(Recommended July 2017)

I’m speculating that many (if not most) of you have already read this AH (all human) gem.  But I’m recommending it, nonetheless.  This story was on my list of “anticipated stories,” and I finally got around to it as I started on an AH-story-reading jaunt (expect a compiled list of my faves in this category at some point).

Sadly, I believe that hisviks has pretty much “retired” from producing SVM/TB fanfiction (hopefully, this turns out to be just a hiatus).  Regardless, she was prolific while she was writing for us and created a lot of interesting worlds!  She also helped coordinate and produce the Advent Calendars for 2015 and 2016 (on the Fangbangers Anonymous Blog).  The calendars were most certainly a HUGE undertaking that many people participated in!  And the finished products were great!

Okie dokie–now for the story du jour!


(Story Image from hisviks’s WordPress Site)

hisviks’s description:

AU/AH -When the man who raised Eric to be the expert killer that he is, reveals he has six months left to live nothing seems to matter anymore. The revenge and unanswered questions that have haunted him for over 16 years catapult into acceleration as his last job in Russell’s employ throws all his plans off centre.

my thoughts:

Two words come to mind when I think about this story:

It’s complicated.

Of course, even that phrase is complicated.  Is it two words, or is it three words?

The plot?  In a spin on the concept of the”magic bullet,” hitman Eric “misses” his mark, Sookie Stackhouse.  Eric sees that snafu as a sign and helps Sookie understand why she was his target in the first place.  In other words:

It’s complicated.  

Sookie’s family? She and Eric have to piece together who killed her parents and who might be targeting her, Eric, and/or Jason now.  Guess what?

It’s complicated.

Eric’s family?  Another “magic bullet” once saved Eric’s life, and his would-be killer takes him under his wing.  Guess what Eric’s feelings are toward that man?  If you answered . . .

It’s complicated.

. . . then you get a prize.  (The prize?  A piece of commemorative litter from Beehl the cat’s litter box.)

Sookie and Eric’s relationship?  Well–can a man who’s suppressed love (and most other warm, fuzzy feelings) since he was a child successfully navigate a relationship with anyone?  Can a woman who’s been betrayed by a really sick version of Bill love a man who would have killed her in cold blood?

It’s REALLY complicated.

The resolution to all of these things is . . .


But all of these complications are why I like the story.  I found myself scratching my head at times, trying to solve the unfolding mystery along with Eric and Sookie & needing to go back and re-read something in order to ensure I wasn’t missing anything.

Yep!  Even my reading process was complicated!

Even better?  I left the story feeling ambivalent about many of the characters.

Did I like Russell?  Did I hate him?  Yes. And. Yes.

Did I like Eric?  Sure!  Absolutely!  Didn’t he plan to put a bullet into Sookie’s head?  Yep!  Absolutely!  Wait!  That means I shouldn’t like him–right?  Right!  Absolutely!  And Sookie shouldn’t have either–right?  Yep!  But–am I glad she likes him?  Uh-huh.  And I like him too–right?  Sure!

Despite the roller coaster–strangely enough–the pacing of this story is often “calm” and unhurried.

It’s complicated.

Extra treats in this story:

  • The portrayal of Pam:  She’s characterized as the age she is in the books, and her younger “voice” really comes through.
  • The “original” hisviks character, Adonia.
  • “Wonder Twin Power”–you’ll understand when you read.

So, if you are in the mood to be yanked around a bit–but in a “calm” way–give this story a try.

Be sure to leave hisviks a comment if you do.  “Retired” or not, I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!

Where to find Six Months to Live:
hisviks's WordPress site
Stars Library (you need to be registered to read here--I think)

Be sure to comment on this page if you have anything to add.  I’d love to hear what you think!  And I’m positive that others would too.

7 thoughts on “hisviks: SIX MONTHS TO LIVE

  1. I thank you for this review because I’ve never read this story. I’ve shied away from this story because of the synopsis- I think that when I first heard about it, it didn’t appeal to me. I’ve read other stories of hisviks and loved them, but I never went back to read this one. But I will now- thank you!

  2. Wow, even the recommendation is complicated. I need to put this on my future list. I’m going through a long complicated medication change and my state of mind is a mess, plus I’m in so much pain I can’t sleep or even get out of bed, reading is too much effort many days. I don’t think I can handle a complicated story for a while, but save it for a good day.

    1. LOL–Yeah. It was. I think I was channeling the story. Meanwhile, I’ll try to think of something less complicated for you to check out for my next recommendation. Feel better.

      1. Thanks. I am in an especially bad stretch so I need to keep my head on story lines that are happy and have good positive outcomes. I haven’t even let myself watch the latest episode GOT yet.

  3. This is an excellent portrait in “complicated!” But hv had such a great hand at making relationips and the individuals in those relationships real…shockingly so….depressingly so…refreshingly so. Even with the E/s end goal, she managed to give us the not so perfect, flawed and uncomfortable side of human interaction. A great read.

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