Mormor’s boat over and make a surprise visit sometime, Sookie’s outdoor nude excursions had started only when both Pam and Gran were back on a different continent.

Sookie heard Eric before she saw him. He was moving through the water at a swift, fluid pace. The opposite shoreline was about thirty yards away, and he was almost to it. Sookie let out a little moan as she took in his lithe body. She had no idea how he could swim in the cool water nonstop for half an hour, but he did so with ease. And he always came out of the water invigorated and horny, which was very good news for her.

Plus, he was extremely fun to watch, for he had an aversion to wearing a swimsuit in their private cove.


She sat down on the steps and watched as he made his turn and swam back toward their shoreline. He’d changed from the freestyle stroke to the backstroke for the return trip, and Sookie gasped a little as she watched the water tease his beautiful torso, sloshing back and forth across his waist and other—even more captivating—parts of his body. As always, she strained her eyes to try to see a particular protruding part of his anatomy that managed to stay a very—very—respectable size even in the cool water. However, the waves, which were slightly more vigorous than usual, kept that particular part of his body hidden from her.

“Damn,” she muttered under her breath, a little angry with Mother Nature for messing up her morning show.

“Hey,” he greeted as he swam up to the bottom of the steps and leaned against them.

“Hey yourself,” she smiled, noting that he wasn’t even breathing very hard.

“Two more laps,” he said with a grin. “Then we can go make breakfast at Mormor’s and have some quality sauna time,” he waggled his eyebrows.

“Sounds good,” she said with a blush.

“Wanna join me in here?” he asked with a devilish grin. “We haven’t had ‘quality time’ in the lake yet.

Even the thought of the cold water made her shiver, and she pulled the quilt tighter around her shoulders.

He chuckled. “You’d better get dressed then, or I won’t be able to resist having my—uh—breakfast before my breakfast.”

She giggled.

He pointed to his lips as if he were expecting her to lean over and kiss him.

“Nuh-uh, Buddy,” she said playfully, shaking her head.

“Buddy?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. “What? You don’t trust me?” he asked mischievously.

“Last time I bent down to kiss you I landed in the water.”

He grinned. “It is slippery over here,” he said, trying to sound innocent. “Plus, I thought you enjoyed getting all wet.” He licked his lips lasciviously.

“Just get back to your swim,” she chided lightheartedly.

He chuckled and then swam away from her, now doing the butterfly stroke. Sookie stayed a little while longer in order to appreciate his back and his bottom tunneling in and out of the water as he swam away.

She sighed. “You really are a beautiful man, Eric Northman,” she said in a quiet voice that she knew he wouldn’t hear. As cold as the water was, she was tempted—very tempted—for a moment to dive in after him. But sauna sex sounded better—and warmer!

Deciding that she’d better put on some clothes, she went back into the lake house. Since it was chilly—at least for her—and since they would be going across the lake in the boat, which made things even chillier, Sookie put on a long pair of flannel lounge pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. She completed her outfit with the beautiful sweater that Eric had gotten for her in Oslo. She couldn’t help but to appreciate its softness. Generally, she would have resisted such a gift, especially when she’d seen how much it had cost. After all, Eric had already spent so much money on her and Gran’s airplane tickets. However, the look in his eyes when he’d presented her with the item had been enough to make her keep it. He’d obviously noticed her eyeing the garment in one of the many shops Pam had dragged them to. And he’d managed to get it as a surprise for her.


It was functional, beautiful and comfortable, and it had come from the heart, so Sookie had accepted the gift with the caveat that Eric didn’t make buying her expensive things a habit.

She was just lacing up her tennis shoes when Eric came in with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

She couldn’t help her sharp intake of breath.

“See something you like?” he asked knavishly.

She nodded. “Oh, yes! But I’m hungry—for food—so get dressed.”

He gave her a wink and then dropped his towel in an exaggerated manner—before going to the back of the little dwelling.

She gathered all of her willpower and busied herself with making the bed and then folding the quilt she’d been using. Out of the fear that she’d “crack” and jump his bones—before breakfast—she didn’t even look at the towel which had so recently been hiding some of his best assets.

“I hope you know that I’m planning on messing up the bed later,” he growled a little as he reentered the room, this time dressed in jeans, a green T-shirt that brought out his eyes, and a light sweater. He slipped on a pair of sandals.

green T

She gave him a coy smile. “I’m planning on it too. Now pick up your towel!” she ordered playfully.

