Chapter 123: A Soft Place to Fall

Feeling her husband’s longing through their vampire bond and sensing a longing to match his in herself, Sookie led Eric to the little dwelling that was her temporary home.  Of course, it had never felt like home—at least not until her husband framed the entrance and pulled the flap down to ensure that no one could see them.

Eric growled low as he felt his wife’s emotions change quickly from concern to longing to lust.

Sookie took him in with a sigh.  “Beautiful,” she almost growled.

Eric leered.  “My line, min kära.”

“‘My, mine, my, mine’—you vampires are always so possessive,” she teased.

Immediately Eric’s leer was replaced by a look that Sookie couldn’t quite identify.  It seemed almost spiritual, but she didn’t need her husband to explain it.  She knew what he was feeling through the vampire bond; she felt it in her own heart.

Their playfulness—so much a part of who they were together—filled up the bond for the first time in more than a year, and the feeling of that sent them both reeling a little.  She felt his longing skyrocket, knowing that hers was doing the same.

Eric used all of his senses—all honed for a thousand years and weaned on the magic of the strong vampires of his line—to take in his wife.  His eyes raked her.  His ears celebrated the intake of her breath and the strong beats of her heart.  His nose inhaled her scent:  sunshine, wheat, their shared blood—still strong within her since their separation had been so much shorter in duration to her.  His fingers touched her hand, and the electricity of that contact flowed through him.  He lifted her hand up to his mouth and kissed her palm lightly, tasting the slight saltiness of her flesh there.

But there was more—so much more.  The dreams had allowed his senses to experience her for the last month, but the bonds were thundering, allowing him to consume her and to be consumed.

“Beautiful,” he whispered.  “And yes,” he gasped, “mine.”

“Yes,” Sookie agreed in a throaty whisper of her own.  It was an easy thing to agree to; she was utterly his.

“Yours,” he added, his eyes simmering deeply with his emotion.

“Yes,” she agreed again.  “All mine.”

He once again brought her hand up to his mouth for a chaste kiss.  However, his eyes were anything but chaste.

“Niall made it so this place was completely private for us.”  She couldn’t help her sharp intake of breath as Eric’s eyes began to sweep over her body hungrily.

Sookie giggled almost nervously.  “I made sure that this little love shack would work so that we could hear what’s going on outside but they couldn’t hear what’s going on inside—just like one of Jesus’s privacy spells.  I knew you’d want to hear Hunter.”

Eric’s lust-filled gaze shifted to softness for a moment.  “Thank you, min kära.”

Sookie smiled.  “Thank me yourself, vampire,” she said suggestively as she shot a burst of lust into him through the vampire bond.

In a swift movement, Eric pulled his shirt over his head as his emotions swung back to pure lust.  The collision of their feelings in the vampire bond caused them both to gasp.

As Sookie took in his tight, well-shaped abs, she uttered, “Beautiful.”

His eyes turned to blue smoke.  “So―I can make you scream as loud as I want to, and no one will hear you, lover?” he asked dangerously as his fangs clicked down.

She pulled her dress off of her body in one fell swoop.  She hadn’t bothered with underwear that night after she’d bathed.  “I will make you scream louder, vampire,” she purred as she lowered her hand to brush across his erection through his jeans.”

He growled again as she undid his jeans and freed his very hard and very ready cock.  He’d not bothered with underwear either as he’d dressed for the night.

In a quick frenzy, she pushed his pants over his hips, and he worked to step out of them, even as he toed off his shoes.  Once they were both naked, Sookie launched into Eric’s arms, wrapping her legs around him, and as their skin connected, they transmitted joy and relief to each other through the bond.

“Sookie,” he whispered passionately—worshipfully.  “I can feel you.”

She smiled at him and kissed his lips chastely even as she used her hips to nudge his cock.  “I can feel you too—every which way.”

“Not quite every which way yet,” he growled seductively.  “But I’ll take care of that oversight right away, wife.”  Not taking his eyes from hers, he lowered her onto her little bed, and as her back touched it, he was already inside of her—filling her, feeling her.  The pleasure they both felt echoed and rebounded through the vampire bond.  They both half-groaned and half-laughed out loud at the sensation.

Eric began to move in and out of her, and a symphony of moans filled the little enclosure.  Eric sighed, “You feel so fucking good, Sookie.  This is how I’m meant to feel you.”

“So good,” Sookie echoed.  “Eric,” she cried out in surprise.  “I’m almost there already!”

He felt her inner walls caressing his cock, and he knew that he was close to erupting with her.  The vampire bond—as if it had been gathering kindling and waiting to be ignited during all of their months of separation—was amplifying their physical pleasure ten-fold.

Had Eric loved their shared dreams?  Oh—fuck yes!

Did those dreams hold a candle to what he was feeling in that moment?  Not even a flicker.

Too soon, he felt himself begin to empty into her; he wouldn’t have been able to delay his release even if he had tried.  And it felt too good to be inside of her and to feel her completely to want to try.”  She lifted her body into him and then was pulsating around him, protracting his orgasm.

He heard panting and realized that it was coming from both his wife and himself as their orgasms finally waned.  He stole her pants as he sealed their reconnection with soft kisses, which fluttered tenderly over her lips.

He shut his eyes tightly as he absorbed the joy emanating from her end of the vampire bond.  He didn’t have to look down to know that her hands were lit up with her healing magic either; he felt it coming into him through their bonds—both of them.  However, her love for him felt best of all; it was just as he remembered it.  It was right.  It was best.  It was, “Magic,” he said out loud.

