Cast: Time after Time

Hello All!  Sephrenia has created some amazing character banners for the cast of this piece.  I asked her to make banners for only new or “re-cast” characters.  You can assume that everyone else has been “cast” as the actor who originated the role on True Blood!

I’ve “collected” all the character banners for this story here.  And I’ve included the actors’ names, along with some of my “casting” notes.  Enjoy!

And be sure to share the love with Seph is you stumble upon this page!  She’s amazing!

Aliatair   TAT

Actor: James Marsden

I think that Marsden is very charismatic, and that was what I was looking for with Alastair.  There is also a great intelligence behind his eyes that I was wanting as well.


Actor: Skandar Keynes

I think this young actor has amazing range!  He also has the ability to be sinister, though he seems innocent in a way too–as if he is not able to control his bad side.  I think he’s perfect for Alexei.  (This banner was initially made for the UN-iverse Trilogy, but I wanted to share it here too.)


Actress: Linda Carter

As soon as I pictured Carter as the A.P. (for the UN-iverse, which was what this banner was originally created for by Seph), I haven’t been able to picture anyone else.  I was a fan of Wonder Woman, and I think Carter would be perfect!


Actor: Ralph Fiennes

Fiennes is just who I see when I think of Appius.  Maybe because he was Voldemort too.  Or maybe it’s just that I think he’s a great villain (see The Red Dragon).   (This banner was initially made for the UN-iverse Trilogy, but I wanted to share it here too.)

Felipe   TAT

Actor: Javier Bardem

Bardem captures the swarthy charm I wanted for this version of Felipe.  He’s also adequately “scary.”

Karin TAT

Actress: Teresa Palmer

I wanted an actress with piercing blue eyes who had an edge to her.  I haven’t seen Palmer in much, but she has the “look” I was wanting for Karin in this piece.

Marion TAT

Actress: Carrie-Anne Moss

When I think of badass actresses, I think of Moss.  Nuff said!

Please comment and tell me what you think!

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