He chuckled and bent down to pick it up—but not before turning around so that she’d get a tempting look at one of her favorite parts of his anatomy.

“Sometimes you’re the devil, Mr. Northman,” she giggled.

He chuckled and threw the towel into the laundry bundle that they were taking up to the main house. Then—like a predator—he stalked over to her and bent down to capture her lips. It was a slow, deep kiss, holding within it a lot of promises.

“Yesterday was amazing,” he whispered into her ear before kissing behind it.

She shivered. “Yeah.”

“Do you want more?” he asked as he nipped her earlobe.

“Yeah,” she repeated with a sigh before smacking his shoulder. “But I need food first!”

“Cruel, cruel woman,” he joked.

She smiled widely as he gave her one last peck on the cheek and then led her out of the lake house and down the steps to where the boat was docked.

“I assume you’ll want to drive?” Eric asked, tossing Sookie the key.

She grinned. “Of course.”

The week before, he’d taught her how to drive the boat, which was a small wooden motor boat. She’d loved it! When he’d taught her, he had discovered that she couldn’t drive a car, a skill that he promised to teach her when they got back to New York. Moreover, he’d learned that she’d never stepped foot onto a boat at all!

Even from the first, however, Eric had been able to tell that she very much enjoyed the sensation of being on the water, and she also enjoyed having control over the vessel. So unless they were returning to the lake house after dark, Sookie had become the de facto driver.

She giggled a little as she started up the boat’s engine after Eric unmoored them. She always smiled or laughed as she drove the boat; Eric just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Sookie felt like she was sweating out all of the water in her body as she rode Eric, and given the fact that she couldn’t understand any of the words coming out of his mouth, she feared for a moment that she might be hallucinating or becoming delirious because of over-exertion. However, with relief, she realized that he was speaking in Swedish—likely cursing. And that fact made her feel very powerful—despite all the sweat coursing from both of them. He cursed in Swedish only when she was figuratively screwing his brains out. It was as if some inner Viking came out of him in those moments.

Adding fuel to that claim, he grunted below her, which made her feel even more powerful and sexy and . . . .

“Oh God!” she exclaimed, losing her thought, as he thrust upward into her just right, hitting the spot that seemed liked the “X” on a treasure map to her. She arched her back at the force of his upward pounding, thankful that his hands on her back were holding her steady.

One more thrust from him, and her sheath was throbbing around his emptying member. They shivered against each other as their releases subsided and they caught their breaths. Neither one of them was anxious to disconnect from the other.

“I’m hot,” Sookie finally said when their bodies threatened to stick together because of their sweat.

Eric chuckled. “Yes. Having sex in a sauna can do that to someone—especially if it’s a real sauna.”

“Your sauna in New York is real.”

He scoffed. “Our sauna. And it’s not the same; it never gets hot enough.”

“I don’t know,” Sookie commented as he picked her up and walked them both to the entrance of the small building. “It was pretty hot in there two days before we came here when you were teaching me—uh—what did you call it? Oh yes! ‘Sauna safety facts.'”

He chuckled as he continued walking them down the path to the lake and then directly into the water so that they could cool off.

“Ahh,” she sounded happily. For once the cool water felt just right.

“Safety is very important, min älskare,” he smiled.

“What time do you think it is?” Sookie asked as she held onto him and paddled her feet gently in the water.

“10:00 or so,” Eric answered as he looked up at the sky. They’d gotten to Mormor’s at about 6:30; then they’d cooked breakfast together before cleaning up around the house and doing several loads of laundry. Once the final load was in the dryer, they’d had their sauna time.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he kept her afloat.

“You really are a good swimmer,” she said.

He chuckled. “I’m not swimming.” He bent his knees a little to show her that he’d been touching bottom.

She giggled. “Then you really are mutantly tall. You know that—right?”

“How is it that our bodies fit together so perfectly then?” he asked, his expression completely serious; he obviously sought a ‘real’ answer from her.

“We just do,” she responded, knowing that it was both the simplest and the most complicated answer she could give. Her teeth chattered a little.

“Getting cold?” he asked.

