Table of Contents: Earned

Following are the collected chapter banners made for Earned by Sephrenia.  I wanted to showcase those banners since they tell a story all there own, and they can also function as a table of contents.  You can click the banner to go to the chapter you want.

Many thanks to Seph for creating these amazing art pieces!!


Earned TWCS


Chapter 1 Earned

Chapter 01: Graduation

Chapter 2 Earned

Chapter 02: Young Lover

Chapter 3 Earned

Chapter 03: Pawn

Chapter 4 Earned

Chapter 04: Roots & Wings

Chapter 5Chapter 05: Climbing

Chapter 6 EarnedChapter 06: Fallen

Chapter 7 earnedChapter 07: A Northman’s Woman

Chapter 8 EarnedChapter 08: Little Sparrow

Chapter 9 Earned

Chapter 09: Motherly Care

Chapter 10 Earned

Chapter 10: Blood Tie

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