Fairy Casting

The fairy presence in the books is DEFINITELY a lot different from how it was depicted in the show.  Because of this, fanfiction writers have–I think–felt freer in their own characterizations; I know that’s true for me!  I find that–as with vampires–it’s fun to create back-stories for the fairies since they can have long histories.  

On the show, the fairies use a kind of “glamour” to look beautiful to the human eye, just as they cover up the ugliness of the Fae world with magic.  FYI: I have kept this basic idea intact for the Back & Forth series, but have dropped it for other worlds. 

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Fairy Characters: from both TB and SVM

Fairy Characters: from TB only

Fairy Characters: from SVM only

Fairy Characters: original Kat-creations


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