She nodded, and he began walking them toward the shoreline. Not wanting to leave his arms, she wrapped her legs around him again; thankfully, he was more than happy to carry her. It wasn’t long before they were back at the sauna. However, instead of going back inside, he sat down in one of the lounge chairs on the sauna’s small deck. She was content to curl into his lap and let the air dry them, though she did cover herself with one of the huge towels Elsa kept stocked near the sauna. Earlier, Eric had put some water and fruit on the table, and they rehydrated themselves as they enjoyed the calming sounds of the warming day.

mormor's sauna

“Sookie?” Eric asked after about half an hour of comfortable silence; his voice betrayed that he was nervous.


“I want to ask you about something related to your past, but I don’t want to upset you. And I don’t want to ruin this morning, but,” he paused, “I find that I want to know the answer. I think I need to know the answer—if you’ll tell me,” he finished in a whisper.

Sookie looked into Eric’s eyes and saw the struggle there. She could tell that he didn’t want to do anything to mess up their perfect day. On the other hand, he was obviously concerned about something.

“Okay, but can we talk back at the lake house?” she asked. “Truthfully, I’m already getting a little nervous that Elsa will come back early and find us here—naked.”

Eric chuckled softly, “Okay. I have somewhere I want to take you anyway. And I don’t exactly want Mormor to find us like this either. It would only start her asking about great-grandchildren again.”

Sookie giggled a little, though her eyes betrayed sadness. “She really is relentless with that topic—isn’t she?”

Eric nodded, rose, and set Sookie onto her feet. He kissed her on the forehead and pulled the towel around her body. After tucking another towel around his waist and sliding on his flip flops, Eric gathered up their used water bottles and the leftover fruit as Sookie slipped on the flip flops she’d borrowed from Mormor.

They quickly folded the dry laundry and redressed. Eric got the quilt from his old room before leading her to the boat dock.

“So—where are we going?” Sookie asked as she relinquishing the boat keys to him.

“To my favorite place on the lake,” he responded.

After Sookie unmoored them, Eric headed the boat north instead of southwest, which was the direction in which they traveled to get to the lake house.

“Are we going to the main lake?” Sookie asked.

“Close to it,” Eric responded. “From my spot, you can see the main lake really well.”

Your spot?” Sookie asked with a smile.

Eric chuckled. “Well—I always thought of it as mine; it’s where I would come to think once Morfar let me take the boat out on my own.”

“How old were you when he let you do that?”

“I was ten,” Eric said with a smile, “though I wasn’t allowed to try to take the boat into the main lake at the time. Before that, I’d just swim out here.” He smiled a little. “I think Morfar finally decided that it was safer for me to have the boat than to swim all the way out here by myself.”

Sookie giggled. “I don’t know. You are something of a fish.”

Since Elsa’s house wasn’t that far from the mouth of her little nook of the lake, it didn’t take them long to get to Eric’s spot. Basically, it was just a little island—only about fifteen feet in diameter and close to the northwest shore. Sookie could see where Elsa’s secluded part of the lake met up with the main lake about a fifty yards to the north of where they were. Indeed, it was a narrow passage, and Sookie saw boulders jutting up in a dangerous configuration.

Eric's spot

“Those are why hardly anyone ventures in here,” Eric commented when he saw the direction of her gaze. “The trees also help,” he said, pointing to clusters of trees on either side of the narrow opening. “From the main lake, they make it hard to see in here.”

Sookie nodded as Eric slowly brought the boat up to the little island until the bow was literally parked on the pebbles. Eric jumped out with the mooring rope in his hands and then secured the vessel to a post that someone—likely Eric himself—had put into the ground.

“Could you hand me the blanket?” Eric requested. “And you might want to take off your shoes. The ground’s a bit wet along the shore, but I’ll lift you out.”

While Sookie took off her shoes, Eric spread the quilt onto a dry patch of land near the lone tree on the little island. Then he lifted her out of the boat and carried her over to the quilt before taking off his own shoes and sitting beside her.

Sookie knew that this was where Eric wanted to have their conversation, but she could also tell that he was struggling to begin it.

“You can ask me anything, Eric,” she said, though she couldn’t help but to fear just what he was going to say.

A/N: Hello all! Thanks for all the lovely comments for the last chapter. It seems that many of you are also fans of the ’80s. 😉

Well—the next chapter will be our last one in Sweden. Sadly, as Eric and Sookie understand all too well, all good things must end.

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  1. True –they’ll always have Sweden. They’ll have memories. Sookie even noticed that Eric was watching intently everything they were doing, like he was trying to burn it into his memory for later when they would part. sigh….
    Now…what is Eric going to ask her????
    Great update!

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