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Eric’s next conscious thought was about five minutes later.  He heard his wife’s beautiful giggle.  She was a fucking masterpiece.


“Yes?” he asked huskily and lazily as he wrapped his arms more tightly around her.

She giggled again; the sound was like music to his ears.  “Are you aware—you crazy Viking—of the fact that we are five feet in the air, and you’re about to fly me into the ceiling?”

Eric sighed happily, “I love it when you call me that, lover.  Do you remember the first time?”

Sookie giggled again and snuggled into his floating body, deciding to go with the flow so to speak.  At least he’d managed to position them so that his back was facing downward and her body was resting completely on top of his.  “You were drunk and in the water.”

Eric sighed again.  “And your hair was just as beautiful in the sunlight then as it was when I first saw you here.  And your eyes,” his voice caught in emotion as he couldn’t finish his sentence.

He didn’t need to.  She nestled into him.

After another few minutes, he chuckled, “And yes, I am aware that we are floating.”  He began to caress her back.  “Can’t help it,” he chuckled again.  “It’s your fault, you know.  The bond it very,” Eric paused and kissed her hair, “happy.  It’s floating, so we are floating.  I am powerless,” he said playfully.

She giggled and then played with the necklaces on his chest.  “I know,” she sighed serenely.  “The bond is very, very happy.”

Eric looked over his shoulder a bit.  “Plus we broke your bed.”  He smiled sheepishly.  “Sorry.”

“We did?!” she exclaimed.  She chuckled as Eric brought them slowly toward the remains of the bed, which had apparently collapsed under the force of their love-making.

She sniggered as he moved the broken pieces of the bed to the side of the dwelling.  “I don’t even remember when we broke it.”

“Neither do I,” he admitted with a smile.

He fixed up the mattress and the covers for them and then arranged them on the remnants of the bed.

They both sighed in comfort, sated and satisfied—at least for the moment—just to hold each other near.

“I cannot guarantee that I can keep us moored if the bond stays like this.  I might have to make love to you floating in the clouds,” he said serenely.  His eyes were closed as he traced slow circles into her back.

She sighed contentedly.  “I can’t believe you’re here.  I can’t believe how good you feel.”

He dreamily replied.  “I have imagined this moment many, many times, but this is better than even my best fantasies.”

She giggled, “And we’re just gettin’ started, Cowboy.  We haven’t even exchanged blood yet.”

He growled playfully, “You are right.  I have not even started with you, min älskade.”

She settled further onto his chest.  “Do you hear them outside?”

She felt Eric nod.  “They are playing a game and speaking of the swimming pool.  Hunter is fine, but his voice is not,” he paused, “altogether unstrained.”

He felt Sookie nod into his chest and then continued, “It is a comfort for me to be able to monitor Hunter.  Thank you for thinking of that.  They are now talking of the horses Hunter is getting for his birthday.”

“That’s right!” Sookie exclaimed.  “Niall mentioned something about horses too.  Now—just when were you gonna tell me about them, buster?” Sookie asked playfully as she raised herself to look at him.

Eric opened one eye and looked at her sheepishly.  “Did I not mention them?”

Sookie laughed, “No―but you can mention them now.”

Eric chuckled.  Neither one was surprised when they began floating again.  “Your fault this time too,” he sighed happily as he kissed her head.

She giggled, “Start your story, silly vampire.”

He brushed his lips onto her forehead and then began.  “On Halloween last year, we had a party for the kids—for Hunter, Emma, Coby, and Lisa, and even Mikey was able to join in a bit.  Pamela misunderstood the tradition of a hayride and arranged that two horses be brought for the party, but there was no cart.”  He chuckled.  “Sam, Luna, Miranda, and I took turns riding with all the kids, and Hunter fell in love with the horses.  Of course, it did not hurt that Emma was enamored with them too or that her mother generally shifts into a horse.”

He chuckled heartily, and Sookie’s heart warmed at the sound.  “I would not be surprised at all if Hunter really did marry that girl one day if,” Eric’s voice trailed off, and Sookie felt her Viking’s sadness creep into the bond as their bodies returned to the mattress.

She sat up and put her hand on his cheek comfortingly.  “I think horses are a great idea.  I’ve only been ridin’ a few times, but I loved it.”  She smiled.  “And from what you have told me, Emma sounds real special.  And I really liked Luna, and you know how I feel about Sam, so havin’ them as in-laws wouldn’t be so bad.”

Eric brightened again.  “You will have to work a bit on Sam.  I think the idea of having me as an in-law is,” he paused, “difficult for him at the moment.”

They both chuckled.  Sookie said, “Hey.  I have something for you.”

Eric sat up and looked at her lustfully.  “And I have something for you too, lover.”

She giggled, “Hold your horses, Cowboy.  I wanna show you something.”

She reached over and got a small package from her little table.  She carefully unwrapped it to reveal a dagger.

“Godric’s dagger!” Eric exclaimed with surprise.  “How did it get here?”



A/N:  The title of this chapter comes from the song “A Soft Place to Fall” by Allison Moorer.  That song kept playing in my mind as I edited this chapter.  It’s not my “usual” kind of music preference, but it wormed its way into my head, and that was that.  Here’s a YouTube video if you are interested in listening.


Cast of CBTM



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  1. Together at last. Had a giggle that they had broken the bed without realising 🙂

    Appologise that i’m not reviewing every chapter, but i am just enjoying it too dang much! And I’ve got weird free moments, and my priority is… More reading. But i promise to review when i can 🙂

    So, Eric approves of Emma, Sookie approves, but Sam is a hold out 😉 At least he’s not as bad as he used to be!!

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